5 Charities that Help With Medical Equipment

What Charities Provide Assistance for Medical Equipment?

Charities that help with medical equipment are often searched by those who need medical supplies or those who want to donate.

Many poor people or health care centers increasingly depend on donor assistance to meet their medical equipment needs.

Charity benefits the user and is a great option for the donor to serve the community.

Some hospitals in the USA, especially in underserved areas, face challenges due to inadequate medical supplies, affecting the quality of care.

Charities that fund medical equipment are crucial in providing supplies to under-resourced hospitals, enhancing their access to life-saving devices.

When charity help isn’t available, clinics may consider applying for grants for medical equipment.

Charities that Help with Medical Equipment – Guidelines and Process

Medical equipment donations occur in various scenarios. Donors could be private voluntary organizations or governments providing aid to another government.

The intended recipients range from individual health care to entire health systems.

The World Health Organization provides guidelines for appropriate medical equipment donations to ensure they meet the needs and standards of the recipients.

The purpose of these guidelines is to define the common core of Good Donation Practice. However, possible exceptions to the general guidelines are indicated in certain situations.

The guidelines are aimed not only at healthcare equipment donations but also at the process of making such donations.

The core principles underlying the guidelines are:

1. Medical equipment donations should maximize benefits to the recipient, ensuring practical and beneficial use;

2. A contribution should be given with due respect for the wishes and authority of the recipient and in compliance with existing administrative

policies and arrangements;

3. There should be no double standard in quality: if the quality of equipment is unacceptable in the donor country, it is unacceptable as a donation;

4. There should be efficient communication between the donor and the receiver, with all contributions emerging from a need exposed by the recipient. Donations should never be sent unannounced.

List of Charities that Help with Medical Equipment – Legitimate Nonprofit Organizations

Medical equipment and tools are crucial to saving a person’s life or performing any procedure. These devices include crutches, electronic monitoring systems, and many others. When getting the right medical equipment, one must know how to find a good provider.

Here is the list of legitimate nonprofit organizations that take donations or offer charities that help with medical equipment.

1. American Medical Resource Foundation

The mission of the American Medical Resource Foundation is to improve health care by distributing charities that can help with medical equipment to hospitals and medical clinics.

The American Medical Resource Foundation accepts donations of medical equipment that is either functional or repairable. The Foundation can also arrange for the pickup of your items. For more information, visit AMRF.

2. MedShare

MedShare collects and redistributes surplus and gently used medical equipment to healthcare facilities in need, domestically and internationally.

People who want to donate can fill out the appropriate form, which requires contact information and a description of the donation. The donor can also obtain a tax deduction receipt from the MedShare organization.

For more information, visit https://www.medshare.org/donate-medical-supplies-equipment/.

3. Alliance for Smiles

Alliance for Smiles accepts donations of surplus medical supplies and equipment. The donations are then distributed to underserved communities or people who need them most.

They announce their medical supply needs online with a list because their needs are constantly changing. The equipment can be surgical, pediatric, dental, or biomedical in nature.

To donate supplies, call 415-647-4481 or visit https://www.allianceforsmiles.org/.

4. Med-Eq

Med-Eq is a free-service US organization that specializes in matching donors with charities that can help with medical equipment. Items may range from catheter supplies and bandages to hospital beds or inventory.

A donor is also entitled to receive a tax deduction receipt from the end-user organization.

For more information, visit https://www.med-eq.org/.

5. Project CURE

Project CURE is the greatest provider of donated medical equipment and supplies to developing countries. It maintains a database of equipment manuals for receivers.

Project CURE’s Cargo program delivers medical donations to under-resourced clinics, hospitals, and community health centers across developing countries.

They also supply CURE Kits with basic medical supplies. There are six large distribution centers across the US that receive medical equipment. Tax deduction receipts can also be obtained from this organization.


Donating medical equipment can truly help patients and healthcare workers. Several charities help with medical equipment.

These organizations take and distribute supplies where they are most needed. Your contributions are the gift of hope and life for someone in need. Donate today!

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