What is the Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance?

What Is the Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance – Overview

A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to examine the inner lining of the colon and rectum. The cost of a colonoscopy without insurance in the United States can range from approximately $1,250 to $3,800.

Several factors go into determining the exact cost of a colonoscopy procedure, with the location of the procedure being performed being one of the more influential factors. Inpatient healthcare facilities are usually more expensive than outpatient facilities for undergoing a colonoscopy, especially if you do not have health insurance coverage.

Medical procedures can be costly without insurance coverage. Preventive care and screenings, including colonoscopies recommended at certain ages or due to family history, can help manage health effectively and potentially reduce long-term healthcare costs.

The Cost of Colonoscopy in the US

What Is the Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance

What Is the Cost of Colonoscopy Without Insurance – The Cost of Colonoscopy in the US

The cost of a colonoscopy without insurance in the United States ranges from $1,250 to $3,800, with an average cost of approximately $2,750.

The specific cost of any colonoscopy procedure will be determined by various factors, such as the city or state you live in. For instance, the cost of a colonoscopy procedure in Los Angeles, CA, is significantly higher than that of undergoing a colonoscopy surgery in Phoenix, AZ.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major influencing factors of colonoscopy surgery:

Total Cost of Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy procedures can be performed at an in-patient or out-patient healthcare center with surgical facilities. Outpatient healthcare centers, such as clinics, are also known as ambulatory care facilities and do not require you to be hospitalized. On the other hand, in-patient facilities, such as hospitals, require you to get hospitalized for a brief or extended stay.

If you choose to undergo a colonoscopy at an outpatient healthcare facility, this procedure costs around $2,550.

In contrast, a colonoscopy at an inpatient facility may have an average cost of approximately $4,350.

The cost of a colonoscopy at an inpatient healthcare facility can be about 41% higher than one performed in an outpatient facility. Hence, it’s essential to realize that the type of facility you undergo a colonoscopy will determine if the cost is bearable, especially without insurance coverage.

Besides your location and choice of a healthcare facility, the cost of a colonoscopy without insurance is also heavily influenced if the surgeon prescribes any medications (sedatives, painkillers, etc.) and additional doctor visits for post-surgery checkups.

Some of the most influential factors to affect the total cost of colonoscopy without insurance are:

1. Facility Charges

As mentioned earlier, the type of facility (inpatient or outpatient) you choose to undergo colonoscopy in will significantly affect the overall cost. Colonoscopy surgeries are more expensive at inpatient facilities than outpatient healthcare centers because hospitals are generally more expensive.

In addition, if you need to stay for an extended period, it affects the overall cost of boarding and bed.

2. Location

Suppose you live in a large city like Los Angeles, CA. In that case, you should expect to pay more for a colonoscopy, as in other cities, because the cost of living also determines the cost of healthcare.

To save a significant amount of money, it is recommended to undergo a colonoscopy procedure outside the city. You can talk with your doctor and ask them to suggest such a healthcare facility where you can undergo affordable colonoscopy treatment.

3. Prescriptions

Like every major surgery, colonoscopy involves using some form of sedative or anesthesia. Patients are primarily asleep during a surgical procedure to minimize discomfort or pain. Due to this, the cost of a colonoscopy may increase if you need prescription medications, including sedatives and painkillers.

4. Office Costs

In addition, if you have received a pre-surgical consultation, you may have to pay additional to the overall cost of the surgical procedure, as this is usually not included in the overall cost of a colonoscopy.

You may also be required to visit your healthcare provider several times for post-surgical checkups to ensure no surgical complications. Unfortunately, this will also increase the overall cost of a colonoscopy procedure.


Consult with your doctor to find the best and most affordable means of undergoing a colonoscopy. The doctor has a thorough knowledge of several inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities near you.

Before scheduling, check if your insurance plan covers colonoscopies. If not covered, consider having the procedure done at an outpatient facility, which may offer lower costs than inpatient settings.

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