Free Crocs for Medical Professionals are Back

Free Crocs for Medical Professionals

Images of healthcare workers fighting fatigue and working round-the-clock to save patients have gone viral since the initial days of the coronavirus pandemic.

This was our first glimpse into the devastating effects of the global tragedy.

It also caught the attention of executives at Crocs, the globally renowned foam clog brand, when increasing numbers of frontline healthcare professionals began requesting Crocs to help them work comfortably for long hours.

Crocs launched its “Free Pair for Healthcare” program in March 2020. The program has been ongoing with various phases rather than being a singular annual revival.

The company recognized the efforts of the healthcare professionals engaged in pandemic services and rewarded them by providing free shoes.

Comfortable crocs for those who comfort us

Crocs plans to give away a pair of shoes from their Crocs at Work collection to frontline responders and healthcare workers actively engaged in pandemic control.

The initiative made double the impact this year as it came just in time for National Nurses Week. The healthcare professionals were only requested to sign up with Crocs online and get in a virtual line.

The company provided free crocs till the day’s allotment of 10,000 pairs was achieved.

Free Crocs for Medical Professionals

Free Crocs for Medical Professionals

Crocs have been a favorite of healthcare workers for a long time but the immense and taxing long hours only increased the demand for the comfortable signature clogs.

The company seized the opportunity to give back to its loyal customer base in their time of need.

While Crocs did launch a campaign in 2020 to donate shoes to healthcare professionals, the commitment to donate 10,000 pairs every single day was part of an initial offer.

First Free Pairs for Healthcare program by Crocs

Soon, images of grateful healthcare professionals in designer foam clogs began bursting across social media.

Almost every image was accompanied by a message of thanks and showed how helpful this initiative was.

Adam Michaels, Crocs’ chief digital officer, said the company designed the campaign to help as many people as possible by providing comfort when they needed it the most.

The company realized that this was the time to give back to a group of loyal customers who had been with it for years.

The company decided to give away free crocs to frontline responders and healthcare professionals in the line of duty for the COVID pandemic, which was the best way to appreciate and acknowledge their efforts, added Michaels.


Crocs Inc. is among hundreds of other renowned brands taking similar initiatives and appreciating the efforts of frontline healthcare workers who are combating the pandemic every day.

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