MemorialCare Medical Group

MemorialCare Medical Group – Overview

MemorialCare Medical Group is a nonprofit health system that operates four hospitals, two medical groups, surgical centers, imaging centers and other healthcare facilities in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas.

The extensive team of professionals at MemorialCare Medical Group is dedicated to pursuing the best practices in medicine and healthcare. The highly skilled physicians and other staff members at MemorialCare Medical Group offer the best and most effective treatments at all locations.

The resulting outcomes have regularly exceeded state and national averages, making MemorialCare Medical Group the leading healthcare services provider in the two counties.

Mission and Vision

MemorialCare Medical Group aims to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and the communities it serves. The group operates with a vision of providing extraordinary care every time through exceptional professionals.

Under this, the group endeavors to uphold the highest ethical standards and values by doing the right thing every time. The team is well aware of being responsible for fulfilling its commitments, including ethical and professional integrity, meeting budget and strategic targets as well, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The team of professionals at MemorialCare Medical Group adheres to the best practices, which require making choices that maximize excellence and learning from internal and external resources about documented ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The professional team also focuses heavily on serving patients through empathy, kindness, caring and respect, besides combing their efforts to provide exceptional healthcare services in the region.

The MemorialCare Medical Group follows the values of iABCs – Integrity, Accountability, Best Practices, Compassion and Synergy. These values are inherent at MemorialCare Medical Group and are proof of their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and active communication of clinical outcomes.

MemorialCare Medical Group Services

MemorialCare Medical Group

MemorialCare Medical Group – Well-being services

At MemorialCare Medical Group, patients can access a wide array of healthcare and well-being services, including:

1. Heart and Vascular Care

The MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute is the leader in the management of complex cardiovascular disease and has a team of world-renowned cardiologists and surgeons using the most advanced least-invasive treatment techniques.

This division specializes in minimally invasive cardiac procedures, including minimally invasive heart valve surgery and Trascatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). These innovative techniques ensure optimal patient benefits, the least risk of complications, less scarring, more comfort, and faster recovery.

This division offers personalized cardiac problem prevention programs, leading diagnostics, expert cardiac specialists, advanced treatment, effective rehabilitation, research and comprehensive support for patients.

2. Cancer Care

The Cancer Care division at MemorialCare Medical Group provides the most comprehensive and top-quality cancer care for adults and children alike. This division is committed to helping patients fight cancer through a lifetime of best-quality cancer care.

The multidisciplinary team includes surgeons, oncologists, social workers, nurses, and other highly skilled and experienced specialists in managing cancer care. The team is focused on preventing early detection and innovative cancer treatments using state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal care.

Besides treatment, the experts at MemorialCare Medical Group are also committed to discovering innovative and improved ways to diagnose, treat and prevent a large number of cancers through leading-edge cancer research.

3. Joint Replacement

The MemorialCare Medical Group operates the leading joint replacement center in Orange County and offers a wide range of care, including hip, knee, ankle and shoulder replacement. This division includes expert orthopedic specialists and is ranked in the top 10 percent of the list of best orthopedic hospitals in the US.

The division is also renowned for providing Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery, which is an advanced and innovative technique that allows finer precision, improved results and faster recovery from surgery.

The division is known for providing same-day movement, allowing most patients to go home in less than two days after joint replacement surgery.

4. Pediatric Care

The Pediatric Care division at MemorialCare Medical Group provides routine wellness checks and also guides parents with assistance for the healthy development of their child. This division takes care of routine bumps and bruises to some children’s complex developmental and social challenges.

The team of expert pediatricians at MemorialCare Medical Group is dedicated to caring for children all along the way. In addition, this division also provides guidance and support for parents and helps them learn how to provide the best nutrition and nourishment to children.

5. Urgent Care

MemorialCare Medical Group operates exceptionally good urgent care services. Patients can choose to receive in-person visits or virtual visits. This division’s extensive team of experts treats various non-life-threatening emergencies in adults and children, including colds, fevers, sprains, etc.

The MemorialCare Medical Group virtual urgent care services are available round-the-clock and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Patients seeking urgent medical care can schedule an appointment at one of six urgent care centers in Irvine, Long Beach (Los Altos), Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, San Juan Capistrano, Westminster, and Costa Mesa.

6. Weight Loss Surgery

The MemorialCare Medical Group’s Weight Loss Surgery division is manned by highly skilled and extensively experienced surgeons, as well as best-trained nutritionists, psychologists and other relevant staff. This division operates out of the Orange Coast Medical Center and is accredited by the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Here, patients suffering from obesity and related health issues can receive extensive treatment, including:

  • Personalized instructions
  • New patient classes
  • Psychological assessment
  • Weekly support groups
  • Nutritional education and support
  • Nurse navigator

7. Surgical Care

The Surgical Care division at the MemorialCare Medical Group helps patients to choose the most effective, safe, and a comprehensive surgical option to ensure the best results and faster recovery. This division is heavily focused on using the least invasive surgical procedures and providing healthcare with the latest in healthcare and surgical technology.

Here, patients can undergo traditional open surgery if it is deemed the best option. Expert surgeons at MemorialCare Medical Group surgical centers specialize in a large range of surgical specialties, from gastric to cancer.

In addition, the minimally invasive surgical procedures offered in this division are performed using the most advanced and safe surgical equipment. This ensures optimal results and quicker recovery for the patient.


The MemorialCare Medical Group is a leading provider of exceptional medical and healthcare in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Here, patients are assured of receiving the most advanced, effective, and affordable care for a wide array of medical and health problems, including weight loss, cardiac problems, joint replacement, primary care, urgent care, etc. to name a few.


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