Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery – Overview

Bigger breasts do not always look beautiful. Some women suffer a lot just because of having bigger breasts.

Bigger breasts cause many problems and for that reason, most women want to reduce the size of their breasts.

Breast reduction is a well-established cosmetic surgery technique. Let’s collect some useful information about this technique first.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction is a type of cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of the breasts. The surgery is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon on the right candidate.

The surgery helps women gain the desired shape of their breasts.

Breast reduction can significantly benefit women experiencing issues due to larger breasts. Bigger breasts cause shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain, and many other problems.

To resolve all these problems, we have a solution called breast reduction.

Before and after breast reduction surgery images will show you how a woman can change their breast size by using this technique.

Before we get on to the images of before and after breast reduction surgery, let’s check out the differences in a woman’s breast post breast reduction surgery.

Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery – Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery comes with many benefits. Starting from reducing the size of the breasts to helping women improve their confidence level, it’s like a life-savior treatment for women who lost their confidence.

Let’s find out more about the advantages of breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction lifts your breasts. The breasts will become firm which helps you look younger than the current age.

The size of your bra will also be reduced which helps you look more attractive with firm and medium-sized breasts. You can wear your favorite bra with medium-sized breasts.

Your overall body structure will be improved, you will look younger, beautiful, and confident lady. You’ll stand out differently from others post the breast reduction surgery.

The nipple size can also be reduced. The size of the nipples changes after the delivery and for that reason, women who go for breast reduction surgery prefer to reduce the size of their nipples also.

You can wear your favorite swimsuits, bras, dress, party wear, and all the other clothes with medium-sized breasts after the breast reduction surgery.

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery and Recovery

Breast reduction surgery has several techniques performed by a skilled plastic surgeon as per the patient’s demand.

The technique involves breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, etc. Breast reduction is considered the primary technique that most women prefer.

The surgeon would first examine the entire body structure internally and externally. If required, he may ask the patient to conduct some medical tests.

Proper weight and height are also crucial to getting selected for breast reduction surgery.

After evaluating the right candidate for breast reduction surgery, the surgeon would decide the date for the surgery.

The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon would remove excess skin, fat, and tissues from across the chest area of the woman.

The size of the nipple and the shape of the entire breasts will also be placed properly by the surgeon.

The surgery would take a few hours. Post-surgery, patients may need to stay in the hospital for observation before going home, depending on their recovery and the surgeon’s advice.

If required, you would be asked to stay hospitalized for a couple of days as per your physical condition.

Your surgeon would prescribe all the medicines that are required to recover from the surgery faster. The recovery period can vary, with full recovery and the final results taking several months.

It depends upon how your body is responding to the medicines!

The Bottom Line:

Breast Reduction helps women regain the lost confidence due to pregnancy and delivery of a baby.

After the surgery, you can feel lighter and can do all the physical activities without stressing your neck, shoulder, and back.

Breast size changes after surgery are primarily influenced by weight fluctuations or hormonal changes.

Pregnancy can affect breast size and shape after surgery, but discussing future pregnancy plans with a surgeon can help tailor the approach to breast reduction!

Before you decide anything, consult with your family physician who would guide you better on whether you should go for the breast reduction surgery or not.

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