How to Write Letter of Intent for Medical School

How to Write a Letter of Intent for Medical School – Overview

Medical schools are highly regarded in academia worldwide.

Millions of aspirants worldwide attempt to get admission to a reputed medical school to ensure a successful career as a doctor or surgeon.

However, if medical school acceptance rates are anything to go by, then a letter of intent for medical school can decide for successful admission.

What is a Letter of Intent for Medical School

A letter of intent for medical school expresses your strong preference for and commitment to attend the school if you are offered admission.

This letter of intent will be sent to only one school, your top choice for medical training.

The letter of intent helps demonstrate your strong interest and commitment to the school.

When is a Letter of Intent for Medical School required

You should draft and submit a letter of intent for medical school around a month after your interviews. This is especially helpful when your name is placed on the wait list for admissions.

The letter of intent aims to let the school authorities know that their school is your top choice for admission to pursue higher education in the medical field.

It is advised to send a letter of intent after interviews and particularly if you are waitlisted, to reaffirm your interest in the school.

This is so that you can express your willingness and genuine choice for medical training at a particular school.

The letter of intent will display your intention to pursue higher education at the targeted medical school and help boost your chances of admission into your favorite medical school.

How do you write the perfect letter of intent for medical school

Several essential aspects must be considered when drafting a letter of intent for medical school.

Apart from impeccable grammar, it would be best to be careful about spelling names correctly and submitting a final, polished letter.

The letter should be short but cover the essential aspects of your commitment to getting admission to a particular medical school.

While often addressed to the Dean/Director of Admissions, confirm the appropriate recipient for a letter of intent at each medical school.

This way, you can directly communicate your intentions to the person responsible for making the final decisions regarding admission to medical school.

To ensure that your letter of intent for medical school is sharp, expressive and effective, here are the several aspects that you need to take care of:

Length and Structure of Letter of Intent

The letter of intent for medical school admissions should not be more than one page. It should follow a formal structure and be on point.

There’s no sense in sending long, rambling letters because the person is already bogged down with other duties and may not want to commit to reading along multi-page letters.

Opening of Letter of Intent

A formal greeting is used when starting a letter of intent. Make sure to use the recipient’s full name and title, for instance:

“Dear Dr. John Smith, Dean of Admissions, XXX University.”

1st Paragraph of Letter of Intent

The first paragraph of a letter of intent for medical school should follow the below-given structure:

  1. Your introduction
  2. Specific education program you wish to pursue
  3. Your date of interview
  4. Your unique skills and strong points
  5. Your accomplishments in the past
  6. Your eagerness to attend the specific medical school and accept admission if offered

2nd Paragraph of Letter of Intent

The second paragraph should detail why the targeted medical school is your top choice.

You can include the details of the curriculum, program, research opportunities and other initiatives that appealed to you in the particular medical school.

Closing a Letter of Intent

When sending the letter of intent, repeat and remind the recipient of your excitement and eagerness to get admission to the particular medical school.

Thank the recipient for taking time out of their busy schedule to read your letter.

End the letter professionally, using “All the Best” or “Sincerely” or a similar closing line. Also, add your AAMC ID number below your signature/initials on the letter of intent for medical school.


After reading this article, you should be able to draft and write a proper and effective letter of intent for admission to medical school.

If you are pursuing a pre-med undergrad program, you could contact your school’s Writing Centre for assistance and ensure that your letter of intent is clear, concise and impactful.

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