3 Types of Loans for Medical Equipment

How to Get Loans for Medical Equipment?

Loans for medical equipment provide working capital for business owners to purchase new machines and tools. Medical equipment saves a person’s life by performing procedures that improve their health.

The healthcare industry or medical field needs updated equipment to detect people’s health and provide the necessary treatment.

These tools provide comfort and accurate patient readings, keeping them satisfied. The equipment used in medical settings is manufactured with precision to minimize flaws.

Small business owners usually lack enough working capital to buy all the required equipment and tools, so loans offer a solution.

Loans for Medical Equipment – How Does Medical Equipment Financing Work?

Medical equipment is crucial to providing complete care. Loans for medical equipment enable healthcare providers to afford essential items, including electronic monitoring systems, surgical instruments, and other medical equipment.

It keeps them prepared for anything that might come, providing comprehensive treatment for patients.

Medical equipment loans are offered to professionals such as dentists, surgeons, doctors and specialists when they cannot buy necessary equipment.

A loan is provided to purchase equipment, which must be repaid regularly.

When a loan is taken for medical equipment, the product is kept as collateral, making equipment financing secure. Some medical equipment loans are available with little or no down payment.

What Type of Medical Equipment Can be Financed?

It is important to consider the machinery or tools that can be purchased with medical equipment loans.

Loans can finance a wide range of common medical devices. Here are some of the medical equipment that can be acquired through loans.

  1. Surgical equipment
  2. X-ray and other imaging equipment
  3. Dental instruments
  4. Optometry equipment
  5. Hospital beds and examination tables
  6. Diagnostic equipment
  7. Chiropractic equipment
  8. Dermatology equipment

Undoubtedly, medical devices and machines are expensive. Various lenders provide funds to buy new or used medical equipment.

Loans for Medical Equipment – Learn About Different Types of Medical Equipment

Doctors and healthcare professionals are offered different types of medical equipment loans. The choices are determined by the credit score, required equipment and several other factors.

1. Term Loans

Conventional term loans can be used to buy medical equipment. Banks offer loans with terms extending up to 25 years for fixed assets that retain value.

Medical equipment term loans typically have shorter durations, maturing in less than ten years. Medical equipment loan interest may be lower than other options if secured with a long-term loan.

2. Short-Term Loans

If someone is looking for low-value items such as small dental instruments or used medical equipment, then a short-term loan may be an option. Depending on the type of financing, terms could be as short as three months.

Generally, repayment terms are less than three years. These loans are also a good option for businesses that cannot qualify for long-term loans due to credit scores.

3. SBA Loans

Small Business Administration loans (SBA Loans) are one of the most affordable options for small business owners. Guaranteed in part by the SBA, some SBA loans are available for medical equipment financing.

SBA loans for medical equipment have a maximum term of 10 years, and interest rates are subject to caps.

For immediate needs, other types of loans might be more suitable, as SBA loans can take time to process. One must apply for SBA loan programs early since the underwriting and application process is lengthy and can take months to receive the funding.

To qualify for SBA loans, one must:

  1. Own a for-profit business within the U.S.
  2. Use personal assets or other alternatives first
  3. Have equity to invest
  4. Meet any other requirements as specified by the lender
  5. Have a good credit score — typically 680 or higher


Humans can experience various medical conditions and accidents. In such circumstances, they need medical assistance.

Medical professionals need access to the latest equipment to improve patient outcomes and deliver exemplary care. The advancements in medical technology have helped people in many ways.

The quality of life is increasing in the medical field, where updated equipment is required.

Loans for medical equipment help provide treatment by diagnosing the issue and improving the quality of life. These tools are crucial to saving patients’ lives. So keep updated and apply for loans today!

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