What is HVRP? 

What is HVRP What is HVRP

What is HVRP? – Overview

HVRP stands for Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program. It’s a proven program that helps homeless veterans engage with more productive work.

The same program is designed to give homeless veterans the required shelter.

HVRP Program: Overview

HVRP Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. The department manages a variety of programs that are designed for the citizens of the country.

Just like the U.S., many other countries also provide such grants to provide financial aid to those who provided years of service to the country.

HVRP Program provides financial aid to both non-profit organizations and private agencies who come in front to help needy people.

There are volunteers across the U.S. who manage the HVRP programs in different states and areas of the country.

Benefits of HVRP Programs

HVRP programs are focused on employing homeless veterans so that they, too, can live a respectable life. The program provides employment as well as training service to veterans.

Benefits of HVRP Program

Benefits of HVRP Program

HVRP is the only grant that focuses on employing homeless veterans. This is an exclusive program designed to improve the lifestyle of homeless veterans.

If we talk about the scenario, HVRP provided jobs to over 22,000 homeless veterans in the year 2016.

HVRP: The Purpose

This program serves two purposes, to provide employment and to help homeless veterans. Homeless veterans who face different problems in their lives should approach the grant. As noted above, it’s an exclusive program that is designed to improve the lifestyle of veterans.

Purpose of the HVRP Program

Purpose of the HVRP Program

How does HVRP work?

The HVRP grantees are there to look after all the objectives behind this program. They decide whom to help through a well-structured program.

The applicants need to go through the following steps to get the required employment and financial aid through HVRP.

Step 1:

The Grantees will first determine the basic needs of the applicant. They will prepare a structure for the homeless veterans as per their needs.

Step 2:

After collecting information about homeless veterans and their needs, grantees organize a program for employers where they can get the best of employees for their services.

Step 3:

Grantees will then provide the required information and make veterans understand their duties on the job.

Step 4:

Grantees will prepare a centralized Individual Employment Program. The IEP program is created based on the overall strengths of the veterans. It also includes their knowledge, education, and other aspects.

Step 5:

Grantees will then send the selected veterans through the IEP program for training. The training will be given to the veterans as per their qualifications. They will be provided with suitable training for a specific industry where they can provide their best input.

Step 6:

Homeless veterans are now fully prepared to get hired by industries. Grantees will organize an open meeting where employers can meet and check the qualifications of the veterans and make their selections from it.

This is how the HVRP works for the betterment of homeless veterans. Let’s check out the required criteria for the HVRP grant.

Who can receive HVRP Grant?

HVRP grants are designed for three types of veterans. The specific veteran population should receive the training and job employment as well as financial aid from this grant.

Who can receive HVRP Grant

Who can receive HVRP Grant

An applicant must be homeless and a veteran as defined below:

Veteran: A person who served in the U.S. Military, Air Service or Naval. The person is usually discharged from the service.

Homeless: A veteran person who does not have a home or lives on the streets.

  1. Veterans with families and homeless female veterans
  2. Chronically homeless veterans
  3. Incarcerated veterans

These are the categories of veteran populations who can receive employment grants or financial aid from the HVRP. HVRP grantees set up national goals to achieve the target.

They design an employment model to make sure that every needy veteran should get the right employment.

Where to Approach the HVRP Grant?

HVRP is funded by the U.S. Federal Department. They distribute the funds to non-profit organizations, local public agencies, State and Local Workforce Investment Boards, commercial entities, etc. The administration must know the local communities and the areas where their services can be provided.

Where to Approach for the HVRP Grant

Where to Approach the HVRP Grant

Besides employment and financial aid, the same grant provides a list of services to homeless veterans.

What Types of Services are Included in HVRP?

  • Employment with proper training service
  • Transportation, food, clothing, etc.
  • Access to shelter
  • Improving skills by providing training, including basic skills
  • Job retention follow-up program every 30 days

Final Thoughts:

Unlike other grants backed by the Federal Department, HVRP grants are unique as they are designed exclusively for veterans. The same grants provide all types of services, including financial aid to needy veterans.

The grantees use the allotted money flexibility for providing different types of services, including clothing, transportation, food, license, tools, etc, to survive.

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