Best Medical Insurance for Veterans

Best Medical Insurance for Veterans – Overview

There are multiple medical insurance options available for veterans. You can always choose your insurance based on your requirements and other factors.

Your eligibility for veterans insurance depends on your service-connected disability, discharge status, and duration of active duty.

6 Best Medical Insurance for Veterans

Medical Insurance for Veterans

Here is a list of the best medical insurance options for veterans

1. Tricare

Tricare offers different medical insurance plans for veterans. However, their eligibility criteria are quite strict. You must have some backup insurance companies on your list if you are applying for Tricare.

Here are some pros of Tricare medical insurance for veterans –

  • They offer low-cost prescription fulfillment
  • You can order home delivery from the pharmacy
  • They provide supplemental vision and dental insurance programs

Here are some cons of Tricare medical insurance for veterans –

  • All veterans, including Medal of Honor recipients and retired service members, along with active duty members, their families, and certain former spouses, are eligible for Tricare, subject to specific eligibility requirements
  • Their eligibility requirements are strong
  • Every State offers different plans for the eligible candidates

2. Humana

Humana is a healthcare provider that provides different insurance programs and healthcare services. They have services for military officers, retired employees, and their families.

Their medical and health insurance plans offer coverage on dental, vision, medical products, and other supplemental products.

Pros for Humana medical insurance for veterans –

  • They deliver medical care and insurance programs for vision, hearing, and dental care.
  • With the SilverSneakers program offered through select Humana Medicare plans, eligible members may receive free access to participating fitness centers across the US.
  • They also offer emergency medical coverage during international travels

Cons for Humana medical insurance for veterans –

  • Not all plans of Humana medical insurance program offer prescription drug coverage
  • You can find Special Needs Plans in only twenty States
  • It is not easy to find a no-cost plan with Humana medical insurance program

3. Blue Cross Blue Shield

36 Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance companies are under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. They offer multiple Medicare Advantage plans, including PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) and HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations).

You may receive coverage for medical, prescription drug, hearing, and vision care services.

Pros of Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance for veterans –

  • You can find Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in every state in the US
  • They are connected to 90% of the hospitals and doctors all across the country
  • All of their insurance plans offer several medical insurance options
  • Their Blue 65 discount program can provide discounts on different health and wellness services and products

cons of Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance for veterans –

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association offers multiple plans with multiple coverage options, which can be confusing for some people
  • You must do thorough research and compare the costs, coverage, and quality to choose the one suitable for your condition

4. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading healthcare provider organizations in the United States. They offer multiple non-profit health plans for their clients. Around 125 million people receive their services in eight states and the District of Columbia.

Kaiser Permanente offers high-quality healthcare services at an affordable price range. Their primary mission is to improve the community’s health through innovation and comprehensive healthcare services.

They use advanced technology and tools to prevent diseases and help their clients achieve good health.

Pros of Kaiser Permanente medical insurance for veterans –

  • You can check out their online application process and health insurance quotes
  • Their claim handling and customer service departments have excellent ratings
  • You can find their lab, doctor’s office, and pharmacy under one roof

Pros of Kaiser Permanente medical insurance for veterans –

  • The clients can only receive medical attention from Kaiser physicians and clinics
  • Kaiser Permanente is only available in eight different states and the District of Columbia

5. Everest Health Insurance

Everest Re Group, Ltd., primarily provides reinsurance and insurance in the U.S. and internationally, including health insurance solutions. Specifics about their health insurance offerings, including Everest Health, should be verified for current offerings and capabilities.

Most of their services have high ratings and almost no complaints on their online platform.

Pros of Everest Health medical insurance for Veterans –

  • They have a high customer satisfaction rate and multiple recommendations
  • They follow a systematic approach with the lowest errors in the conduct

Cons of Everest Health medical insurance for Veterans –

  • They do not offer much affordable health insurance compared to other organizations in the market
  • Currently, you may not find their services in every state

6. United Healthcare Group

The primary mission of the United Healthcare Group is to improve the healthcare system in the community and help its clients achieve a healthy lifestyle. People from all age groups and backgrounds can apply at United Healthcare Group.

Pros of United Healthcare Group medical insurance for veterans –

  • Their health plans are based on their client’s lifestyles and medical conditions
  • You can find special advocates here to clear all your doubts and receive a better understanding
  • They try to offer high-quality healthcare at an affordable rate
  • Irrespective of your background, age, and community, you can experience a discrimination-free approach at this organization

Cons of United Healthcare Group medical insurance for veterans –

  • While United Healthcare Group offers many clients a wide range of services, they strive to maintain clarity and efficiency in their operations. Any specific issues should be directly addressed with their customer service.
  • Their patient record storage system is very complicated and challenging to maintain


Veterans in the United States have access to multiple government and private medical insurance plans. Each plan offers certain benefits at a specific cost.

You must compare available medical insurance plans in your area, their costs, coverage, and additional benefits. It will help you choose the most suitable one for your condition.


Do veterans require supplementary health insurance?

Veterans may be eligible for healthcare through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which can serve as their primary healthcare provider. Additionally, veterans can explore other government and private healthcare insurance programs if they seek coverage beyond what the VA offers.

Veterans can check their eligibility and apply for VA healthcare directly through the VA's official website or by contacting their local VA office for assistance.

Can veterans apply for a business loan?

Various programs, specifically designed to support veterans in starting or expanding their businesses, offer business loans. Veterans interested in these loans should review the specific eligibility requirements and application processes for each program.

Notable programs offering business loans and financial support to veterans include the Small Business Administration (SBA) with its Veterans Advantage loan program, the Hivers and Strivers Angel Fund focusing on veteran-led startups, and various microloan providers. Each program has unique benefits and eligibility criteria tailored to assist veteran entrepreneurs

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