LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Iowa

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Iowa – Overview

LASIK eye surgeons can deliver you the best quality eye care. A surgeon can remove a defined amount of tissue from your cornea with a laser by using LASIK surgery. The cost of LASIK eye surgery depends on multiple factors. This article will teach you more about the cost of LASIK eye surgery in Iowa.

How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Iowa?

LASIK eye surgery’s basic cost ranges from $1300 to $2200. It may vary according to your condition and your surgeon’s procedure. A surgeon prefers to use multiple custom LASIK procedures depending on the patient’s condition.

Procedure Price range
Flapless $1300 – $2200
Wavefront Flapless $1650 – $2350
LASIK $1250 – $2150
Wavefront LASIK $1600 – $2500
IntraLASIK $1700 – $2900
Wavefront IntraLASIK $1850 – $2950

Cost of Different LASIK Procedures

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Iowa

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost Iowa – Cost of Different LASIK Procedures

There are three different types of LASIK surgery, and the average cost is different for each.

Conventional LASIK

Conventional LASIK is also known as standard or traditional LASIK. The average cost of this procedure is around $1677 per eye. It is the less expensive and the most basic procedure of LASIK surgery. The surgeon needs to make a corneal flap using a blade or laser. The patient does not need much time to recover from this surgery.

Patients who only need a basic vision correction are eligible for the procedure. People with astigmatism must avoid traditional LASIK surgery.

Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK is also known as wavefront LASIK surgery. This procedure may cost you around $2100 per eye. Patients with irregular eye shapes or a strong lens prescription are eligible for this surgery method.

Bladeless LASIK

The Bladeless LASIK is also known as all-laser LASIK. It can cost you around $2119 per eye. The surgeon uses a femtosecond laser for this procedure, which increases the cost a bit. This procedure is available for both custom and conventional procedures.

Payment and Insurance for LASIK Surgery

Several health centers in Iowa offer different plans with decent discounts for your LASIK eye surgery through EyeMed, Military, VSP (Vision Service Plan), Avesis, etc. Some insurance companies can cover a part of your LASIK surgery.

However, not all insurers offer coverage for LASIK eye surgery. Some of them consider it an elective surgery process. Before surgery, you can pay via credit card, check or cash. Some centers also accept payments through health savings accounts.

Some employers offer health service accounts (HSA) or flexible spending accounts (FSA) as a tax-free way to save money for your surgery. LASIK eye surgery is qualified for using HSA or FSA funds.

You can use your credit card to pay for your surgery as well. LASIK surgery is quite costly, and it can be very difficult for some people to make the payment at once. Some centers also offer different payment arrangements with new credit cards for these people to make LASIK surgery more accessible. With this card, you can pay the cost for a year or more.

Other credit cards can offer you multiple benefits, including points, miles, rewards, and cash refunds.

6 Steps of a LASIK Surgery

1. Initial screening and consultation

2. Pre-operative dilated eye examination with your surgeon

3. IDesign custom analysis

4. LASIK flap creation

5. IDesign custom treatment with 3D eye tracking and iris registration

6. Post operation follow up

5 Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Your LASIK Surgery

Different factors can affect the cost of your LASIK surgery.

1. Geographical Location

Your geographical location can greatly affect the cost of your surgery. The cost of LASIK surgery depends on the cost of living in your area, your doctor’s location, and the required infrastructure’s availability.

2. Experience and Reputation of the Surgeon

An eye surgeon with years of experience and a good reputation is always in high demand. They will definitely charge more for their service than any other surgery with lesser experience or average reputation.

3. Pre or Post Operative Care

Most service packages do not include any pre or post-operative visits. Any additional care will require an additional cost. However, the requirement of any additional pre or post-operative care will depend upon the patient’s condition.

4. Type of Equipment or Technology Used

The type of technology and equipment your surgeon uses can change your surgery’s effect. Updated technologies or the use of laser devices always cost you more. You must have a clear idea about everything before choosing your plan. You can always get a written estimate of the cost and figure out if there are any potential additional charges before making your final choice.

5. Follow Up Appointments

The number of follow-up appointments you may need depends on your condition and surgery. Some people may need some additional care and follow-up appointments after their surgery. It can increase the entire cost and you may need to make some additional payments.

Are There Any Side Effects of LASIK?

Most people who go through LASIK surgery can achieve 20/20 vision. Around 99% of the patient’s report being satisfied after their surgery. However, the surgery may not offer a successful result all the time.

Lasik surgery may have certain side effects like itching, dry eyes, and burning sensation in some patients. Around 20-40% of the patients may have these symptoms after their procedure.

Some patients may experience halos and glare around lights during the night. These symptoms may last for one or two months after the surgery.

In some cases, LASIK surgery may not be successful in correcting your vision. However, the chances of an unsuccessful surgery are very low. Some patients may still need contact lenses or glasses after their surgery. They can revisit their doctors for some additional treatment procedures. Some patients may lose their vision due to scarring, infection, and poor healing, even after their surgery.


LASIK eye surgery is an advance and effective procedure to correct your vision. However, LASIK surgery may have certain side effects, but the chances of an unsuccessful surgery are extremely low.

The cost of this surgery may vary depending on multiple factors. Many insurance companies and eye clinics offer different payment plans to make LASIK surgery more accessible and affordable for everyone.

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