What are Hardship Grants? 4 Hardship Grants

What are Hardship Grants

If you are new to the realm of government funding and grants, then you may feel the entire scenario overwhelming at times.

This is because there are numerous hardship relief programs offered by the state and federal governments, as well as several nonprofit organizations.

When you are considering these grants, you will need to understand the specific category in which they fall.

Mainly, there are two types of grants – one that is awarded by the federal government while the second type of grant is provided by private, nonprofit entities.

Hardship grants are small-scale monetary assistance that is meant to help the deserving to purchase essential commodities and items.

Where and How to Apply for Hardship Grants?

Let’s check out some of the different sources where you can apply for and successfully receive hardship grants in the US:

Where and How to Apply for Hardship Grants

Where and How to Apply for Hardship Grants

1 – Catholic Charity Financial Assistance

Catholic Charities are known to provide several different types of assistance programs for families.

The grants from this organization are meant for paying bills, housing or rent, food and even counseling services.

Applicants from any background or religious belief can apply for this grant by contacting the nearest Catholic Charity office near you.

The organization operates through more than 3,000 offices spread across the country and has helped over 15 million people every year.

Eligibility & Application

There aren’t too many restrictive criteria to be eligible for hardship grants from Catholic Charities. The organization usually determines the applicant’s ability to become self-sufficient once the funds have been paid out.

The application process is also very simple. You simply need to contact the Catholic Charity organization office near you and you will get the specific eligibility criteria to apply for hardship grants through the particular Catholic Charity office.

2 – Patient Access Network Foundation Assistance Programs

The Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation provides qualified individuals with funds to pay a certain out-of-pocket type cost for medicines.

PAN assistance is meant solely to help individuals buy expensive prescription drugs that need to be paid for out of the patient’s pockets as their insurance policy may not cover these expenses.

These hardship grants for prescription medicines by the PAN Foundation help cover the cost of medication for numerous life-threatening illnesses and chronic health disorders.

The PAN Foundation usually provides grant money ranging between US$ 500 and US$ 10,000 per year. The specific amount for each individual will depend on the amount of funding available and the type of disease.

Eligibility & Application

There are strict criteria to be eligible for PAN Foundation grants for medicines, such as the applicant’s income and medical condition.

Suppose you need to buy prescription drugs at your own expense because your insurance plan does not cover the specific medicine. In that case, you are eligible to apply for PAN Foundation grants and buy the essential prescription drugs.

Besides this, the application should also have an active health insurance policy, must be a citizen of the US and should be undergoing treatment in the US.

There is a formal application process to receive PAN Foundation hardship grants. To find out the complete application process, you can visit the official PAN Foundation website at – www.panfoundation.org – or call 866-316-7263 for more information.

3 – HealthWell Foundation

The HealthWell Foundation is another nonprofit charity organization that helps individuals with covering the additional cost of prescription drugs or helping pay extensive medical bills.

These expenses may include insurance co-payments, co-insurance, premiums or any other form of medical expense that needs to be paid out of the individual’s pocket.

Eligibility & Application

There are several major criteria that you should fulfill to be eligible for hardship grants for paying medical bills, health insurance premiums, etc., through HealthWell Foundation grants, including having an active health insurance policy and a low-income household.

To know further details about the specific criteria under which you may be eligible to apply for hardship grants from HealthWell Foundation, you are advised to call the assistance number at (800) 675-8416 to learn more.

4 – Operation Round-Up Assistance Programs

The Operation Round Up charitable programs are offered by numerous utility and electric companies across the United States, including smaller cooperatives.

The program may be labeled differently in different states, but all states have a provision. This program is aimed at providing financial assistance to families by allowing other customers to “round up” their bill amount to the closest whole amount.

The additional amount contributed by others is then diverted to pay for the utility bills for the less fortunate. The average contribution from others could be just 50 cents a month.

Eligibility & Application

Apart from having a low-income household, no other strict criteria guide this grant program.

To apply for Operation Round Up grants to help pay your utility and electricity bills, you can simply contact your utility company and submit a grant application.

You can also choose to apply directly to the foundation that handles such grants in your area.


Hardship grants are extremely helpful when you are in need. These grants can help you to cover the cost of crucial medication for basic needs.

If you find this article helpful in getting hardship grants, feel free to drop a comment and let us know your experience.

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