5 Part Time Jobs for Premed Students

Part-Time Jobs for Premed Students

Part-time jobs for premed students are a great way to make extra cash while gaining hands-on experience in a relevant career. Most importantly, these jobs do not require too much qualification, which is good.

Part-time jobs are beneficial when applying to medical school as they demonstrate exposure to the medical field.

These experiences can enhance your medical school application, potentially leading to better educational and career opportunities.

Part-Time Jobs for Premed Students – Achieve a Career in Medicine

If you are a student aspiring to attend a medical school, here are some benefits of part-time jobs for a better medical career.

  1. Studying subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and English as a pre-med student is crucial for a future in medicine. Various part-time jobs are available that can provide insight into the medical profession.
  2. Early planning and gaining hands-on experience can enhance your qualifications and readiness for a medical career.
  3. Volunteering or job shadowing can help one better understand a career and decide whether it is right. The more experience one has, the better one’s chances of getting accepted to the desired college.
  4. Some part-time jobs provide training and may offer certifications relevant to medical professions.

Part-Time Jobs for Premed Students – The Opportunities

Being a premed student, you might attend full-time school and work hard in science classes to make your medical school applications stand out.

Well, it can be challenging to find a job while attending school.

Fortunately, there are certain part-time jobs for premed students that can be helpful. Moreover, these jobs can be taken easily without suffering the studies and putting on a heavy course load.

  1. Pharmacy Technician

Becoming a pharmacy technician typically requires completing a certification program. Moreover, it helps expose them to beneficial things in medical school.

A pharmacy tech assists the pharmacist by dispensing drugs or medications to customers. With so many places to work, such as hospitals, medical stores, and groceries, one can find work according to the schedule.

  1. Medical or Emergency Room (ER) Scribe

Medical care begins with a well-documented patient history and physical. Physicians save their writing time by hiring an ER or medical scribe.

In addition, it gives a chance to learn more about the doctor’s work and helps gather findings through electronic medical records (EMR) or patient charts.

The role of a medical scribe focuses primarily on documenting patient interactions and supporting physicians, not general clerical duties.

In addition, it helps people become more familiar with medical terminology.

Several hospitals and hiring companies offer flexible schedules, both part-time and full-time.

Though medical scribes do not work directly with patients, they gain experience in the clinical environment by observing and documenting patient care.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Even if you don’t want to be a nurse, a CNA is helpful for patient interaction.

The job involves various tasks, such as caring for hospital patients, visiting clients in private homes, and assisting in nursing facilities.

Medical schools appreciate the CNA experience, as it provides valuable insight into working with patients in an actual healthcare setting.

However, it is generally recommended to do research based on your location, as CNA license requirements vary by state.

  1. Research Assistant (RA)

If you are interested in research, working as an RA is a great way to get helpful experience for med school. Though job requirements vary from project to project, the primary duties remain the same. It includes entering data, monitoring trials, and analyzing the information.

Professors and advisors can be considered for these positions. Students can also approach the school for ongoing research projects.

  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Becoming a certified EMT is a good idea when looking for a job with direct patient contact. EMT programs run at different levels and can take several months to a year.

As an EMT, you will gain valuable skills through hands-on medical treatment and crucial patient interaction that will be instrumental in the future.


Pursuing a career in medicine is no easy task. However, part-time jobs for premed students can help prepare adequately for medical school applications and successful careers.

Start immersing in the medical field through hands-on experience!

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