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Clarkston Medical Group – Overview

Clarkston Medical Group offers internal medicine and primary care services for its clients. The primary goal of Clarkston Medical Group is to deliver high-quality healthcare services to the community. They believe in preventive care to identify the issues at an early stage. It can help the patients to receive the appropriate services when required.

Clarkston Medical Group has multiple healthcare providers, nurses, physician assistants, and medical technicians to deliver convenient and personalized healthcare for their clients. They want to educate you about your health and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The combination of upgraded technology and research can help you manage your health and wellness. It can improve your lifestyle and help you achieve all your healthcare goals.

Adults Medicine Services at Clarkston Medical Group

Clarkston Medical Group

Adults Medicine Services at Clarkston Medical Group

Patients start experiencing a broader range of health problems often after they step into adulthood. They may develop some chronic or acute medical problems. Some of these conditions may recover fast, but some of them may take a longer treatment process.

The primary healthcare department at Clarkston Medical Group has some internal medicine specialists. They offer high-quality advanced treatments for adults.

The experts here can analyze the patient to offer an appropriate and reliable diagnosis. With the test results and your medical history, the experts can determine the appropriate treatment plan for your case. This treatment plan can speed up your recovery process and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

They provide treatment plans for the following conditions –

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Chronic disease
  • Immunization
  • Pre and post-surgery evaluation
  • Minor office surgeries
  • Injury care
  • Evaluations
  • GERD
  • HIV
  • Preventive health management
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Seizure and more

Pediatric Care at Clarkston Medical Group

Clarkston Medical Group offers high quality pediatric treatments for their younger patients. They take extra care of these children and speed up their recovery process.

Your children can revive treatments for any chronic condition or simple disease. The use of advanced technology and high quality treatment plans can deliver specialized care to children and make them feel more comfortable.

The pediatricians here try to evaluate the condition of their patients to draw proper diagnoses and figure out an appropriate treatment plan.

The pediatrics department of Clarkston Medical Group offers treatment for the following conditions –

  • Same day health care for existing patients
  • Treatment for asthma and allergies
  • Care for chronic diseases
  • Immunization
  • Newborn Healthcare
  • School programs
  • Injury care
  • Sports physicals
  • Well child visit and more

Children may develop different specialized health conditions during their development phase. Clarkston Medical Group offers standardized care to identify and treat different conditions when required in children.

Clarkston Medical Group also educates its staff and physicians to keep them updated about the healthcare industry. The healthcare providers and other staff can always access the resources of Clarkston Medical Group to increase their knowledge and skills.

This specialized pediatric department generally deals with the following conditions –

  • ADHD
  • Integrated behavioral health programs
  • Adolescents or adult transitions
  • Psychiatric impairment
  • Mental impairment
  • Eating disorder
  • Behavioral disorders and many more

Care Management Department at Clarkston Medical Group

Care management is a team initiative at Clarkston Medical Group to improve the healthcare level. The primary role of this group is to pair the patients with a personal nurse care manager. They try to educate the patients about their health and chronic conditions if they have any. They also offer advice and guide their patients when required.

The care management team always stays in touch with you and your caregiver. They take part in your every decision and help you whenever you need any guidance. You can always seek their help to fulfill all your unique medical needs.

When the care management team successfully gathers all the information about your condition, they help you find the appropriate service and specialist to fulfill your requirements.

They offer multiple services for their patients.

  • Family Counseling
  • Full insurance assistance
  • Financial planning and problem solving
  • Social planning
  • Hospice care
  • Community Information
  • Referral resources
  • Post-discharge infusions
  • Home care services like physical therapy, nursing, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Care facility placement
  • Medical equipment procurement and more

The care management team generally follows a few steps in their work process.

1. Care Planning

The caregivers at Clarkston Medical Group make a comprehensive plan for their patients once all the assessments are complete. This plan includes multiple steps like barrier identification, goal setting, intervention, and labeling outcomes of the measurements.

The personnel at Clarkston Medical Group have the expertise and training to help you reach your psychosocial, behavioral, and medical goals. They help you to maintain the clinical guidelines and receive standardized and the best outcomes. The care management team can extend your plan when required with specialists like social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, and behavioral health specialists.

2. Coordination of Service

The care management team at Clarkston Medical Group organizes all your activities after coordinating the required medical services. They also share important information about your condition with your caregiver and personnel.

It can make your stay more successful and less complicated. The care management team also helps you to receive a safe and secure environment throughout the entire process and makes your journey smooth.

You can receive a single point of contact and a nurse care coordinator at Clarkston Medical Group. They will keep in touch with all your specialized providers and medical personnel on your behalf.

3. Discharge Planning

The discharge planning at Clarkston Medical Group includes 48 hours of outreach after the release. The care management team here ensures that you can have a successful and smooth transition after discharge and return to your normal life. They try to reduce the complications and readmission during your transition period.

The care management team at Clarkston Medical Group helps you plan the entire treatment process. They help you understand the importance of medication adherence. Schedule follow-up appointments after discharge, figure out all your behavioral and social needs and maintain a connection with your providers.

The care management team at Clarkston Medical Group may need to take some additional steps to ensure that every patient receives the best medical service they require.

  • Entire case management
  • Diabetes management
  • Supplemental coordination with healthcare providers
  • Disease management and more

Telemedicine Department at Clarkston Medical Group

You can seek help at Clarkston Medical Group by using their telemedicine application or using their website. Going to an urgent care center and receiving after-hour services can be inconvenient and costly. You can always seek medical help from Clarkston Medical Group virtually. It can save you time and money and make the entire process more convenient and easier.

You can chat with the available healthcare providers by using their applications or website. However, the telemedicine department at Clarkston Medical Group may not be able to help you in case of any life-threatening emergencies or major injuries.


Clarkston Medical Group offers multiple healthcare services to make your healthcare journey smooth and convenient. From choosing the appropriate providers for your condition to after-discharge care, Clarkston Medical Group is with you at every step. Their primary goal is to deliver the best healthcare services and help you recover fast and return to your normal life.

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