Medical Technologist Programs Online

Medical Technologist Programs Online – Overview

Medical Technologist is a well demanded job opportunity in the healthcare industry in today’s market. Medical Technologists are also known as clinical laboratory technologists.

A medical technologist is a person who conducts detailed research and analyzes multiple scientific test results that involve bodily fluids. They often deal with complex equipment and complicated procedures to provide accurate results from their findings.

To become a medical technologist, you need to complete professional training from a reputed institution. The training process mostly focuses on biology, chemistry, and other science related subjects in the healthcare industry.

How Does This Online Medical Technologist Program Work?

Medical technologist programs require laboratory experience along with coursework to learn and improve your skills. Most online medical technologist programs offer a hybrid educational format that includes distance based coursework and laboratory learning.

However, you can complete this laboratory learning from the on-campus facility or an approved facility near your house.

What Are the Courses Available in an Online Medical Technologist Training Program?

Medical Technologist Programs Online

Medical Technologist Programs Online – Available Courses

The primary goal of a medical technologist is to draw tissue samples and fluids from the human body. They often perform multiple tests and analyze the results, including AIDS tests, blood tests, etc.

Online medical technologist training programs offer multiple courses to help their students understand the field and increase their knowledge.

  • Biostatistics
  • Biochemistry
  • AIDS Education
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Communication skills for the healthcare industry
  • Medical ethics
  • Medical lab procedures
  • Microbiology
  • Phlebotomy theory
  • Medical terminology
  • Practicum seminar
  • Phlebotomy lab
  • Mycology, or the study of fungi

How Long Does It Take To Earn an Online Medical Technologist Degree?

Typically it takes around four years, including all the coursework and lab training to earn a bachelor’s degree and become a medical technologist.

However, you have to take additional training for specialized certification examinations. This type of additional training can take up to two years to complete depending on your course and specialization.

Who Can Enroll in an Online Medical Technologist Program?

Anyone who wants to experience web based and flexible learning can enroll in an online medical technologist program.

These programs can be more affordable than any traditional on-campus medical technologist courses. Therefore, people who cannot afford an on-campus course can apply for an online medical technologist course to achieve their goals.

It does not matter if you are in an online or offline course. Medical technologist programs require specific skill sets and the ability to work hard.

Primary Responsibilities of a Medical Technologist

A medical technologist has multiple roles and responsibilities. Most doctors and clinicians offer treatment plans and medications depending on the diagnosis and test results offered by medical technologists.

Online medical technologist programs offer training and education on these roles and help you develop certain skills and abilities.

  • Ability to use high quality lab equipment that can figure out the presence and absence of any conditions or diseases
  • Ability to maintain the proper functioning of the equipment
  • Knowledge and skills to perform bacteriological, hematological, chemical diagnosis, immunologic, and microscopic tests
  • Ability to perform and analyze different microscopic tests on tissue, semen, urine, stool, synovial fluid, and blood

Career Option for Medical Technologists

A medical technologist with a degree can do more than a technician in a lab setting. From preparing the specimen for testing to performing manual tests, an expert medical technologist is able to complete all these tasks.

Here are some career options for a medical technologist –

  • Blood bank technologists: They collect blood samples, classify them by types, and prepare blood transfusion
  • Cytotechnologists: Examine cells and check for abnormalities that can cause cancerous growth
  • Microbiology technologists: Examine microorganisms like bacteria
  • Clinical chemistry technologists: Analyze hormonal and chemical contents of body fluids
  • Molecular biology technologists: Perform nucleic acid and complex protein tests

Only the students who complete an MLS or MTS degree can apply for these specializations.

Advantages of the Online Medical Technologist Training Program

There are multiple advantages of online medical technologist programs.

1. Affordable

Online medical technologist programs are often more affordable than on-campus courses. Many people can not pursue medical technologist courses because of the expenses. These online courses can give them a chance to learn and chase their dreams.

2. Good Salary

Medical technologists can receive a good pay scale after completing their degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a medical technologist can earn around $57,800 annually and $27.79 per hour. Even the pay scale for entry-level medical technologist jobs is quite good.

However, if you have done any additional courses, you will get enough chances to earn more money with time.

3. Opportunity to Do Some Advanced Specialization

After completing your medical technologist degree, you can pursue other additional specializations and increase your skills. These specializations allow you to explore better career options and earn more money.

Disadvantages of the Online Medical Technologist Program

Along with all other advantages, online medical technologist programs also have certain disadvantages.

Online learning can limit your chances of having practical experience and lab training. Medical technologist jobs are entirely laboratory-based, and a lack of practical knowledge can reduce your chance of achieving something big.

Classroom learning also gives you a lot of chances to develop your communication skills, emotional connection, teamwork, and social connection.

Multiple distractions can affect your concentration during online classes. It is hard to avoid the temptation of scrolling through your social media accounts in the middle of your classes.


Medical technologists have multiple career opportunities in the healthcare sector. However, the regular courses are quite costly, and limited seats are available in every institution. With online medical technologist programs, more people can apply for this course in different good institutions and chase their dreams.

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