3 Research Grants for Medical Students

Grants for Medical Students – Overview

Medical science has developed at a tremendous rate thanks to the devotion of medical researchers. No medical advance in modern times could have been possible without a research grant. Hence, we owe it to grants and funding organizations that have helped develop the health industry to an astonishingly advanced level.

There are tens of thousands of aspirants worldwide who are currently seeking research grants for medical students.

So, if you, as a medical student, want to apply for a research grant but don’t know how to go about it, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we have provided information and details of several top-known and prestigious funding organizations that help with research grants for medical students.

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Where to apply for research grants for medical students?

Check out the top 3 sources from where you can easily apply for, and receive, research grants for medical students in the US:

1 – RSNA (Radiological Society of North America)

The R & E Foundation provides medical students with the chance to get sufficient research experience, focused on medical imaging technology.

Recipients are needed to identify their objectives, develop their research skills and test hypotheses before they choose any residency program.

Eventually, research experience helps medical students to consider academic radiology as a feasible and exciting career choice.

RSNA grants as much as US$ 3,000 to students, while the department matches the amount, thus bringing the total research grant money to US$ 6,000.

It is meant as a stipend for the medical student while the research is underway. The grant funds are designed to save time for the research and are prohibited from being used for non-personal research expenses.

Students who are members of the RSNA (non-dues paying member), or full-time medical students at accredited North American medical schools, committed to working at least 10 weeks on the research project, and similar criteria control the eligibility of applicants.

2 – Carolyn L Kuckien Student Research Fellowship

The Carolyn L Kuckien Student Research Fellowship is granted to foster the development of medical researchers from the next generation.

This grant is meant for applicants who are looking to conduct research studies lasting at least 8 to 10 weeks, with 30 hours or more every week or an average of 4 hours per week for 12 months through 1 to 2 years. This grant is provided to researchers for clinical investigation, social science/health services research, epidemiology, leadership and professionalism.

This grant provides funding of up to US$ 6,000. Around US$ 2,500 of the total grant, the amount is paid at the time of announcing the recipient and another US$ 2,500 is paid after receiving and approving the final research report.

An additional US$ 1,000 is also granted to the recipient student to cover traveling expenses for the presentation of research results at national conferences and meetings too.

The eligibility criteria to accept applications for research grants for medical students require the applicant to be in the first, second, or third year of medical school with an active AlphaOmegaAlpha chapter, association. The student must have enrolment in medical school classes.

Students who have taken a year’s leave for research or for gaining a Ph.D. are not eligible for this grant.

3 – AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine)

AACOM, short for the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, offers an incredible Grants Program that offers financial assistance to students for completing their medical education research and institutional research.

The main purpose of this grant is to provide applicants with financial assistance for topic-specific medical education research and institutional research projects. The grant is extremely useful to conduct a pilot study or provide a base to seek matching funds at specific institutions.

The eligibility criterion for this research grant for medical students is quite simple and only requires that the primary investigator should be a teacher at a US College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Successful applicants are awarded as much as US$ 5,000 for a single-campus study or small-scale collaborative study within a single institute but covering multiple programs.

Additionally, applicants are awarded up to US$ 10,000 for large-scale collaborative research covering several institutes or multiple educational programs.


Research is extremely important for advancing and improving healthcare. Thus, numerous private and state or federal funded sources today provide research grants for medical students.

These grants allow aspiring researchers to make ground-breaking discoveries and help boost the advances in medical science.

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