MAF Immigration Families Fund

MAF Immigration Families Fund – Overview

The Mission Asset Fund (MAF) offers a direct national cash assistance program. This program focuses on helping immigrants and low-income households to improve their financial lives more quickly.

Despite numerous federal policies, it was reported that over 11.5 million immigrants were denied unemployment and food assistance. These individuals have not yet received stimulus checks either.

According to reports, immigrant families with two-parent, two-child households were denied as much as US$ 11,400 in stimulus checks.

A MAF survey of 11,677 immigrant families found almost 4 out of 10 families were late for rent and facing the risk of eviction. Around 1/3rd of the immigrant families had lost regular income. This resulted in preventing doctor’s visits and skipping meals.

The MAF announced the Immigration Families Recovery Fund (IFRF) for immigrant families across the United States.

What is the MAF Immigrant Families Recovery Fund (IFRF)?

The MAF’s Immigrant Families Recovery Fund (IFRF) is a $30 million financial assistance program. Under this, the MAF will provide around $400 monthly to selected 3,000 immigrant families with children for 24 months.

This financial aid will be provided to immigrant families left out of several federal financial relief programs.

What is MAF Immigrant Families Recovery Fund (IFRF)

What is the MAF Immigrant Families Recovery Fund (IFRF)

Besides this, the MAF will provide financial and self-advocacy training to help immigrant families heal more quickly.

This program is built on the highly successful 2020 Pandemic Rapid Response Fund, which has helped over 50,000 immigrants, small business owners, and students. Similarly, the MAF does not use the first-come-first-serve or lottery system for IFRF.

This is to allow non-privileged individuals to be selected according to financial equity.

This way, the MAF can deliver direct cash assistance to marginalized families. It works well for families with low-income streams and maximum financial stress.

Last year, the MAF distributed $500 to eligible families under IFRF. The pre-application process for this fund is closed. Still, if you have been invited, you can submit a full application. These are based on equity, eligibility, and available funds.

If you have been invited for the full application, visit the site to find out the eligibility and application requirements.

Impact of MAF’s Immigration Families Fund

Applying for or receiving a grant through the MAF Immigration Families Fund is not considered under the public charge rule.

A person’s use of public benefits received through a government agency influences the Public Charge analysis. This is essential when applying for legal status. If you access a disaster relief program, then it is not considered a factor for Public Charge.

Is the MAF Immigration Families Fund taxable?

Individual recipients and their specific situations vary vastly regarding reporting requirements and taxes. It is strongly advised that you consult a tax professional, such as a CPA, tax preparation service, or tax lawyer. They can guide you on reporting grant funds when filing your taxes.

To learn the details of the IFRF grant’s taxability, you can check out the official IRS guidelines at

Specifications of the MAF Immigration Families Fund

Let’s check out the most important aspects of IFRF that you need to remember:

  • MAF offers IFRF one grant to one individual (2 grants per household)
  • Do not submit another application if you have already received a grant under MAF’s IFRF program

To apply for the MAF’s Immigration Families Fund, you can check out the official website at


The MAF’s Immigrant Families Recovery Fund has helped tens of thousands of immigrants to improve their lives after the lockdown.

This has significantly impacted their quality of life. We encourage you to check the MAF official website regularly for more information on the next round of the application process.

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