Dental Grants in North Dakota

Oral healthcare in the US is growing expensive, leaving millions with almost no access to quality dental care. According to research by Express Dentist, 65% of adults in the US have visited a dentist in the past year. (1)

However, around 1 in 5 American adults today have one or more untreated cavities, 2 out of 3 adults have some gum disease, and 1 out of 5 adults have lost their teeth. This shows the significant disparity in quality dental care in the US.

However, to bridge this gap, several national and statewide programs offer affordable or accessible dental care to underserved individuals. Apart from this, there are numerous national and local not-for-profit foundations that also offer dental grants to individuals and organizations in North Dakota.

Securing these grants and financial aid for dental and oral health treatment in North Dakota is pivotal if you want assistance with your dental care expenses.

Best Dental Grants in North Dakota:

Here’s a list of sources and avenues for financial assistance:


Medicaid in North Dakota covers dental services for eligible low-income individuals, including children and adults. The state’s Medicaid program may provide comprehensive dental coverage or limited services for specific populations.

For financial aid, North Dakota Medicaid members between ages 0 through 20 are eligible for dental services. These services can be received from a dentist registered as a North Dakota Medicaid provider.

North Dakota Medicaid may also pay for orthodontics (braces for teeth) if medically necessary.

You can find more details about Medicaid dental care coverage in North Dakota at

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP provides health coverage to eligible children, including dental care. Families meeting income requirements can enroll their children in CHIP to access dental services.

To find out if your child can qualify for affordable or free dental care in North Dakota under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), you can check the official website.

North Dakota Dental Foundation

The North Dakota Dental Foundation provides grants to promote oral health for all. It is focused on improving dental access to care and oral health education. These grants aim to resolve larger state-wide problems in oral health through collaboration with many partners.

You can find more details about the type of dental grants offered by the North Dakota Dental Foundation in North Dakota at the official link here:

North Dakota Health Service Corps

The North Dakota Health Services Corps offers a dental loan repayment program for eligible providers. This program aims to ease access to dental care for under-served communities of North Dakota.

It provides loan repayment assistance to dentists and dental specialists who agree to practice in a designated Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or Dental Health Professional Shortage Area (DHPSA) for at least two years.

To learn more about the North Dakota Health Service Corps’ dental loan repayment program, you can check out the official website.

Dental Lifeline Network

The North Dakota chapter of the Dental Lifeline Network also provides comprehensive dental care to patients who cannot afford it. Some of the common eligibility criteria to receive affordable dental care under the Dental Lifeline Network’s oral healthcare initiative are:

  • Being over 65 years of age, or
  • Being permanently disabled, or
  • Need medically necessary dental care

However, you should not expect emergency services or cosmetic treatment under the dental grants program the Dental Lifeline Network of North Dakota offers.

Mission of Mercy

The North Dakota division of the Mission of Mercy organization hosts free dental clinics that provide services to underserved areas of the community. The Mission of Mercy, in collaboration with the North Dakota Dental Foundation, runs the Give Hope Through a Smile initiative.

Under this, eligible patients receive free comprehensive dental care through special events. Eligible members of the community can receive the following dental care treatments at Mission of Mercy Give Hope Through a Smile dental health camps:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Tooth restoration
  • Front teeth root canals
  • Tooth extractions
  • X-Rays

You can find more details about receiving free dental care treatments at Mission of Mercy in North Dakota at

Community Health Centers

There are several federally funded community health centers in North Dakota. Some community health centers may offer affordable dental treatments on a sliding fee scale. This program is offered to patients based on income and is aimed at providing affordable dental care to low-income individuals.

You can find more details about such programs at your nearest community health center.

Free or Low-Cost Dental Clinics:

You can also find some clinics in North Dakota that operate not-for-profit. They run oral health programs to provide dental services at reduced costs or for free.

You can find more information on low-cost or free dental clinics by talking to your primary care physician.

University Dental Schools:

Universities with dental schools often offer affordable or free dental care to patients for specific treatments. These work to benefit low-income individuals by giving them easy access to quality dental care for under-served communities. At the same time, it provides dental students the opportunity to practice their skills under the supervision of a certified dentist.

You can contact dental schools like the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health to learn more about affordable dental care.

Local Charities and Churches:

Some local charities or churches may offer financial assistance or have information on resources for dental care.

Dental Discount Plans:

Though these are not dental grants or financial aid for oral healthcare, dental discount plans can help you get quality dental care at reduced rates. State or federal governments usually run these programs in collaboration with local dentists.


When seeking financial aid for dental care in North Dakota, we strongly recommend researching each resource thoroughly, verifying eligibility criteria, and understanding the application process. Besides this, you can also choose to contact local dental offices or clinics directly and inquire about easy payment plans or sliding scale fees. Each source may have specific requirements and limitations, so exploring multiple options will help to increase the chances of finding suitable dental grants in North Dakota.

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