How to Get Free Medical Insurance for Unemployed

Free Medical Insurance for Unemployed

Few things in life are as tough as facing the prospect of being unemployed. Besides the intense financial stress, unemployed people also have to deal with the loss of benefits, such as health insurance.

It becomes extremely difficult to pay for an individual health insurance plan without a stable source of income.

Fortunately, there are several avenues that a person can pursue when they want to get free insurance for the unemployed.

However, you must act fast if you seek health insurance benefits. Losing a job qualifies you for a special enrollment period in health insurance marketplaces, lasting 60 days, during which you can enroll in a new health plan.

Additionally, private health insurance often offers more flexibility than standard government insurance coverage. For example, in several states in the US, you can choose to buy a short-term insurance policy lasting up to a year.

Where to get free medical insurance for the unemployed

To determine the easiest and most efficient source of medical insurance for unemployed persons, we checked and reviewed numerous health insurance service providers in the country. After an intense review, we selected the top 5 ways to get free medical insurance for the unemployed.

1 – The IHC Group

The IHC Group offers short-term medical insurance with flexible terms of up to 364 days, suitable for those seeking coverage to fill gaps between employment.

You can even choose to add auxiliary coverage for family members.

If you are currently unemployed but are confident that you will get employed within a year, then this short-term insurance plan is best suited for you.

IHC Group offers to activate your insurance coverage on the very next day of payment of the premium, thus making it the top short-term health insurance option for the unemployed.

2 – Sidecar Health

Sidecar Health offers an innovative medical insurance plan where beneficiaries use a payment card to cover medical costs directly.

Instead, Sidecar provides the beneficiary with a payment card that pays for hospital bills in cash. The money for payment comes directly from you, allowing you to visit any doctor without being restricted to only the supported healthcare network.

Overall, Sidecar Health offers its medical insurance plan at extremely low monthly premiums and allows incredible flexibility in choosing the right doctor for treatment. Additionally, it provides users with advanced digital tools, making receiving insurance benefits easier at any time and place.

3 – Cigna

Cigna offers access to virtual care through its partnership with telehealth networks, which are typically included within its range of plan benefits.

Cigna medical insurance plans involve free virtual care through a partnership with two leading telehealth networks. The plan offers complete dental coverage.

Beneficiaries can call customer support around the clock for an optimal service experience.

4 – Ambetter

Ambetter is another leading company that provides medical insurance for the unemployed. It is highly recommended for those seeking inexpensive and reliable dental insurance coverage.

There is an excellent rewards program offered with insurance covers for additional benefits.

If you are currently unemployed and looking for an affordable, effective, reliable dental insurance plan, Ambetter is the best option.

5 – Oscar

Oscar health insurance plans are highly advisable for unemployed persons who wish to get inexpensive and effective health insurance for the entire family.

These insurance plans are all eligible for tax credits. It has become easier to use Oscar since it launched its smartphone app for better customer service.

Oscar offers health insurance plans that include benefits like no charges for concierge services or virtual visits. Coverage starts after enrollment, which can often be done easily through their app.


Unemployment feels worse when your employer revokes your insurance. However, with the above-mentioned sources, you can now find easy, effective, and affordable medical insurance for the unemployed anywhere within the US and ensure optimal healthcare for your family and yourself.

You are more likely to be eligible for medical grants if you are an unemployed mother or pregnant.

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