7 Steps to Apply for PPP Grant Application?

PPP Grant Application PPP Grant Application

How to Apply for a PPP Grant

The US federal government introduced a stimulus package for small businesses. Under this, eligible businesses have been allocated US$ 370 billion in loans and grants.

These funds are an addition to the CARES Act previously approved by the government.

This stimulus package is offered through two distinct small-business programs that offer loans and grants that can be forgiven. The first of the two programs is the Paycheck Protection Program.

What is a PPP Grant?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Grant helps small businesses to receive up to US$ 10 million in loans. These loans can even be forgiven if the recipient cannot repay the amount. Around 75% of this fund is used to cover payroll expenses.

7 Steps to Apply for PPP Grant Application

If you wish to apply for the PPP grant, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve listed the steps in the PPP grant application:

7 Steps for PPP Grant Application

7 Steps for PPP Grant Application

Step 1 – Access the PPP application

Once you submit a PPP loan request to SBA.com, you will be redirected to your PPP application along with your chosen SBA.com partner. In case you have recently submitted your application, then you should already be on this web page.

You will need to complete your application at this stage. Then, you will need to gather all necessary information and documentation. This will be verified and submitted to the lender in an approved PPP lender market.

If you have already left the online application portal, then you can also return to the same web page. You need to check if you’ve received an email from the SBA.com partner which has your account details.

These are necessary to gain access to the application portal. If you cannot find this email,, you can access the application portal by resetting your password.

This can be done with the email address of the loan request and then logging in. Your login details remain the same throughout the application process.

Once you have logged on to the application portal, you should choose the “Edit Application” option.

This helps you to review the information and details you have already entered into the application form. This step helps you to fill in or correct any erroneous details or information in the application form.

Step 2 – Confirm current business details

Ensure that everything in this section is filled. Here are some sections you should pay attention to at this stage of the PPP grant application:

  • Business address – Reaffirm that the entered address is complete and correct. It should include the 5-digit ZIP code (do not enter the 9-digit ZIP code in this form).
  • Business type – Confirm that you have selected the right business type in the application form. This will determine the documents you will need to provide for evaluation.
  • Business tax ID – Confirm or enter a valid 9-digit tax ID. Make sure that the ID numbers are all correct.
  • Requested loan amount – The amount you request should be at least 2.5 times the average monthly payroll expense.
  • Employee count – Make sure that the employee count submitted in the application form is accurate. Eligibility criteria dictate that an applicant should have 1 to 500 employees on the payroll. If you are a sole proprietor, then you should enter 1 in the employee count section.

Step 3 – Add requirements for business information

When you are on the “Business Information” page of the application form, you will need to fill in the below-given details:

  • Business launch date – Enter the same date as on your Secretary of State filing documents.
  • Industry type – Begin typing in your industry and then select it from the drop-down menu. If you cannot find the specific industry, then select the one that is the closest. The SBA will not approve any PPP grant application if the industry type field is left blank.

Step 4 – Confirm ownership

On the “Owner Information” page, you will need to confirm the ownership percentage. The ownership percentage entered should always be higher than 0.

Step 5 – Confirm additional owner information

Next, you can add or confirm all relevant information if your business has multiple owners. Any individual with more than 20% shares in your business needs to be listed as the owner in the application form. Make sure to fill in all the fields under the “Additional Owner” page. This includes the date of birth.

Step 6 – Confirm and upload documents.

Once you get to the next page, “Upload your Documents,” you need to upload all required documents. This step is also to confirm the information and details entered into the application form.

In case you do not have the below-listed documents as attachments to your application, then you will need to upload them manually.

Make sure to keep these documents handy for uploading and attaching to the PPP grant application form:

  • Driver’s license for all owners with more than 20% shares in the business.
  • Acceptable payroll documents (listed under SBA’s preference).
  • Business bank account statements
  • Any other document that proves payroll expenses

Step 7 – Check your email for additional instructions

Once your PPP grant application is verified and finalized with the SBA.com partner, they will release it into the lender marketplace.

Here, a PPP lender will accept your application and provide you with the PPP loan you need. Once a lender accepts your loan request, you will receive a confirmation email from the SBA.com partner or from the lender itself.

Make sure to read any such email with care and follow every instruction to ensure you successfully receive the PPP grant.


The federal PPP grant initiative has helped thousands of small businesses stay afloat after the devastating economic effects of the worldwide pandemic.

Thanks to the PPP grant initiative, the federal government has released a much-needed lifeline for small businesses to flourish in the United States.

The billions of dollars for payroll expenses have enabled innumerable businesses to keep employees on the job.

The PPP grant program has been immensely successful in preventing massive employee layoffs in various American industrial sectors.

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