Four Weeks Online Courses for Medical Coding and Billing

4 Week Online Course for Medical Coding and Billing – Overview

Most people wonder what medical billing and coding are. Medical billing and coding professionals are responsible for processing data from diagnoses, tests, treatment records, and insurance information. These professionals then take the information and ensure correct payment for the healthcare team involved in the process.

To become a professional medical billing and coding expert, you need to understand how health insurance works, such as the claims process, how to interpret tests and diagnostics, and how to handle billing.

Usually, medical coding and billing are taught in traditional classrooms. Still, thanks to technology, it is possible to become a certified medical billing and coding professional through several top-quality online courses.

Top 4 Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

Here is a list of online courses for medical billing and coding:

Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

Top 4 Online Courses for Medical Billing and Coding

1 – Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The Cybersecurity in Healthcare course is offered by the Erasmus University Rotterdam through Coursera. This cybersecurity course does not teach medical coding and billing directly but provides sufficient background knowledge required in IT to prepare yourself for the field. This is a free online course and is offered by Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, which is ranked among the top 100 research universities in the Netherlands.

Coursera collaborates with universities and institutions to bring free and paid courses and degree programs. This helps students to acquire new skills at their own convenience and pace. These courses have few prerequisites, and the information taught in these courses covers the basic level.

The university offers a certificate for completing this free course in medical cybersecurity. It takes only around 15 hours to complete and is designed for the beginner level.

To learn more about this course, you can visit the official Coursera website

2 – What is Medical Coding and Billing?

This medical billing course is directly offered by Udemy, an individually-constructed course network that allows instructors to create and upload their own courses. The platform offers thousands of paid and free online courses on various creative and professional topics. The Medical Coding and Billing course takes only a few hours to complete and has over 4,000 students who have successfully learned the basics of medical coding and billing through it.

This is one of the top free courses offered by Udemy on the subject of medical coding and billing. This course is designed for students who are still deciding if they want to go into the medical coding and billing field. The course provides additional information about my career prospects as a certified medical billing and coding professional.

The PPMC Academy offers this course with the aim of connecting medical practice management with students at an affordable price. You can also find courses in front-desk administration and practice management at PPMC Academy.

This course teaches students the daily tasks of a medical coder, the responsibilities of a medical biller, procedural coding, diagnostic coding, different education options, and ways to gain relevant work experience. This course is said to be excellent for students who are looking to work from home.

To learn more about this medical coding and billing online course, you can visit the official Udemy website at

3 – Medical Coding ICD 10 CM

Udemy offers the Medical Coding ICD 10 CM course. This is a half-hour session created by Udaykumar Talloju, a certified inpatient coder who is also qualified to teach medical coding. Though the course may seem very short, it contains all important and valuable information about ICD 10 CM medical coding system.

This medical coding and online billing course are advisable for students who already have a background in medicine or have graduated with a Life Science degree. In this course, you will learn the basics of medical coding relating to the ICD 10 CM system.

You will also get examples to help you interpret and contextualize that code. This is a free course and excellent for you if you are already a registered nurse or are employed in the healthcare industry.

To learn more details about this course, you can check out the official website of Udemy

4 – Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering

Coursera offers the Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University. Though this course is not directed at medical coding and billing specifically, it is closely related to the field. This course is designed to give you a better idea of how to do your job starting other education.

This course includes healthcare systems and their relation to each other. This is something that you will need to know completely if you plan to become a professional medical biller and coder or if you want to start your own practice.

This is a 6-hour long course and offers an opportunity to earn a free shareable certificate. The certificate can be shared with employers, placed on a professional networking profile, and even added to your resume.

To learn more about the online course, visit


These are the top online courses for medical billing and coding offered by Coursera and Udemy, the leading online education platforms. These courses are aimed at preparing aspirants to become certified, experienced, and skilled medical coders and billers and prepare them to work in clinical settings effectively.

If you are not ready to allocate a budget for your medical billing and coding training, visit our Free Medical Billing and Coding Courses guide.

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