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Valley Medical Group – Overview

Valley Medical Group is one of the prominent healthcare providers in the US. From pediatric to specialty care, they provide all types of healthcare and medical services to patients from all communities. The group is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. Everything you need to know about the Valley Medical Group is given in this article.

About Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group aims to improve the healthcare and wellness of the people. It is a professionally managed group of physicians from the medical arena. The group has over 300 physicians who provide healthcare services with more than 30 specialties. The group is widespread in the US, with multiple locations. The group is growing rapidly with new physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

With the advancements in the technology world, the Valley Medical Group is now providing its services to patients online. Yes, with their online portal, they are now available 24*7 to assist you when you need them. The best thing about this group is they are open to all and one can get quick medical assistance in an emergency.

What Types of Services Are Offered by the Valley Medical Group?

Valley Medical Group

Types of Services Offered by Valley Medical Group

The Valley Medical Group provides a range of healthcare services to people. Starting from primary care, pediatric, oncology, eye care, and more, the Valley Medical Group offers all types of healthcare and medical services.

They provide these medical and healthcare services in over 20 Southern New York State and Northern New Jersey towns. The number of locations is increasing as they receive positive customer feedback. They have become the pioneer of the industry in such a short period.

The Valley Medical Group provides the below-given healthcare and medical services.

1. Primary Care

Here, they provide essential medical services and preventative care services.

2. Physical Therapy

One can get different types of therapies post-surgery for quick recovery. Your doctor would ask you to go for a particular treatment. You can get all kinds of therapies here.

3. Behavioral Health

Behavioral health services offer psychiatric and psychotherapy treatments to those suffering from psychic problems.

4. Eye Care

This medical group offers full-scope optometry services for complete eye care by trained eye care professionals in the industry.

5. Valley Opticare

Eye care essentials such as eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses, and other things are also provided to those in need. The healthcare provider will first check the eye condition and then ask for essential eye care.

6. Rheumatology

Rheumatologists provide treatments for arthritis and other disorders.

7. Endocrinology and Diabetes

It provides services for hormonal imbalances and other hormonal disorders.

8. Podiatry

It provides treatments for the foot and ankle.

9. Laboratory Services

This group offers all types of laboratory services. Patients need not go out for the lab tests prescribed by the physicians.

10. Radiology

The Radiology department offers bone dens, X-Ray, Mammo, and Ultrasound services.

11. Sports & Exercise Medicine

Sports & Exercise Medicine provides treatments caused while playing sports games. It manages all types of sports injuries to both male and female sportspersons.

12. Advance Care Planning

A healthcare professional would guide you on how to take care of your health in advance. They provide healthcare tips and dietary plans to keep your body healthy.

13. Ambulatory Surgery and Procedures Center

This section of the Valley Medical Group offers colonoscopy and endoscopy services.

14. Smoking or Vaping

If you want to quit smoking or vaping, then you will get proper guidance or therapies. They provide proven techniques that help you quit smoking or vaping.

15. LGBTQ+

The Valley Medical Group also offers LGBTQ+ consultations.

How to Book an Appointment?

Booking an appointment for any of the above-listed healthcare services is easy, and anyone can do this. To do so, simply visit their official website and click on the Book an Appointment option. You can directly contact their center to book an appointment which is the standard method.

However, the Valley Medical Group now offers modern people online appointment services. One can book an appointment online by selecting the book an appointment option. An appointment booking form will be presented on your screen. Just fill in the required information in the form and click the Send Appointment Request button.

Once you submit your information, the authorized person will contact you. You will also receive a text or email once your appointment is booked or confirmed.

To help others get the required treatment, you need to inform the authority about the cancellation of your appointment. If you cannot make it, inform them 24 hours before so they can arrange appointments with other patients.

Moreover, a healthcare assistant would also help you get the right primary care or basic medical services. You can discuss your health condition and be asked to get the right treatment from the right physician.

Make sure you carry all the documents, co-payments, and other essential things during your visit for a hassle-free process.

About Patient Portal

The Valley Medical Group patient portal provides quick communication services to those who enrolled in their program. Enrolled people can get the following information and services through this Patient Portal.

  • View lab results
  • Creating a personal profile
  • Updating of personal information
  • Request online appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send and receive secured messages
  • Print useful forms and paperwork
  • View upcoming appointments

The patient portal is created to get basic services without visiting the healthcare center physically. It is there for non-urgent services. For any emergency, you can contact their official numbers or dial 911.

The Bottom Line:

The Valley Medical Group helps patients just like their family members. They treat all types of diseases and provide medical and healthcare services with well-trained physicians and surgeons. Explore the range of services offered by the Valley Medical Group, visit their official website to get more information, and enroll in their program now!

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