Mobile Medical Clinic Cost 

Mobile Medical Clinic Cost – Overview

The healthcare systems across the country are evolving with innovations in the technology world.

The medical care units are now readily available to provide on-spot treatment to save the patient’s life. The deployment of mobile medical clinics is increasing across the country.

Those who are still unaware of this unique medical care provider unit on the road should follow this piece of content.

What is a Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinics are designed to provide on-spot medical services to communities across. Mobile Clinics are nothing but specially customized vehicles that explore different areas across the city to provide medical help.

Mobile Medical Clinics are also known as Mobile Health Clinics. These customized vehicles work as remote stalls that act as a healthcare center.

The aim behind this idea is to provide proactive medical care to remote locations where proper healthcare services are unavailable.

These movable clinics provide all types of healthcare services, from primary care to emergency treatments. This innovative model to provide on-spot medical care services is gaining more and more popularity nationwide.

Mobile Medical Clinics are now set up within all sorts of communities. They aim to provide different types of medical services in rural areas where medical health centers are not accessible.

Sometimes, patients can’t go to the hospital for treatment. In this case, they can visit the nearby Mobile Medical Clinic Center for quick treatment.

Patients who cannot come to the health center would be provided on-spot treatment by a professional healthcare provider in their home.

These clinics focus more on the communities that have low income or are from minorities. Homeless people can also get medical care through mobile medical clinics, which is good.

How Does This Model Work for Businessmen?

As per the latest data, over 5 million visits are reported yearly to Mobile Medical Clinics. The data also revealed that Mobile Medical Clinics are good for several backward communities as they can save money from unnecessary traveling, room rentals, and more.

Over 60% of the patients can get on-spot treatment from qualified healthcare providers. Investing in a Mobile Medical Clinic is a good option if you plan to launch your startup.

It’s an advanced business model that provides medical care at affordable or no rates to needy people.

How do you start your Mobile Medical Clinic?

Mobile Medical Clinics are there to provide healthcare services. It requires a highly professional team of healthcare providers. Go for licensed and qualified professionals who can provide excellent services to patients of all ages.

You can add a few nurses, physicians, assistants, and technicians to your team for a mobile medical clinic. You can decide what medical services you want to offer through your Mobile Clinic.

As per the available space and the services you will provide, you can add the required staff members to your team. Make sure that the team members are qualified enough to provide good services.

Mobile Medical Clinic Cost

The most significant investment is the customized vehicle to start a new mobile medical clinic. A mobile medical clinic requires a customized vehicle as it is the main center from which you will provide health care services to patients.

If we talk about the history of Medical Mobile Clinics, there were around 2,000 Mobile Medical Clinics present in the United States in the year 2015.

Today, the number may have gone up to 10,000 or even more. However, studies have stated that an average Clinic requires an investment of up to $430,000 annually.

So, the total Mobile Medical Clinic Cost for a year would be around $450,000, including all the costs throughout the year. This cost includes the vehicle, maintenance, staff salaries and all.

You have to plan out well before starting this business. The medical equipment is very costly and for that reason, you need to invest in the types of equipment as per the services that you are going to provide through this clinic.

Most Mobile Medical Clinics provide primary health care services. To provide primary care service, you need not have a big team of professionals or costly equipment for checkups. You can keep a staff of 3 people to manage the clinic with primary health care service.

Here’s the list of the essential medical equipment you need for a Mobile Medical Clinic. You can add or remove items from this list as per your services.

  • Stethoscope- $50- $100
  • Thermometer- $30- $100
  • Multiple Medical Kits- $500- 2,000
  • Weighing Scale- $100
  • Vaccine Transport Box- $100
  • Oximeter- $100
  • Wheel Chair- $500
  • Pharmacy- $10,000
  • General Medical Instruments- $10,000- $20,000
  • Portable Dental X-Ray Unit- $1,000
  • Ultrasound Machine- $3,000

The range of medical equipment may vary as per the size of the mobile clinic and its services. You must decide whether you want to provide multiple healthcare services or just primary services.

The more service you offer, the higher investment you have to make to buy the medical equipment to increase the staff. It also requires a bigger vehicle to accommodate and fix the expensive equipment.

Final Thoughts:

It’s an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who can invest and earn good profits and blessings from low-income families and homeless people.

Besides primary health care, you can also explore the services you can offer through this independent healthcare center. Moreover, you can also provide education to such communities to look after their health with essential healthcare tips.

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