Mommy Makeover Cost in Los Angeles | Recovery, Benefits & Preparation

Mommy Makeover Cost in Los Angeles

Motherhood is one of life’s most thrilling and gratifying experiences. Childbirth, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, on the other hand, can take a toll on your body.

As a result, you may have cosmetic and functional difficulties that are difficult to correct on your own, especially if the demands of parenting cause you to neglect exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

That can be solved through a mommy makeover. However, you may also want to know about the mommy makeover cost in Los Angeles.

Reports show that breast augmentation and liposuction (both come within mommy makeover) were the first and second procedures on the top 10 surgical procedures done worldwide in 2020.

You’re not the only one who feels this way. Many women in Los Angeles face unwelcome postpartum changes to their breasts, abdomens, and other body regions.

A mommy makeover may be advantageous if you want to recover an appearance that is similar to, if not better than, what you had before having children.

Many of the unwanted physical changes produced by childbirth can be reversed with a personalized mommy makeover performed by surgeons.

Read on to discover more about the cost of a Mommy Makeover and other associated information.

What are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover Cost in Los Angeles

Mommy Makeover Cost in Los Angeles – What are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Being a mother means constant consideration of others. Although you may put your baby’s demands ahead of your own, a Mommy Makeover is all about you.

Mommy Makeover provides advantages that highlight your best characteristics.

For example, if you wish to regain your hourglass figure, liposuction can be good.

Alternatively, if you’re unhappy with your midsection after going through the rigors of pregnancy, a Tummy Tuck could be the solution.

Regardless of whatever aspects of a Mommy Makeover are right for you, the main goal is for you to be happy.

Recovery for Mommy Makeover

Many patients are curious about how long it takes for them to recuperate from their mommy makeover operations. Patients can usually return to work in two weeks or less.

For around 6 weeks, patients should not exercise or lift anything heavier than 5 to 10 pounds.

For the first six weeks, patients should wear the compression garment and prevent putting water or perspiration into any of the wounds until they are entirely healed.

Throughout her mommy makeover, the operations she undergoes decide the patient’s key restrictions and sleeping postures.

Patients can recover from treatments on the abdomen and backside, so don’t be misled by those who claim recovery is impossible.

To ensure the best possible recovery and outcome, it is critical that you follow the suggestions of an expert.

Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift in The Mommy Makeover

Liposuction can be done in a mommy makeover with a stomach tuck to reduce the size of the waist further and improve contour. At the time of the stomach tuck, professional surgeons in Los

Angeles liposuction fat from the sides, flanks, and back causes alterations in waist size of 6 to 8 inches or more.

As with the Brazilian butt lift, this fat can also be employed to bulk up the hips and buttocks. This will help to accentuate the hourglass body and overall silhouette.

Breast Lift Adding Better Mommy Makeover Results.

A breast lift may be required in addition to breast augmentation to appropriately treat the breasts in the mommy makeover Los Angeles.

For many patients, the skin of the breasts has stretched to the point where it can’t go back to normal on its own.

The droopiness of the breast can be addressed by tightening the skin envelope with a breast lift.

In addition, a breast lift may be necessary if the areola and/or breast have dropped below the inframammary fold.

The form of the breasts is the most important aspect of breast satisfaction.

Boxy or vertically long breasts should be avoided, and professional surgeons have devised sophisticated approaches to modify the contour of the breasts, raise them, and make them look round.

Many mommy makeovers require a breast lift to achieve the finest overall look for the breasts.

The arm lift, Body lift, and Thigh lift for Mommy Makeover

Body lifts, arm lifts, thigh lifts, inferior butt lifts, and other procedures are included in a mommy makeover. Everyone requires or desires something somewhat or significantly different.

Combining breast and body operations, such as for a mommy makeover, can result in amazing changes in body contour and self-esteem.

Patients undergo metamorphosis, and their regenerated looks cause them to have a far better outlook on life.

Mommy Makeover Cost in Los Angeles

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated the average surgeon’s fee for breast lift surgery was $4,377. Breast augmentation was $3,708, tummy tuck surgery was $5,493, and liposuction was $2,971.

So, as you can see, the highest amount is for the tummy tuck surgery here.

However, it may vary based on which surgeon you visit and what procedures you aim to continue with.

As per the 77 Plastic Surgery, the cost of a mommy makeover cost in Los Angeles (Specifically California) varies based on multiple factors. However, on average, the price can range from:

#1. Breast lift, breast augmentation, and/or breast reduction: $8,000 to $18,000

#2. CoolSculpting: $1,500 to $4,000

#3. Liposuction: $4000 to $30,000

#4. Brazilian Butt Lift: $10,000 to $30,000

#5. Labiaplasty: $4,000 to $10,000

As per Newport Plastic surgery, the average mommy makeover cost in log Angeles can range anywhere from $8000 to $20,000. Depending on your requirements and surgery procedure, it may increase or decrease.

The West Lake Dermatology divides the average mommy makeover cost in Los Angeles as the following:

#1. Breast Augmentation: $7,175

#2. Liposuction: $6,550

#3. Tummy Tuck: $8,750

#4. Breast Lift: $7,550

#5. Overall Mommy makeover cost: $13,775

Note: This is an average price range, and the price can be as low as $6,125 and as high as $14,800+

Risks of the Mommy Makeover Surgeries

The mommy makeover procedure comes with several hazards. The risks that you should be aware of are listed below.

#1. Seroma (a fluid collection that should be drained using a needle and syringe)

#2. Skin necrosis (death of part of the skin)

#3. Dehiscence (breakdown of the wound)

#4. Nerve injury

#5. Umbilical loss (death of the belly button)

#6. Slow healing (particularly in diabetics, poor nutrition, or steroids)

#7. Hypertrophic scar or keloid (mostly found in individuals with darker skin or people predisposed to this, usually runs hereditarily, although the etiology is multifactorial)

Who Shouldn’t Go For Mommy Makeover?

#1. Significant comorbid disease

#2. Unrealistic expectations

#3. Morbid obesity

#4. Can’t quit smoking

#5. Planning for future pregnancy

#6. Upper abdominal transverse scars

Pre-Mommy Makeover Surgery Preparation

Appropriate protein intake and a multivitamin might be beneficial if you are in good general health and all medical issues have been handled.

Supplements, extra vitamins, and minerals should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Although the evidence for arnica and bromelain is not as solid as it is for other drugs, some doctors recommend them.

Instructions you should remember before the mommy makeover surgery:

#1. 8 hours before your surgery, no eating or drinking (including water), which means your last meal should be the night before.

In the morning, take blood pressure medication with a drink of water.

#2. No long acrylic nails.

#3. No eyelash extensions.

#4. No lotion or makeup

#5. Don’t wear any jewelry and piercings during surgery.

#6. Get someone to pick you up after the surgery.

#7. Dress comfortably in loose clothing. Pjs or a bathrobe are both acceptable options. If at all feasible, wear a button-down top. Slippers/sandals. Jeans and leggings are not recommended as they may be highly uncomfortable.

#8. Remove hearing aids (if any) before surgery.

#9. No contact lenses.

#10. Remove any partial plates or dentures in the mouth.

What Happens After the Mommy Makeover?

The mommy makeover’s final outcome is determined by how quickly the swelling goes down and the scars heal.

Depending on the treatments performed and the individual’s healing qualities, the edema may be reduced by 6 months or more.

It can take up to 12 to 18 months for scars to mature to their optimal appearance. In truth, scars tend to improve with time, even if it takes longer than 18 months.


You may want to have a nicer body than you had before pregnancy. The best part is that it is actually feasible.

However, you will require a proper mommy makeover depending on which bodily alterations you require.

A mommy makeover cost in Los Angeles is also determined by the sort of procedures you require.

Furthermore, you may get different pricing quotes at different clinics, hospitals, or surgery labs. Hence, we have included different average prices so you can have a better idea of it.

I hope this article has given you a good idea of how much a mommy makeover costs in Los Angeles.

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