6 Types Online Teaching Jobs for Physicians

Online Teaching Jobs for Physicians

Medical education opens up numerous career opportunities for graduates. Apart from being involved in clinical activities, registered physicians can also choose non-clinical jobs, such as teaching.

This article details some of the top-paying non-clinical teaching jobs available for physicians in the US.

This article lists the various fields in which you can teach, from entry-level to senior-level positions.

Top 6 Online Teaching Jobs for Physicians

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top online teaching jobs for physicians:

Online Teaching Jobs for Physicians

Top 6 Online Teaching Jobs for Physicians

1 – Medical Writing Instructor

Medical writers are expert health writers. They are involved in textbook development and preparing test materials for exams.

They are responsible for reviewing articles for the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare publications, including websites, magazines, journals, etc.

To become a professional medical writer, one needs to have in-depth medical knowledge and a flair for writing.

As an experienced physician, you can choose to teach aspiring medical writers the various nuances of medical writing.

You can enjoy a flexible schedule and work remotely as a medical writer and instructor.

This makes medical writer instructors one of the best non-clinical online teaching jobs for physicians in the US.

2 – Adjunct Faculty / Instructor

Adjunct Faculty positions are in colleges and universities, not high schools, and involve teaching higher education students.

This is the closest you can get to academic medicine. This is not the same as a full-time role or taking up a career as a full-time academic.

Colleges and universities appoint adjunct instructors as non-tenured faculty. This allows them to avoid the responsibility of securing grant money or providing extensive services.

This job position also helps you to avoid other obligations expected of tenured faculty members.

This way, schools become significantly flexible, as adjunct faculty can expand course offerings without the need to hire full-time instructors.

An adjunct instructor may also be called an adjunct lecturer, adjunct professor, or another title.

3 – Test Prep Instructor

Helping aspiring students prepare for medical certification tests is another exciting online teaching job for physicians in the US.

As a test prep instructor, you can teach pre-med, medical and other students. You can choose to take online classes for this.

To fully help students, you can prepare them using courses from various test prep companies, such as The Princeton Review and Kaplan.

Additionally, you can also train students using homemade test preparation programs.

This online physician teaching job may also involve writing test preparation materials and model questions.

This job may also require you to become adept at content development to teach students more efficiently.

4 – Online tutor

Traditional teaching is still one of a physician’s most excellent and efficient non-clinical jobs. It is a wonderful career, especially if you like working with students individually.

As a physician, you can tutor in various medical, health sciences, and related subjects online, including general science.

Numerous platforms today allow you to teach online easily. Asynchronous teaching activities make it even more feasible for physicians to become online tutors.

With a simple Google search, you can find various websites and companies that hire expert tutors. These companies help individual students through one-on-one online classes with expert tutors.

5 – CME Course Developer

You may even find content development for continued education more aligned with your skills as a certified physician and instructor.

CME content is aimed at students who have reached an advanced level of medical knowledge. If you wish to teach CME content to your peers, then you will enjoy being a CME course developer.

CME course content is prepared by various medical communication agencies, academic institutions, medical publishers, and professional societies.

You can enter this industry initially as a Freelance Medical Writer or Consultant by working with any of these organizations.

CME Course Developers can create content for various formats, including online platforms, live events, seminars, and workshops, not just online courses.

6 – Medical Textbook Writer

Textbooks are incredibly important for aspiring medical students. By becoming a medical textbook writer, you can instruct students indirectly.

Medical publishers always look for ways to improve and enhance their course materials.

If you are a physician with extensive knowledge of a particular subject, you are employable as a textbook writer.

As a medical textbook writer, you can author a new book or supervise the production of a new edition of a published book. You can even help create a chapter on the subject matter. Authoring a new medical book is a daunting task.

Hence, you can even choose to review a new medical textbook, author a pocket guide, or something similarly small. Getting your authored textbook published can help you earn significantly.


These are the top six online teaching jobs for physicians in the US. These jobs are ideal for certified physicians who have a passion for teaching.

There are various career opportunities waiting for you, from medical writer to prep test instructor to textbook author.

If you are looking for a non-clinical, low-pressure job, you can try any of the abovementioned ones.

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