5 Most Popular Nursing Scholarships

Most Popular Nursing Scholarships – Overview

A career in nursing seems to be one of the most preferred choices, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The employment rate in the nursing field is expected to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030, as compared to the 8% average growth rate for all occupations.

A huge number of licensed practitioners, vocational nurses, and nurse practitioners are retiring every year. The fact that there is an urgent need for traveling nurses due to a shortage and nursing exhaustion also bodes well for the prospective nurses of the future.

Besides this, the baby-boomer generation has aged and there is a rising requirement for trained nurses in residential healthcare facilities and specialties, such as senior care and in-home health care.

There are various paths to a career in nursing. You can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, a diploma in nursing from hospital-based programs, or an associate degree in nursing (ADN) program. You can also learn nursing through online courses.

However, many students cannot fulfill their dreams of entering the nursing field due to the considerable cost of tuition and studying in a nursing program. This is where nursing scholarships come in use.

5 Most Popular Nursing Scholarships

To help you achieve your dream of becoming a certified nursing professional, we have listed the most popular nursing scholarships below:

1 – BoardVitals Nursing School Scholarship

The BoardVitals Nursing School Scholarship awards scholarships to three selected nursing students annually. These students are selected based on their strong academic performance and passion for advancements in the nursing industry.

The first-place scholarship winner receives US$ 2,000 through a VISA Prepaid Card. The second-place winner of this scholarship is entitled to receive US$ 1,000 through VISA Prepaid Card. The third-place scholarship winner receives US$ 500 through a VISA Prepaid Card.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship require applicants to be residents of the United States and currently enrolled in the first, second, third, or fourth year of an accredited nursing school in the US.

Applicants must apply online for the scholarship and submit a 500-word essay. The essay should answer the questions, “What are your core principles? How do they impact the contributions you aim to make as a nurse?”

You can check their official website to learn more about this nursing scholarship.

2 – FNSNA Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association (FNSNA) offers the Undergraduate Scholarship Program with provisions for two different scholarships – The General Scholarship Program and the Promise of Nursing Program.  Both scholarship programs are aimed at currently enrolled nursing students.

According to FNSNA, these scholarships are based on financial need, academic development, and involvement in nursing student organizations and community activities related to health care.

The General Scholarship Program offers to fund up to US$ 7,500 per academic year. It focuses on specific areas of nursing specialties, such as emergency nursing and oncology. The Promise of Nursing Scholarship Program, which was available in certain regions and supported by various sponsors including Johnson & Johnson, aimed at addressing the nursing shortage in specific areas of the U.S. Note: The current status and sponsors of scholarship programs can change, so it’s important to verify current details from official sources.

The eligibility criteria for these nursing scholarships require applicants to attend a state-approved nursing school within one of the eligible Promise of Nursing States. The scholarship winner is entitled to get US$ 7,500 per academic year for students’ expenses.

We advise you to visit the official website to learn more details on eligibility criteria and the application process for this nursing scholarship.

3 – NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program (NCSP) helps nursing students complete their nursing education by paying their tuition, fees, and other educational costs. In exchange, the scholarship recipient has to work for at least two years at an eligible Critical Shortage Facility (CSF) upon graduation. This scholarship program is primarily focused on areas lagging behind healthcare professionals.

Visit the official website for more details about this scholarship, such as eligibility criteria and the application process.

4 – NAHN Scholarship Programs

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) offers scholarships to support the education of its members in accredited nursing programs. Specific scholarships available, such as those mentioned, depend on sponsorship and availability at the time of application, and interested applicants should verify current scholarships directly with NAHN. Scholarships are awarded annually to NAHN members currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program, such as graduate, baccalaureate, diploma, associate, and LPN/LVN programs.

The eligibility criteria include a select group of Hispanic nursing students who have demonstrated a promise of professional contribution to the nursing profession and have the potential to be role models for other aspiring nursing students.

To find more details on the eligibility criteria and application process for this nursing scholarship, we advise you to visit the official website.

5 – American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship

The American Red Cross offers the Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship, which awards US$3,000 to one selected nursing student. The eligibility criteria for the American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship may require service with the Red Cross and academic achievement. Still, specific requirements can vary, and it’s essential to consult the current scholarship details on their official website.

We recommend you visit the official website to learn more about this nursing scholarship’s eligibility criteria and application process.


As you can see, there are several sources for getting a nursing scholarship if you are a deserving candidate. It is highly recommended that you check your eligibility details carefully before applying for any of the above nursing scholarships.

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