Clarkston Medical Group

Clarkston Medical Group

Clarkston Medical Group is known for its exceptional healthcare services to its community. The group provides both adult and pediatric healthcare services. They aim to recognize the problems before they arise and provide proper care to safeguard the patient with their best preventive care service. Clarkston Medical Group looks after your medical needs and gives you what you need.

The Clarkston Medical Group is a group of professionals providing various medical and healthcare services, including nurses, physician assistants, medical technicians, and other healthcare providers to assist you with personalized care and other required services.

Besides this, the group focuses on properly educating the community to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle requires less medical assistance. It is a part of their preventive care, where they educate the masses about their present health condition and how they can improve their health by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Technology plays a crucial role in managing things within this group. They manage things over the web through a mobile app and a website where they have built a huge community of people worried about their health or facing health conditions.

Clarkston Medical Group provides internal medicine, pediatric medicine, telemedicine, and proactive care management. They also have special care management departments to help the new patients. Let’s discuss more about what types of services they offer.

Clarkston Medical Group Healthcare Services

  1. Internal Medicine Services

Adulthood brings unwanted health problems. Some adults may develop chronic health conditions that require longer than usual. The team of experts at Clarkston Medical Group diagnoses the patient’s present condition and evaluates what type of treatment he needs.

They prepare a special treatment by following the patient’s medical history, current reports, and other tests. The treatment plan helps speed up the process so that the patient can start living normally.

The Clarkston Medical Group provides internal medicine services to its clients and community.

  • Chronic Diseases
  • Injury Care
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • GERD
  • Immunizations
  • Minor Office Surgeries
  • Pre-and-Post Surgical Evaluations
  • Preventive Health Management
  • Hypertension
  • HIV
  • Seizures
  • Obesity
  1. Pediatrics Care Services

The group provides its community with comprehensive pediatric care services. It includes all types of services for the younger patients. Children require extra care throughout their treatment, and the team of expert caregivers always provides them with the best of high-quality services.

Your children can get special treatments for chronic and normal health conditions. The team follows its standard procedure of determining the problems and preparing a treatment plan. Let’s find out what types of pediatric treatments they follow!

  • Allergies and Asthma Treatments
  • Immunizations
  • Chronic Illness Care
  • Well-child Visits
  • Sports Physical and Injury Care
  • Newborn Care
  • Premature Infants Care
  • Same-Day Care for Existing Patients
  • School Programs

The team of highly professional caregivers and physicians stays updated with the healthcare industry. They share their knowledge, and this way, they all grow together. Their goal is to provide the best healthcare services to their clients irrespective of their caste and community.

The Clarkston Medical Group’s portal also keeps updated with the latest information. The staff members can utilize all the resources available on their portal to get the best of information about new treatments and inventions in the medical industry.

  1. Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine is the most innovative thing the medical industry has recently adopted to give instant healthcare services to its clients. Clarkston Medical Group provides telemedicine services through its mobile app.

Clients can use this feature to get medical treatment remotely through their mobile phone app. They need not visit the premises physically; instead, they can receive assistance from an expert physician through their mobile phone.

The dedicated app provides an accessible healthcare option that is convenient to its clients. It is nothing but a virtual consultation that most offices and industries are now using to conduct meetings with their employees, etc. It’s a new way to get medical treatment in a modern environment.

The Telemedicine App by CMG is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Search for CMG Telemedicine on the Play Store or App Store to download and install the app on your Android or iOS device.

  1. Care Management Department

The Care Management Department at Clarkston Medical Group is there to improve the healthcare level given to the clients. The group helps the patient meet with the primary caregiver, i.e., the nurse. A nurse evaluates a patient’s reports and medical history, and this way, they give medical treatments to the patient. They first educate the patient about his medical condition.

The team member is always there to help you with any required information. It’s a bridge between the patient and the caregiver, who collects and passes information to each other.

After collecting all the information and lab reports, they help you get the best treatment by the healthcare specialist as per your condition and the type of disease. The team offers a variety of services to clients, such as

  • Community Information
  • Hospice care
  • Post-discharge information
  • Family Counseling
  • Home care services
  • Medical equipment procedures
  • Care facility placement
  • Social planning, etc.

The Care Management team also helps patients get the best guidance regarding their treatment from beginning to end. Generally, the care management team at Clarkston Medical Group works in three different phases.

Phase 1: Planning

The team first collects all the information about the patient, such as his health condition, medical history, etc. After that, they prepare a plan of treatment as per his current health condition. They prepare a particular chart with proper steps and provide the right treatment as per the prepared chart. This way, a patient can recover faster and live a normal life.

Phase 2: Coordination

After completing the planning of treatments, the next thing that the care management team at Clarkston Medical Group follows is to coordinate with the patient and caregiver. A caregiver will be provided with all the information and a plan by the team member to give faster treatment to a patient.

Patients can get the required healthcare services worry-free with the help of the team members from this department. Care Management Team provides a nurse manager who looks after the patient’s health and coordinates with the physician throughout the treatment.

Phase 3: Discharge

After completing the treatment, the next procedure is to get discharged from the premises. The discharging process takes hours as it involves a lot of paperwork. However, with the help of the care management team, the process’s time gets reduced as one of the team members will keep your file ready when your treatment is over.

During discharge, they will guide you about your current health, your diet plan, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. They will also explain the follow-up schedule that your physician has described.


Clarkston Medical Group provides all types of healthcare services under one roof. With the help of new technology and innovative equipment, they provide high-quality healthcare services remotely.

From booking an appointment online to getting assisted through its dedicated mobile app, they are dedicated to improving the entire healthcare industry. With proper planning, coordination, and guidance, you can recover faster!

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