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Premier Medical Group – Overview

Premier Medical Group is a “specialty” medical practice of the Hudson Valley. Here, patients receive in-depth care relating to a plethora of medical specialties, including cardiology, podiatry, gynecology, internal medicine, and others. Today, Premier offers distinctive healthcare services dedicated to treating patients with utmost compassion and care at 11 convenient locations across Hudson Valley.

Premier Medical Group Skilled Staff

Premier Medical Group

Premier Medical Group Skilled Staff

The Premier Medical Group has onboarded numerous experienced specialists, highly-skilled physicians, certified nurses, and excellent support staff. For instance, the group has 13 experienced urologists to provide a wide range of urological treatment and care. The group was the first in Hudson Valley to use the advanced da Vinci robotic surgical system.

Using similar advanced techniques and technology, the expert urologists at Premier healthcare centers offer effective treatment for overactive bladder, urinary inconsistency, prostate care, kidney and bladder cancers, vasectomy, and other male and female sexual dysfunctions.

In addition, the group also runs the Women’s Health & Wellness Center, which is completely focused on treating women’s healthcare problems, such as female sexual health issues, female pelvic disorders, and general gynecological care.

The group also has 14 highly-credentialed gastroenterologists to provide excellent screening and treatment for various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, including liver disease, colitis, celiac disease, heartburn, lactose intolerance testing, hernia, and colon cancer, to name a few. Additionally, the New Windsor and Poughkeepsie offices are equipped with high-tech endoscopy centers for excellent surgical care.

The Premier Medical Group has 16 highly-skilled internal medicine physicians with immense experience diagnosing, treating, and preventing general ailments and illnesses. Here, patients receive optimal care for general medicine, endocrinology, pulmonology, family medicine, and nephrology.

The extensive team of internal medicine experts at Premier can offer patients a wide variety of healthcare services using extremely personalized care systems. Besides this, numerous highly-trained physician assistants and nurse practitioners assist the team of internal medicine physicians and ensure that patients get excellent care.

The experienced podiatrists at the Premier Medical Group are renowned for offering extensive care in treating foot and ankle disorders. The 4 board-certified podiatrists are well-versed in diagnosing and treating all types of feet and ankle-related issues.

The Dermatology division at Premier Medical Group healthcare centers is highly focused on medical dermatology and also offers numerous aesthetic dermatologic procedures, including soft tissue fillers, Botox injections and laser skin resurfacing.

The Premier Group also has several rheumatologists. These highly-trained physicians are devoted to diagnosing and treating numerous rheumatic diseases. These include lupus, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatomyositis, Wegener’s Granulomatosis, vasculitis, and gout.

In addition, the highly-skilled cardiologists on the team offer expert consultation and patient evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques. Premier Medical Group also has 6 board-certified pediatricians specializing in child care, from infants to adolescents. These professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most effective pediatric care in the Hudson Valley area.

Besides this, the group also consists of a team of extensively trained neurologists, who provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for all adult neurological disorders, and any problem related to the brain and the nervous system.

Premier Medical Group is also one of the largest clinical research providers. Using this, the healthcare experts here can provide excellent patient care using the latest therapies and treatments. The extensive research department at Premier Medical Group is located at the New Windsor and Poughkeepsie offices.

Premier Medical Group Different Medical Specialties

Premier Medical Group is an all-specialty medical practice offering in-depth medical and surgical care in 13 different medical specialties. This “specialty” medical care is provided according to a tenet that calls for exceptional medical care, consideration, and customer service.

The extensive reach of the Premier Medical Group allows expert medical practitioners to see patients from a wide area, including Ulster County, Orange County, and Duchess County areas of the Hudson Valley.

Here is a list of the thirteen medical specialties operated by the Premier Medical Group:

1. Cardiology Division

The Cardiology Division at Premier offers diagnosis and treatment for several high-risk and complicated types of coronary artery diseases and chest pain. Here, expert cardiologists are skilled in using the most advanced interventional cardiology techniques to evaluate and treat numerous types of heart problems and disorders.

2. Dermatology Division

The Dermatology Division, run by Premier, is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to provide advanced skin care treatment, including medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology. Here, the team of expert dermatologists examines, assesses, and treats various skin diseases and disorders, from minor allergies to complicated issues like skin cancer.

3. Endocrinology Division

Premier’s Endocrinology Division offers the most advanced level of endocrine healthcare, including pituitary, thyroid and adrenal disorders. The skilled endocrinologists here work closely with the patient and their primary care provider to ensure prompt, accurate and effective treatment for a wide range of endocrinal problems.

4. Gastroenterology Division

The Gastroenterology Division, run by Premier Medical Group, offers the finest-quality comprehensive gastroenterology services. The expert physicians here are leaders in their field and have an extensive background in diagnosing and treating numerous types of gastroenterological diseases and disorders. This division offers a full scope of services for assessing and treating problems affecting the liver, stomach, and intestine.

5. Gynecology Division

The Gynecology Division at Premier understands the dynamic of needs regarding female wellness. Here, patients receive service-centered care that emphasizes prevention to ensure prompt diagnosis and accurate treatment for a wide array of gynecological problems, right from family planning to menopause care.

6. Internal Medicine Division

The Internal Medicine Division at Premier offers comprehensive primary health care services throughout the Hudson Valley region. The team of highly-skilled physicians and nursing staff coordinates all types of care that patients may need from other specialists.

7. Nephrology Division

Premier’s Nephrology Division focuses on diagnosing and treating kidney disorders and diseases. The highly-trained team of nephrologists at Premier uses their expertise to detect, diagnose, treat and prevent many kidney-related problems.

8. Neurology Division

Premier’s Neurology Division provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for all adult neurological problems involving the brain and the nervous system.

9. Pediatric Division

The Pediatric Division at Premier offers complete care for children, from infants to adolescents. The expert pediatricians, nursing, and other staff work together to ensure your child gets the best health care in Hudson Valley.

10. Podiatric Division

Premier Medical Group’s Podiatric Division is renowned in the region for being the best medical and surgical foot and ankle care provider. The team of expert podiatrists here is well-versed in diagnosing and treating numerous types of disorders and injuries to the feet and ankles.

11. Pulmonology Division

The Pulmonology Division, run by Premier Medical Group, is focused on diagnosing and treating respiratory problems. The team of pulmonologists is well-trained and highly equipped to evaluate, treat and prevent a wide variety of problems that affect the lungs, thoracic cavity, upper airways, and chest wall.

12. Rheumatology Division

Premier’s Rheumatology Division is dedicated to diagnosing and treating common rheumatic disorders, such as arthritis and other diseases affecting joints, organs, and connective tissues.

13. Urology Division

The Urology Division at Premier Medical Group is run by a team of expert urologists and offers one of the most comprehensive urological care in Hudson Valley.


If you live in or around the Hudson Valley and seek to receive optimal care for any health problem, then the Premier Medical Group is the best solution. With over 10 different offices in the region, you can receive world-class healthcare conveniently.

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