Inova Medical Group Cardiology

Inova Medical Group Cardiology – Overview

Inova Medical Group is a team of physicians who practice aimed at cardiovascular diseases and treatments. The Inova Medical Group Cardiology is located in Fairfax, VA.

Besides cardiovascular and cardiology treatments, they also provide other healthcare services such as metabolic diseases. However, they aim to provide high-quality services to heart-related patients.

Inova Medical Group Cardiology Overview:

The Inova Medical Group Cardiology is managed by board-certified cardiologists. The team is there to provide high-level comprehensive care to heart patients. Cardiologists provide cardiology, cardiovascular, metabolic diseases, and other healthcare services.

The team is known for providing high-quality care services with the latest technology and advanced diagnostic procedures. The treatments are relatively faster and done under your budget. Unlike the longer treatments, advanced diagnostic procedures make the entire process super simple and faster.

How Does the Team at Inova Medical Group Work?

The team prepares a customized care plan for each patient to provide the best care while on treatment. The reason behind preparing a customized plan is to give him personalized care for better care after the surgery and faster recovery. It improves overall health and relieves the family members’ extra burden.

The Inova Group’s vast network includes a team of expert cardiologists and other healthcare professionals who serve hundreds of patients daily. The network is constantly growing. The team of cardiologists provides access to all Inova Hospitals throughout Northern Virginia.

Moreover, the team also provides access to the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. The services offered by the institute are internationally recognized.

What Types of Services Does Inova Medical Group Cardiology Provide?

The Inova Medical Group of Cardiologists provides several healthcare services for different cardiological conditions. The treatments for each condition are different and for that reason, the team first prepares a customized healthcare plan for each patient.

Since the condition of the patients is different, the team has to plan out things well to provide the best healthcare services. A customized plan gives them the relief they want after completing the treatment. Let’s check out what cariological conditions the team Inova Medical group of Cardiologists treat.

Inova Medical Group Cardiology

Inova Medical Group Cardiology – Types of Services

  • Heart failure
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Hypertension, high blood pressure
  • High cholesterol, lipid disorders
  • Heart valve disease
  • Women’s cardiovascular health
  • Arrhythmia and arrhythmia monitoring
  • Stenting and revascularization
  • Cardiac catheterization, coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty
  • Peripheral vascular disease

Besides the standard cardiology conditions listed above, the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute also provide a range of world-class specialty programs and services aimed at improving the lives of heart patients. Here’s the list of specialty services and programs the institute offers through a team of expert cardiologists and surgeons.

Specialty Programs and Services

  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Cardiac and respiratory failure program
  • Cardio-Oncology program
  • Cardiovascular genomics program
  • Heart failure with Advanced therapy programs
  • Heart transplant surgery
  • Congenital heart disease program
  • Heart rhythm disorders services
  • Interventional cardiology services
  • Vascular services
  • Structural heart program
  • Valve disease program
  • Pediatric cardiovascular services

How Do They Perform Cardiological Tests?

They use advanced diagnostic testing and imaging to perform cardiological tests on the patients. The technology lets them view their heart and condition, the pictures, and the live movement of the bloodstream and vessels on a computer screen.

A small hollow tube is used to perform the angioplasty procedure, where the blocked vessels of the heart get restored. It is a non-invasive procedure that requires just a tiny hole.

This way the team prepares a healthcare plan for each patient. They check the patient’s heart condition and design a plan to give them comprehensive heart care services.

How to Book an Appointment?

Booking an appointment at Inova Medical Group Cardiologist is pretty simple. The online portal helps you see the availability of cardiologists on your preferred dates. You can view their profiles and book appointments online by selecting things per your timings.

Visit the Book Appointment page from their official website. You will be presented with a chatbot asking you a few simple questions regarding your visit. You need to select the appropriate answer or you can directly check the list of the available cardiologist.

Click on See the full list to check the available cardiologist nearby your location. You can check for insurance and availability and use other filters to make your search more precise.

There is a calendar with dates displayed on the top of the window, you just need to select the date to book an appointment as per the availability of the cardiologists. As you select the date, the page refreshes itself and you will see several cardiologists there.

The page shows their profile with address, navigation map, contact number, email address, and other details you might want to know. Besides this, you can book an appointment from the right side window.

What Are the Payment Options Accepted at Inova Medical Group?

Being a vast network of hospitals and healthcare service providers, Inova accepts all major insurance plans and Medicare. When a patient completes his treatment, co-pays and co-insurances are due.

Moreover, they also accept checks and cash payments if you do not have life insurance coverage or Medicare. You can pay through bank debit cards or credit cards also. You must arrange the payment before the treatment if you do not have insurance coverage.

The Bottom Line:

Inova heart and the vascular institute offer a range of high-class healthcare services. The Inova Medical Group Cardiology looks after the cardiology department where they treat patients with different types of cardiological problems.

The team provides a range of standard cardiology and cardiovascular services with special programs and services, which include pediatric cardiovascular services, standard cardiovascular services, heart failure, heart transplant, valve replacement, angioplasty, and many others.

Moreover, they accept all major insurance plans and Medicare for hassle-free payments. They also accept credit card, debit card payments, cash, and cheque payments to clear your dues.

Booking an appointment is also pretty simple; you can visit a cardiologist online using their online portal.

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