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Medical Terminology Course Online

One of the fundamental parts of practicing or studying medicine is getting used to the terminology. Just like in other careers, such as engineering, you must be well acquainted with the specific terminologies used by your counterparts.

To understand medical jargon, you might want to enroll in an online medical terminology class. This is ideal because you need, at most, three months to complete the entire course.

Medical Terminology II

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This is the second course of the Medical Terminology specialization. It builds on the basic concepts of medical terminology with the introduction of new roots, terms, and abbreviations specific to the endocrine system (hormones). The body's transportation and defense systems (cardiovascular,...

An online medical terminology course won’t necessarily teach you how to be a physician or land your dream job, but it will help you steer through all other medical courses you are pursuing with relative ease because you understand the dialect being used.

That being said, finding the ideal online medical terminology class for yourself is not always easy. But don’t panic just yet; we’ll review the various parts of online medical terminology courses and even list a few of the best medical terminology courses available today.

So, Who Needs to Enroll in an Online Medical Terminology Course?

1. Individuals are interested in being doctors, nurses, or other medical personnel.

2. Persons looking to be medical support staff, medical secretaries, or administrative assistants.

3. Persons are interested in medical billing, medical records, or medical coding jobs.

4. Individuals who need extra training in physiology or anatomy courses.

5. Persons who want to venture into the medical field before starting university classes.

6. Persons who are generally interested in learning the newest medical terminologies.

What Marks a Great Online Medical Terminology Course?

You must understand what you need when searching for an online medical terminology course. Just like any other course you might be pursuing, there are a couple of things to consider before signing up, such as:


Before signing up for an online medical terminology course, check the course outline earlier to see if it covers everything you want to study. There is no need to sign up for a class and still feel inadequate after completing it or register for more than one course because some of the topics you want to cover aren’t included.


The online medical terminology course you go for shouldn’t be overly expensive. Since this isn’t your main medical course, it should be easy for you to manage your finances. Try searching for a course that fits within your budget. There are also some relatively good free online medical courses; you just need to confirm what they offer.


Depending on your schedule, you might need an online medical terminology course that you can pursue in your free time rather than one with set timeframes or deadlines. First, you must confirm when the classes are available to see if you can take them.

What Are the Benefits of Pursuing an Online Medical Terminology Course?

Working with Top Professionals in The Medical Field

You’ll find that top professionals teach some online medical terminology courses in the medical field. Networking with such brilliant minds is very good, and it might come in handy when you are trying to land a job.

Improving Your Grades

Pursuing a medical terminology course can enhance your understanding of the terminologies in your Certificate, Diploma, Undergrad, or postgraduate medical courses.

Career Boost

Getting a certificate in medical terminology can positively contribute to your medical career. Whether you want to land a job as a doctor or medical support staff, having this certificate listed in your resume could be what sets you apart from everyone else.

A Boost to Your Inadequacies

If you are a student pursuing pure medicine or a medicine-related course, it can be daunting to memorize all the terms your lecturers use. Enrolling in an online medical terminology class enables you to concentrate your efforts on the areas you are failing in and improve on them without neglecting your main course.

Some of The Best Online Medical Terminology Courses Today Include:

1. Coursera (Clinical Terminology for International and US Students)

Coursera is an online class offered by the University of Pittsburgh to enable enrollees to understand medical terms and abbreviations.

As the name suggests, the course is designed for international scholars, US healthcare professionals, and medical practitioners who want to understand the medical terms used in US clinics and hospitals.

This course is about 35 hours long, split into 5 hours a week. Its pricing is pocket-friendly at 49 USD, and you receive a certificate upon completion. You can get started as soon as you enroll.

2. eDX

eDX is an online clinical terminology course by Doane University’s Open Learning Academy. The course is intended to provide a solid foundation in medical terminology for Diploma and undergraduate students in medicine.

You spend about 5-10 hours a week learning this course, and the course stretches for eight weeks. This course has a fee if you need to transfer the credits and get a certificate upon completion, but if you don’t need the certificate, this course is free.

3. Penn Foster –  Online Medical Terminology Course

If you are a medical consultant who wants to improve your understanding of medical terms, the Penn Foster clinical terminology course is the ideal choice.

In this course, you’ll understand relevant medical terminologies and hone essential healthcare skills.

The course takes about three months to complete. The pricing is on the higher side because it’s a very comprehensive course. Upon completion, you also get your Certificate of Medical Terminology. You can get started immediately as soon as you enroll.

Final Thought

To sum up, enrolling in an online medical terminology course is the perfect complement to your Diploma or undergrad medical course. These courses help you understand regularly used clinical terms and offer flexibility to fit into your schedule.

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