6 of the Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

Georgia will face a higher demand for registered nurses in the upcoming years. Previous data show that Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States.

In addition, the state’s population of people between the ages of 45 to 64 is also set to rise considerably. This will make it easier for registered nurses to find high-paying, meaningful employment.

So, should you choose to become a registered nurse in the state, we’ve shortlisted the best nursing schools in Georgia.

Top 6  Nursing Schools in Georgia

Here is our list of the top nursing schools in Georgia:

1 – Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville

The Georgia College and State University (GCSU) School of Nursing is one of the reputable institutions for nursing education in Georgia. Georgia College & State University is known as Georgia’s public liberal arts university.

This curriculum helps aspiring nurses build a strong behavioral sciences and humanities foundation. This is extremely helpful in building a successful career as a registered nurse in the state.

The GCSU School of Nursing is located in the scenic Parks Memorial Building. It also hosts a Nursing Simulation and Translational Research Center at the Navicent Baldwin Health Center.

The Nursing Simulation and Translational Research Center at Navicent Baldwin provides resources for students to practice clinical skills, including the use of high-tech manikins, among other educational tools.

The nursing school also offers clinical rotations at community health clinics and acute healthcare facilities.

For details on eligibility criteria and the enrollment process, visit the university’s official website at https://www.gcsu.edu/health/nursing.

2 – Emory University, Atlanta

Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing is known for its experienced faculty, favorable student-to-teacher ratio, and advanced learning resources.

This nursing school ranks at the top of the best nursing school lists created by the U.S. News and World Report.

The school has two high-tech simulation centers to teach students essential clinical skills. The Charles F. & Peggy Evans Center for Caring Skills aims to train undergraduate students.

The Wesley Woods Graduate Simulation and Skills Facility offers technical skills to graduate students.

After getting hands-on experience, students are scheduled for clinical rotations at over 500 Atlanta sites.

For information on eligibility criteria and the admission process, please visit the nursing school’s official website at https://www.nursing.emory.edu/.

3 – Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University, Atlanta

The Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University is one of the oldest nursing schools in Georgia, with a long history of nursing education. As part of Mercer University, the college has become a model for learning nursing skills in Georgia.

This college is affiliated with Mercer University’s School of Medicine and Piedmont Healthcare System. This collaboration allows it to participate in The Center for Health and Learning, an educative solution initiative.

The Cecil B. Day Graduate and Professional Campus hosts nursing classes outside the Atlanta perimeter.

It is equipped with cutting-edge clinical simulations for experiential learning. Clinical rotations are also offered to provide broader exposure.

The nursing school is also partnered with numerous major healthcare providers in the state.

For more details about eligibility criteria and enrolment procedures at this nursing school in Georgia, please visit their official website at https://nursing.mercer.edu/.

4 – Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw

Kennesaw State University’s WellStar School of Nursing offers one of the largest nursing programs in Georgia, with comprehensive facilities at Prillman Hall. It is housed in the immense 200,000-square-foot Prillman Hall-Health Sciences Building at the Kennesaw campus.

The institute hosts expansive classrooms, computer labs, seminar rooms, an auditorium and a huge nursing simulation lab.

After learning basic nursing skills, you will enroll for clinical rotations at popular healthcare centers across Atlanta. This is one of Georgia’s most reputed and renowned nursing schools.

To know additional details, such as eligibility criteria and the admission process, you can check out their official website at https://wellstarcollege.kennesaw.edu/nursing/index.php.

5 – Georgia State University, Atlanta

The Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions at Georgia State University prepares students for challenges in rural and urban healthcare settings.

This nursing school focuses on preparing prospective nursing professionals to meet the challenges posed in rural and urban healthcare. The school has an enormous enrollment, with around 500 students trained annually.

Students at this nursing school get to practice clinical skills on human simulator models in high-tech labs.

Once students have mastered nursing skills, they are enrolled to study bedside patient-care techniques at over 200 sites across Atlanta.

If you want to learn additional details about eligibility criteria and the admission process in this school, you can visit their official website at https://lewis.gsu.edu/nursing/.

6 – Augusta University, Augusta

Augusta University College of Nursing offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities, including collaboration with medical and dentistry programs.

The college has partnered with the Center for Strategic Initiatives to open a nurse-managed primary care center. This center is set to offer treatment and preventive services to treat chronic conditions.

The nursing classrooms are located in the Health Sciences Building. It also houses the Simulation Center to teach aspiring nurses the use of various medical and hospital instruments.

The college offers clinical rotations at major clinics and hospitals in Augusta.

To learn more about this college’s eligibility criteria and admission process, visit the official website at https://www.augusta.edu/nursing/.


These are just the top 6 nursing schools in Georgia. There are other leading nursing schools in the state, too. If you want to know more about these schools, we highly recommend visiting their official websites.

Make sure to check whether the nursing school is offering a complete training package before deciding to enroll in it.

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