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Health First Medical Group – Overview

Health First Medical Group is a medical group formed by Brevard-based primary care physicians and was founded in 1995. Since then, Health First has been offering extensive primary health services at three major locations across Brevard County, Florida.

The Holmes Regional Medical Center, Cape Canaveral Hospital, and the Palm Bay Community Hospital joined hands to create Health First. Today, Health First offers extensive healthcare services, which include 97 different departments and services.

The medical group is on a mission to change the future of healthcare as a not-for-profit healthcare system. Since its foundation, Health First has continued to grow and evolve by offering advanced, convenient and connected healthcare services. It is a wellness company focused on patient care in all aspects.

The team of expert medical professionals and technical staff are incredibly ambitious to enhance the health and wellness of Brevard County community members. It strives to deliver personalized and convenient healthcare services to all.

Health First Cape Canaveral is accredited by the Joint Commission and the ICAEL (International Commission for Accreditation of Echo Laboratories). The Health First Diagnostics Centers at Viera Medical Plaza has ACR accreditation for mammography, nuclear medicine, MRI, ultrasound and PET.

Health First – Community Care

Besides being the leading healthcare system in Brevard County, Health First is also a prominent part of the community’s social services. For instance, Health First works with a total of 12 local organizations and provides around US$ 360,000 in wellness grants to ensure a brighter and healthier future for Brevard residents. The organization also made the holiday season more cheerful for over 100 children last year with the 10th annual Magic of Christmas Toy Drive.

Besides this, Health First associates are actively engaged in serving the underserved in the community. The associates run the Streetside Showers initiative, which made hot showers and means available to the homeless.

Health First – Healthcare Services

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most prominent healthcare services offered by Health First:

1. Women’s Health

The Women’s Health department at Health First hospitals offers care for women, from maternity all the way to menopause. This department is staffed by a team of highly-experienced physicians, specialists, nurses and midwives.

Here, patients can receive extensive help for problems relating to gynecology, urogynecology, breast health, pregnancy and newborn care, and women’s heart healthcare.

2. Neurology

The Neurology department at Health First offers excellent diagnosis, treatment and prevention for strokes. It offers all the help you need, right from diagnosis through recovery, using world-class neurological treatment techniques that are personalized for every patient.

Health First Medical Group

Healthcare services offered by Health First Medical Group

3. Orthopedics

The Orthopedics department at Health First offers diagnosis, treatment and prevention of knee pain, shoulder pain and problems with the hands and wrists. The department has a team of expert professionals who are trained in knee replacement surgeries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rotor cuff injury, among others.  This department offers innovative treatment and personalized rehabilitation.

4. Physical & Occupational Therapy

The Physical and Occupational Therapy department at the Health First healthcare system offers extensive physical and occupational therapy, which helps in quick recovery from injuries and even post-hospitalization rehabilitation.

5. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery department restores your confidence with advanced cosmetic procedures that can correct abnormalities ranging from birth defects and accidents to abnormalities left by trauma, burns and even cancer.

Besides this, the team of highly-experienced cosmetic surgeons in this department is well-known for performing purely aesthetic procedures, such as breast implants, mommy makeovers, liposuction and other body-enhancing surgeries.

6. Heart & Vascular

The Valve Clinic at Health First healthcare services offers advanced heart valve repair and replacement diagnosis and treatment using minimally invasive heart surgery.

In addition, the department is known for its excellent, effective rehabilitation by an expert cardiovascular team. It has a cutting-edge electrophysiology specialty department that provides exceptional services.

This high-tech department offers treatments for a variety of heart problems, such as arrhythmia management, coronary artery disease treatment (using minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery), cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular risk prevention.

7. Cancer Care

The Health First Cancer Institute blends highly-advanced cancer treatments with compassionate patient care. The extensive spectrum of cancer care ensures that patients suffering from cancer get the right diagnosis so prompt treatment can be provided.

The top-rated team of oncology specialists at Health First Cancer Institute provides screening services, imaging and diagnostics, lab work, minimally invasive surgical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical robots and a full infusion suite.

Using these and similar advanced tech, the team of expert oncologists at Health First offers diagnosis and treatment for blood, breast, prostate, gynecological, lung, and thyroid cancer.


The Health First medical group is a group of primary care physicians that offers extensive health and medical care services in Brevard County, Florida. Here, tens of thousands of patients receive excellent and convenient care for a variety of health problems, right from maternity to cancer care and more.

For more information on Health First and its extensive advanced healthcare system, you can also visit the official website at

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