Best Grants for Medical Students in the UK

Grants for Medical Students in the UK – Overview

Becoming a doctor of medicine is a dream for thousands of students across the UK every year.

However, as medical school is not affordable for all, many aspirants must put their dreams of becoming a doctor on hold. To remedy this, you can apply for grants for medical students in the UK.

Financing your medical school studies can be complicated. We have enlisted the top sources below to help you find the best source for financing your medical education.

How to Get Grants for Medical Students in the UK?

The financing options to pursue medical education in the UK will mainly depend on the following:

  • Your country of residence (domicile) and your duration of stay there
  • The place you wish to pursue medical education in the UK, for instance, Wales, Scotland, England, or Northern Ireland
  • The year you begin your medical education
  • Your age at the time of applying for grants for medical students in the UK
  • Previous educational qualifications
  • Your status
  • Your household income

Remember, if your financial status improves during the pursuit of your medical studies, then you need to reassess your entitlements or else you may have to pay back the grant amount in the future.

Where to Get Grants for Medical Students in England?

There are three main organizations involved in providing grants for medical education in England:

1 – Student Loans Company (SLC) – The Student Finance England organization supports students with tuition fee loans, means-based maintenance loans and other types of financial help. This includes travel grants and allowances for disabled students.

2 – Colleges/Universities – Your chosen university or college that provides learning scholarships and hardship funds to deserving students. Such colleges and universities also offer grants, bursaries and academic prizes to help students get affordable higher education.

3—National Health Services (NHS)—The NHS also offers tuition fee bursaries, non-means-tested maintenance grants, means-based maintenance grants, hardship grants, and other types of financial aid, such as practice placement expenses and childcare allowances.

Medical students in England can apply for an NHS Bursary from the fifth year of their course.

Previously, you could apply at Student Finance England every year for student loans that cover living costs and tuition fees. This facility is provided to medical students domiciled in England.

Where to Get Grants for Medical Students in Wales?

Student Finance Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Government, offers to fund students. Student Finance Wales offers a tuition fee loan of up to GBP 9,250 per year for students studying at UK universities.

Some other sources of grants for medical students in Wales include:

1 – Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG) – Most students can receive a mix of grants to cover the cost of living.

The exact amount of grant money will depend on your stated household income. The Welsh Government Learning Grant amount depends on household income, with a maximum amount available rather than a typical amount of GBP 1,000.

2 – Special Support Grant – The Special Support Grant helps students pay for travel, course equipment, and books.

This grant is offered to students under specific circumstances, such as those struggling to meet the cost of education and who meet the specified eligibility criteria.

3 – Maintenance Loan – The Student Finance Wales organization offers a maintenance loan. The specified amount will depend on your household income and that of your parents or partner.

This grant mainly covers the cost of living for medical students studying in the UK.

4 – NHS Bursary – NHS Bursaries for medical students in Wales include a mixture of non-repayable bursaries and grants, which may include tuition fee support and a non-means-tested bursary.

Where to get Grants for Medical Students in Scotland?

The Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) offers grants for medical students in the UK. In Scotland, SAAS pays the tuition fees for eligible students’ first undergraduate degree.

However, you must apply for the SAAS grant directly sent to your university. SAAS may even help cover the cost of medical education in other countries within the UK.

Financial support from SAAS is limited for those undertaking a second undergraduate degree in medicine in Scotland compared to first-time undergraduates.

However, you can apply for a SAAS grant that helps pay off tuition fees during your fifth year of medical school. This includes the intercalated year you may have chosen.

Where to get Grants for Medical Students in Northern Ireland?

Student Finance NI offers financial aid to students who live in Northern Ireland. The Student Loans Company manages this grant in collaboration with Student Finance Northern Ireland and the government.

The four main sources to get grants for medical students in Northern Ireland are:

1 – Student Finance NI – Student Finance NI offers support that includes tuition fee loans and maintenance loans, also available to graduate-entry medical students, albeit under different conditions. This grant also covers the cost of living and is considered a means-tested maintenance loan.

2 – University – You may be able to receive financial aid and grants, including hardship grants, scholarships, and bursaries, along with academic prizes through your university.

3—Department of Health in Northern Ireland—This is a special monetary grant offered to medical students in their fifth (5th) year of college. It is a means-tested financial support bursary for medical and dental students studying in Northern Ireland.

This grant helps pay your tuition fees and is a means-tested maintenance support.

4 – Student Support Fund – The Student Support Fund helps students facing hardships to complete their medical education.

It includes two separate funds – the Department for Economy (DfE) Student Support Fund and the university’s hardship funding program.


There are significant sources for medical students to get grants in the UK. You may be eligible for one or more financial aid forms while pursuing medical education in the United Kingdom.

It is highly advisable to consult with your mentor and counselor before applying for grants for medical students to study medicine in the UK.

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