How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance?

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance? – Overview

A chiropractor is a health care professional trained to diagnose various problems with a patient’s neuro-musculoskeletal system. This includes problems that affect a person’s nerves, bones, tendons, muscles, joints, etc.

Suppose you are experiencing any problems in your joints or have problems with the muscles or bones. In that case, you should see a chiropractor as an alternative to seeing a conventional physician.

However, it costs money to visit a chiropractor, and the cost is quite high if you do not have insurance that covers a visit to a chiropractor.

On average, a visit to a chiropractor in the US is around $65 per session. If you don’t have insurance coverage, you may pay significantly more out-of-pocket, as much as $120 per visit. Typically, the price of a chiropractor visit can range between $30 and $200 per session.

However, this amount increases remarkably if you don’t have insurance coverage. Besides this, the actual cost of a visit to a chiropractor is determined by several factors, such as experience, location, etc.

Factors that Collectively Determine How Much a Chiropractor Costs Without Insurance

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance – Cost of a Chiropractor

According to studies by the Chiropractic Economic magazine, the average cost of a chiropractic session in the United States is around $65 for a general vertebrae adjustment. Still, the total fee can range anywhere between $34 and $106 per session.

The actual cost of a chiropractor visit will depend on where you live, the number of vertebrae that need adjustment, and if you have to undergo any tests.

If you do not have insurance coverage for chiropractic services, the fee can increase to around US$ 80 to US$ 220 per session. Remember, new patients also have to pay a little more fee, as compared to regular patients.

The cost of a chiropractic visit can also increase if you need to get tests, such as an X-ray, which may drive the price to around US$ 44 to US$ 159 per test. Typically, health insurance plans cover some chiropractic care and treatment, so the cost gets minimized if you have insurance.

Factors That Affect Chiropractor Costs

A chiropractor is trained to treat various types of problems, and relieve symptoms, ensure well-being and improve posture. Besides this, chiropractic is significantly more affordable than conventional physiotherapy and other treatments.

There are 2 factors that collectively determine how much a chiropractor costs without Insurance:

1. Chiropractor’s Experience

The experience level of a chiropractor is one of the significant factors that influence the overall cost of a visit to a chiropractor. According to experts, a chiropractor puts in at least 4 years for pre-medical undergraduate courses and an additional 4 to 5 years of specialized training.

This training includes various chiropractic techniques, health science, human musculoskeletal anatomy and more. Apart from this, they also need to have at least 1 year of experience in practical work after completing their education.

Hence, the more experience and years of practice that a chiropractor has, the more their fees will be.

2. Chiropractic Clinic Location

The location also influences the cost of chiropractic fees. Generally, demand, cost of living, taxes, etc., have a noticeable impact on the prices of a chiropractic clinic. For instance, a chiropractic clinic in Washington, D.C., will charge more for a session than a chiropractic clinic in Boston.

If you live in a town or city that has a high demand for chiropractic services, then this usually means that you will have to pay more than the national average.

3. Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic treatment is labeled as an alternative treatment for standard medical services. So, if you have insurance coverage, this might help minimize the cost of a chiropractic visit.

Along with this, health insurance providers, such as Medicare, Medicaid and federal health insurance, cover part of the total cost of a chiropractic visit, especially if you are an active duty member of the US Armed Forces or a veteran.

You can ask the following questions to your health insurance provider to find out the extent of your insurance coverage when it concerns visiting a chiropractor:

  • How many chiropractic visits are covered under the insurance policy per year?
  • How much of the total cost will the insurance cover for a chiropractic visit?
  • Does chiropractic treatment count towards the insurance deductible?
  • Is there a need to provide copayment whenever visiting a chiropractor?
  • Can you reimburse your expenses for chiropractic visits?
  • Does the insurance policy cover the initial costs of a chiropractic exam?
  • Will the insurance policy cover the cost of vitamins, supplements or orthopedic tools?


Nowadays, chiropractors accept insurance, and most insurance providers offer coverage for visiting a chiropractor. This is extremely convenient as you can use this facility with even the cheapest insurance policy most of the time.

However, there are limitations in the extent of chiropractor coverage as you may incur additional expenses for undergoing x-ray tests, evaluation services, or physical therapy exercises.

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