Researchers at Northwestern Develops New Method to Fix Spinal Cord Injuries

Northwestern Researchers Develops New Method to Fix Spinal Cord Injuries

Study reports show that over 1.7 percent of the US population is suffering from severe paralysis problems. Severe paralysis means a person can’t move or sit due to spinal cord injuries.

Researchers at Northwestern University have come up with a solution to fix spinal cord injuries.

The new method is called reverse paralysis which is yet to be declared publicly by the team. The new method is designed to solve severe spinal cord injuries.

According to researchers, the new method can reverse paralysis which means it can repair tissues of the spinal cord after the injury.

The team has also shared a video of their study where a paralyzed mouse was seen to move its paralyzed legs post the treatment.

What is Reverse Paralysis?

Reverse Paralysis is an unofficial treatment to cure severe spinal cord injuries to treat paralyzed patients.

The new method uses injectable medicine that can repair damaged tissues from the spinal cord post-injury. After this therapy, the mouse has started walking with his back legs which were paralyzed.

What is Reverse Paralysis

What is Reverse Paralysis

How it can prevent Paralysis?

The new injectable therapy i.e. reverse paralysis will repair the damaged tissues after the severe injuries to the spinal cord and other parts of the human body.

Since the tissues will be repaired, the human body will not be paralyzed.

As per the University’s medicine engineer, the new therapy uses small synthetic fibers to heal the damaged tissues.

The small synthetic fibers will replace the damaged tissues. It works with moving molecules that will fix the issue and prevent patients from getting paralyzed.

How it can prevent Paralysis

How it can prevent Paralysis

Furthermore, he said that the new therapy will have to change in the coming days to make it more effective and usable.

They have gained success in the initial stage; however, they have to study a little deeper to boost the effectiveness of the therapy.

The study’s key elements i.e. moving molecules or dancing molecules is the breakthrough of their study.

These dancing molecules can be attached back to the spinal cord and make the parts work again. The study has already seen its positive side by bringing back the paralyzed mouse to its normal life.

The new reverse paralysis therapy mimics the natural tissue repairing technique.

The researchers have conducted various studies to achieve this success. They have done a lot of hard work and are willing to do more to make their research program a success.

The team is quite happy with the post success of their new therapy as it worked well with a mouse. They are now planning to get FDA approval by approaching them very soon.

FDA will first examine the documents and the research study thoroughly and will allow the team to try the same therapy on humans.

The clinical trials of reverse paralysis therapy will begin next year.

It depends upon approval from the FDA. The team is hoping to get the FDA approval as soon as possible. Without their approval, further studies and human trials will not begin.

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