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North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCSBN) – Overview

By offering care, treatment, counseling, and health education to various groups of people, registered nurses care for individuals, families, and the community.

This makes Nursing a respectable and noble profession. If you want to know about the North Carolina Board of Nursing, you are at the right place.

The nursing career is growing exponentially. A report shows that the nursing and residential care facilities in the USA will see an estimated revenue of $269,8 billion by 2024.

A Nursing program helps you in the practice of nursing and enables you to gain practical experience in various clinical settings. This allows you to see multiple locations before settling on your expertise.

However, you might wonder about the requirements, process, procedures, duration and fee. This article will answer the above questions and provide additional information to help you.

Considering the national demand for registered nurses, it’s the ideal time for people with a passion for serving others to pursue a sustainable and meaningful nursing career.

What is the North Carolina Board of Nursing?

North Carolina Board of Nursing

North Carolina Board of Nursing – What is the North Carolina Board of Nursing

The North Carolina Board of Nursing sets the standards for nursing education programs for nurse licensure. These requirements guarantee that graduates receive the training to practice nursing safely and effectively.

Pre-licensure nursing education programs, including the Licensed Practical Nurse, Associate Degree in Nursing, Registered Nurse Diploma, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, fall under the purview of the Board of Nursing.

The applicant is qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®), created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, after completing a pre-licensure nursing education program (NCSBN).

Graduates of pre-licensure nursing education programs that have received board approval are assessed on their readiness for entry-level practice by the NCLEX exam.

North Carolina Board of Nursing’s Main Objective:

The Board is responsible for issuing, renewing, and reinstating nursing licenses for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. It also approves and monitors the state’s nursing education programs. Additional duties include interpreting nursing practice in the state based on the Nursing Practice Act.

Additionally, it is responsible for investigating complaints and taking appropriate actions against licensed nurses when necessary.

Board members spend an average of 30 days per year carrying out these duties. Additional time may be spent depending on Committee assignments and participation in other Board-related activities.

The NCBN disciplines and licenses include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Nurse Aide II
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

How Can I Obtain a North Carolina Board of Nursing License?

Nurses holding an active nursing license in another state or US territory can apply for licensure by endorsement through the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON). First-time licensees would apply for licensure by examination. All license applications, renewals, and verifications are via NCBON’s Nurse Gateway portal.

North Carolina Board of Nursing Minimum Requirements

North Carolina requires all applications to be submitted online. The state utilizes a Nurse Gateway portal. You must first register on the portal to receive an access login.


You must apply for licensure by exam if this is your first nursing license. The process for taking the NCLEX requires the following steps:

  • Log in to the Nurse Gateway
  • Register by creating a Username and Password (For the first time, later, you need to log in).
  • Select ”Exam Application” from the Licenses/Certificates dropdown menu.
  • Submit a duly filled application with a fee of $75.
  • Submit Your Electronic School Verification or Official Transcript Copies
  • International Nursing Graduates must complete a Credentials Evaluation Service or provide a CGFNS Certificate or VisaScreen.
  • Pay fees to Pearson Vue

For more information on licensing by exam, see the NCBON’s website.


Nurses with an active license outside of compact states will have to apply to receive a state endorsement. This process requires the following:

  • A completed online application
  • A criminal background check. This fingerprint-based system verified by the State and Federal Bureaus of Investigation comes with a $38.00 fee.
  • Proof of completing a licensed nursing program
  • Proof of passing the NCLEX
  • Documentation of having met the continuing education requirements
  • A license endorsement fee of $150.00


To be eligible for reinstatement of inactive licenses, Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • 15 hours of continued education and 640 hours of active practice in the previous two years
  • Recertification by a National Certification Authority recognized by the Board or National Certification.
  • 30 Contact Hours of continued education
  • Continued education of fifteen contact Hours and developing and conducting a nursing continuing education presentation or five contact hours of presentations including course syllabus, program brochure, date and location of presentation, the approximate number of attendees, and objectives.
  • Completion of a Board-Approved Refresher Course
  • Completion of Two semester hours of nursing practice-related post-licensure academic education
  • Continued education of fifteen contact hours and completion of a nursing project as Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator to include a statement of the problem, methods, date of completion, project objectives, and summary of findings

North Carolina Board of Nursing License Renewal

RN and LPN licenses have a validity of two years in North Carolina. Nurses must renew their licenses by the last day of their birth.

Applicants must exhibit evidence of meeting all continuing competence standards and pay a $100 renewal fee to renew their license. It takes thirty hours for license renewal in North Carolina currently.

Licensing Fee Information

  • Nurse Practitioner’s Registration fee= $25
  • Initial Approval for Practicing= $100 for Non-Volunteers and $20 for Volunteers
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Initial Recognition – $25
  • Nurse Midwife Fee= $100

Continuing Education Requirements

The North Carolina Board of Nursing requires one of the following every two years:

  • The board recognized national certification body Recertification or National certification; or
  • Thirty contact hours of continuing education activities; or
  • Completion of a Board approved refresher course; or
  • Nursing practice-related post-licensure academic education two semester hours Completion; or
  • Fifteen contact hours of continuing education activity and completion of a nursing project as principal or co-principal investigator to include a statement of the problem, project objectives, methods, and summary of findings; or
  • Continuing education activities and co-authoring or authoring a published nursing-related paper, article, book, or book chapter of fifteen contact hours; or
  • A minimum of five nursing education presentations for nurses or other health professionals, each of which must include a copy of the program’s brochure or course syllabus, as well as the program’s objectives, content, and instructional methods, as well as the presentation’s date and location; or fifteen contact hours of continuing education activities.
  • 640 hours of active practice and 15 contact hours of continuing education within the previous two years

APRN-NPs must maintain national certification, including meeting continuing education requirements of 50 contact hours.

APRN-CNMs are required to maintain their national certification, which includes fulfilling the Certificate Maintenance Program’s requirement for 10 hours of continuing education each year.

5 Steps for renewing a North Carolina nursing license

  1. Verify license status
  2. Visit the Verification page to confirm your license.
  3. Complete nursing continuing education requirements within license validity
  4. Visit the North Carolina Board of Nursing site for renewal application submission
  5. Visit the Renewal Information page for specifics. North Carolina is a compact state. If your Primary State of Residency is in another compact state, do not apply for licensure in North Carolina unless you declare North Carolina your Primary State of Residency.

How Much Do Nurses in North Carolina Earn?

In North Carolina, working as a registered nurse is a fulfilling career choice that pays well and provides exceptional job stability. In comparison to the national average, North Carolina’s average yearly income for registered nurses is $71,200. With growth predicted to reach 9% over the following five years, you can still look forward to a great career.


How Can I Obtain a Nursing License in North Carolina?

By filling out an application on the North Carolina Board of Nursing’s official website and taking the necessary exam, you can obtain a North Carolina nursing license.

How much does it cost to renew a nursing license in North Carolina?

You can renew a current North Carolina nursing license for an additional fee of up to $60.

How may my nursing license be transferred to North Carolina?

Nurses can quickly obtain their license to practice in North Carolina with the North Carolina Board of Nursing’s assistance. All they need to show is evidence that they have been employed as nurses for more than two years without encountering any problems or complaints from licensing bodies. Both parties involved benefit from its simplicity.

What is the North Carolina Board of Nursing’s contact details?

The following is the North Carolina Board of Nursing’s contact info:

Address: 4516 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone: 919-782-3211, Fax: 919-781-946


The information above should help you learn more about the North Carolina Board of Nursing, its procedures, how licenses are renewed, where it is located, how to get in touch with it, etc.

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