FedEx Small Business Grant

FedEx Small Business Grant FedEx Small Business Grant

FedEx Small Business Grant – Overview

The FedEx Small Business Grant is a business funding program by FedEx. It is used to provide grants to 12 (twelve) selected small businesses based in the US.

Under this program, the lucky recipient can get anywhere between US$ 50,000 in grant money.

The recipient is also eligible to receive print and business services for up to US$ 7,500 in value.

How to get FedEx Small Business Grant

How to get a FedEx Small Business Grant

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the FedEx Small Business Grant?

The grant contest is open to applicants who are:

  • Independent owners or operators
  • For-profit business owners
  • Domiciled in the 50 US states or the District of Columbia
  • Operating businesses for more than 6 (six) months
  • Registered with FedEx shipping and have a valid 9-digit number
  • Over 18 (eighteen) years old
  • Currently active businesses with all licenses and registrations
  • Owners of authorized FedEx account holders
  • In need of shipping for business purposes
  • Operating businesses with more than 99 employees on their payroll

You can learn additional details of eligibility criteria by visiting this webpage

How many awards are given through the FedEx Small Business Grants program?

Every year, FedEx selects 12 (twelve) lucky applicants from the thousands they receive. These twelve winners are awarded the grant amount in the following ways:

  • Grand Prize of US$ 50,000 (cash) + US$ 7,500 (services) to 1 (one) winner
  • 2nd prize of US$ 30,000 (cash) + US$ 5,000 (services) to 1 (one) winner
  • 3rd prize of US$ 15,000 (cash) + US$ 1,000 (services) to 10 (ten) winners

Apart from these main prizes, the lucky applicants also receive Website optimization and/or Website audit packages.

Grand prize winners receive customized technical SEO website auditing. This details SEO deficiencies and recommends improvements.

This service is valued between US$ 2,500 to US$ 5,000, depending on the number of web pages. This audit takes around 30 to 45 days to get completed.

The 2nd prize winners receive website conversion optimization audit services. This details potential conversion problems and recommends optimization solutions.

This service is valued between US$ 1,000 and US$ 2,000 and depends on the number of web pages to be audited. This audit can take up to 30 days to complete.

The 3rd prize winners in the FedEx small business grant program also receive website audits with high-level recommendations to enhance SEO. This service is valued at US$ 50.

This audit can take around 14 days to complete.

Apart from these, the winners also receive the following:

Invitations to virtual small business grant winner forum

Print expert consultation package

My FedEx Rewards voucher

Dictionary of International Trade

Invitations to webinars

Financial consultation

Mentor matching

Invitation to Small Business National Conference and up to 3 webinars

To learn additional details of the FedEx small business grants, feel free to send in your query through email to [email protected].


The selection committee has the final call on selecting the top 12 winners for the FedEx small business grant program.

If you are a business owner and fulfill the eligibility criteria outlined, then you should definitely apply for this grant. This is an excellent way to boost your business and ensure its growth at the local level.

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