$127,000 in Grants Approved by Austin-Bailey

$127,000 in Grants Approved by Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation

The Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation, a renowned Foundation working on improving health and wellness, has approved new grants as a second cycle. A total of $127,000 was approved by the foundation to improve education across the state.

The foundation has approved several universities where the allotted money will be given as scholarships to students who are studying health-related subjects.

From the total allotted money, $43,000 is given annually to students as scholarships. The scholarships will be given to the following list of colleges and Universities.

  • Aultman College,
  • Kent State University Stark,
  • Kent State University Tuscarawas,
  • Malone University,
  • Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine,
  • Stark State College,
  • University of Akron Wayne College,
  • The University of Mount Union, and
  • Walsh University

If we talk about the current scenario, the majority of people are suffering from different types of physical and mental illness problems.

They are unable to receive proper treatments due to a lack of nearby services. To support the enthusiastic students and universities, the foundation has been providing such grants on a regular basis.

The Foundation supports multiple counties including Tuscarawas, Holmes, Stark, and Wayne. The Foundation has two cycles for providing grants to the above-listed universities and other organizations.

How does the Foundation allot its grants?

The Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation opens up a request page from which Universities and Colleges and other organizations that provide health-related education can apply for the grant.

The Foundation already has a list of such Universities that require additional funding to support their students for their better education.

How does the Foundation allot its grants

How does the Foundation allot its grants

After receiving a set of applications, the Foundation prepares a list to distribute the allotted funds through grants. They choose organizations and universities that provide health and wellness-related education.

All the information related to the grants and the allotted money is listed on their official website. The Foundation keeps itself active on social media as well. They keep us updated about their future ventures and upcoming grants.

The Application Process

The application process for the Universities and organizations that provide health and wellness-related education can apply for the grant at Austin-Bailey’s Foundation.

A university needs to get approval from the Foundation. This means they have to apply for the grant through their official website or by writing an application manually.

The Application Process

The Application Process

You will be given an online form where you have to fill in the application along with the required documents. The required documents need to be attached. Once an application is approved,  the applicant will be received an email regarding the approval of an application.

If the university is lucky enough, it will receive the grant in the next cycle. The Foundation will prepare the list of such universities first and then they will announce the grants. The allotted funds will also be listed on their official website.

This cycle includes 10 Universities. This means the following universities/ organizations are selected by the Austin and Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation.

The Selected Applicants for Receiving the Grant for this Cycle

  • Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank scissor lift has received a grant of $11,000 for the distribution center in Canton.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Massillon has received a grant of $30,000. The fund will be utilized for on-site counselors for 40 weeks of the school year.
  • Canton Crossroads United Methodist Church in Canton has received funds of $10,000. The company will utilize this fund for its expanded market program.
  • Compassion Delivered in North Canton has received a grant of $3,900. The money will be utilized for food-service operations through advanced machines and freezers.
  • Jackson Bear Hugs in Massillon has received a fund of $1,200 for several sectors such as shelving, garment racks, and bins for the clothing outreach program. It comes under a well-being program of the Foundation.
  • North Canton Cares Pantry has received a fund of $7,900 for a new commercial freezer to improve the food pantry.
  • Pegasus Farm in Marlboro Township has received a fund of $40,000 to support for their Military Family Center in Louisville.
  • Refuge of Hope Ministries in Canton has received grant money of $17,000. The grant money will be utilized for purchasing a new Piccolo Xpress Machine for its soon-to-be-free medical clinic.
  • Tri-County Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates in Canton has received funds of $3,000 for hygiene kits for at-risk youth.
  • YMCA of Western Stark County has received funds of $3,000 as a grant to support the Healthy Aging Program for seniors.

Source: https://austin-bailey.org/

The Deadline:

The deadline for submitting the application for receiving the grant from Austin Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation is November 30, 2021.

The second cycle will be allotted once the application process is done and the Foundation will publish a detailed report of the selected applicants.

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