How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance?

How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance

How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance – Overview

From dental procedures to broken bones, x-ray tests are recommended for various purposes. These tests are extremely helpful in diagnosing and treating people. However, the final cost of an x-ray imaging test differs from location to location and the kind of facility you choose to undergo the test.

The type of insurance you have, the location of the injury, and the number of images to be taken collectively determine the cost of an x-ray test. Before an x-ray, it is essential to find out which facility offers it at the most affordable cost.

Outpatient imaging centers and clinics usually offer more affordable x-ray tests than urgent care, emergency care, or hospitals, which are significantly more expensive. On average, you can expect to pay between US$ 45 to US$ 250 per x-ray test at an outpatient clinic.

According to different factors, let’s check out everything you need to know about x-ray imaging tests and their cost without insurance.

What Is an X-Ray Test?

How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance

How Much Is an X-Ray Without Insurance – What is an X-Ray Test?

An X-ray test is also called a radiograph. It is a test that uses electromagnetic radiation to create an image of the body’s internal parts. It creates a picture of your insides using shades of black and white. The amount of radiation determines the different shades that different tissues absorb.

For instance, bones tend to absorb more x-rays, which makes them appear whiter than other tissues. As the x-rays can pass easily through softer tissues, such as muscles and fat, these are defined in darker shades of grey.

X-ray tests are beneficial to diagnose numerous different types of health issues, including broken bones, intestinal blockage, pneumonia too, tooth cavities, and much more.

The x-ray procedure is usually quite short and is completed within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the area of the body being x-rayed. The x-ray images are interpreted, and the radiology technician writes a report for your doctor/physician with the conclusions.

What Is the Cost of an X-Ray Test?

The final cost of an x-ray test varies greatly. It usually depends on the type of health insurance policy you have, the deductible it offers, whether cash-paying, the type of x-ray required, and even the location of the x-ray lab.

Cost of X-ray with Insurance

Almost all health insurance policies offer to cover the cost of an x-ray test. If your high-deductible health insurance offers coverage for an x-ray test, but you have not met it, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for the test.

This applies until you meet the deductibles, which usually range between US$ 100 and US$ 1,000.

On the other hand, if you have met your deductible, then make sure to check with your insurance provider the amount of co-pay and co-insurance you need to pay.

Request your doctor for the procedure and diagnosis code before talking to your insurance provider. When you give these codes to the insurance agent, you will also need to tell them the name of your local hospital, urgent care center, and radiology/imaging center to find the specific cost of an x-ray test at each location.

There could be instances when insurance providers do not cover x-ray imaging costs, so you may have to pay the total cost out-of-pocket. Cash paying is quick, and you do not need to wait for insurance approval.

However, it is important to remember to find out the out-of-pocket expenses of an x-ray test at your chosen imaging facilities.

Cost of X-ray without Insurance

The national average cost of an x-ray for cash-only patients is around US$ 260 to US$ 460.

If you don’t have health insurance or if the insurance does not cover x-ray tests, then you may have to pay between US$ 100 to US$ 1,000 as out-of-pocket expenses. In such cases, it is highly recommended to find the cost of x-ray tests at several different imaging facilities, diagnostic centers, and hospitals to find the most affordable price.

What Are the Costs for Different Types of X-Ray Tests?

Let’s check out the average cost of x-ray tests performed on different areas of the body:


Spinal x-rays are usually performed on three sections–cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. The national average cost of a spinal x-ray test is around US$ 320.


A chest x-ray can take images of the lungs, chest, ribs, heart, diaphragm and large arteries. The national average cost of a chest x-ray is around US$ 420.


Dentists recommend dental x-rays to detect tooth decay and other similar dental problems. The national average cost of a dental x-ray exam in the United States is between US$ 20 and US$ 250, depending on the type of imaging the dentist prescribes.


Foot x-ray tests are advised to detect fractures usually. The national average cost of a foot x-ray is around US$ 290.


X-ray tests are beneficial in detecting and diagnosing various types of medical problems. The cost of an x-ray test can be quite high or low, depending on the type of test, imaging facility, location, etc. The out-of-pocket expenses to undergo an x-ray test can be prohibitive.

Consult your doctor or do simple online research to find the best and most affordable x-ray centers without insurance coverage.

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