Children’s Medical Group

Children’s Medical Group – Overview

The Children’s Medical Group plays an important role in children’s health. They have experienced and expert employees are working for them. It takes very special and efficient people to work in the healthcare sector. Their primary goal is to provide their people with a rewarding environment.

They also offer all the required support and tools to serve their patients. Their healthcare experts always try to offer the right service at the right place.

What is the Children’s Medical Group?

The children’s medical group has been offering compassionate, empathetic, and comprehensive services since 1947. They provide evidence-based health care for newborn children to children of 21 years of age. They try to implement advanced technologies and new medical knowledge to offer the best service.

They have a long history of caring for children. They prefer to establish a patient-physician relationship. They are extremely proud of their excellence and accessibility.

They have expert physicians, practitioners, and pediatric nurses trained from the finest institutions. From emergencies to health issues like obesity, they can help you to deal with any problem.

What Makes Children’s Medical Group Special?

Childrens Medical Group

What Makes Childrens Medical Group Special?

There are a few things that make the children’s medical group special. They have expertise from illness to wellness and from birth to adolescence. They offer pediatric care to the children of the entire region.


You can always choose your nearby location and find out if their services are available. Each office can give you a chance to develop a relationship with the health expert of your choice. The expert will try to know you and your baby first. They will help you to figure out what is best for your children.


Their services are easily accessible. They are available in eight locations throughout the entire Hudson Valley. You can always find an office near your house. They offer services in the evening hours and weekend hours as well. It allows everyone, even working parents, to seek their help.


  • You can always visit their patient care center to get information about children and their health.
  • You can book appointments for your children online.
  • You can always contact them through their patient portals.

Children’s Medical Group Services

The primary goal of the children’s medical group is to provide compassionate and evidence-based health care for the children. They deliver medical services for children up to 22 years of age. Here is a list of medical services that they offer.

  • They offer parental counseling services. They have experts who can guide you and help you resolve any issues. You can always contact their office and book an appointment for a consultation.
  • They offer healthcare services for schools, camps, travel, sports, annual physicals, and pre-op examinations.
  • You can get their sick visit appointments for the same day.
  • They have six days a week office hours services.
  • You can get access to after-hours calls. Through this service, you can contact the children’s healthcare of Atlanta nurse line. There is also a CMG line available for after-hour calls. It is only for emergencies. However, you can not reach this line via the nurse line.
  • They have on-site laboratories for their patients. Every lab technician is well-trained and has expertise in drawing blood from pediatric patients. They can follow the procedure and send these samples to the lab. They offer rapid tests, including flu, mono, strep test, CBC, cholesterol, urine analysis, ESR, an inflammatory marker, and bilirubin levels in newborns.
  • They have trained nurses to perform urinary catheterization. If necessary, they can administer any intermuscular antibiotics.
  • They have phototherapy treatment for newborns who have jaundice.
  • You can receive Staple, Suture, or any foreign body removal services.
  • They offer concussion diagnosis, evaluation, and management services.
  • You can receive any psychological analysis and management for depression, ADHD, and anxiety. They can refer you to expect psychiatrist for complicated cases.
  • They have certified and well-trained practitioners to provide nutritional counseling. Most of them had their training from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. They can offer evidence-based services to motivational interviewing techniques, BMI tracking, goal setting, and childhood obesity management.
  • They provide any chronic disease management techniques, including ADHD, migraines, allergies, asthma, eczema, etc.
  • They use a site spirometer to understand the function of your child’s lungs. They have this machine in their office to make this available for their patients. This test can also be used to evaluate chronic cough and asthma.
  • They offer travel consultations and travel vaccines.
  • Ear piercing services for their patients.
  • They perform on-site spot vision tests. You can consider it as state of the art. It is a portable, handheld device that can help providers detect vision issues easily and quickly. It can catch any vision-related problems in children six months to adult age.
  • They perform IQ tests for patients with mental health disorders like ADHD or learning disabilities. The evaluation process is always conducted in their office. Only licensed psychologists can assess and analyze the results and give reports.
  • They offer oral contraceptive management services. In addition, they can refer you to gynecologists for further treatment if you have any complicated issues.
  • They have a referral department to help you navigate and choose the expert according to your requirement.


The Children’s medical group offers multiple services for you and your children. From birth to adolescence, they have healthcare services for any age group. So you can always choose the expert as per your requirements and get benefitted.

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