4 Ways to Get Medical Elective Grants

Medical Elective Grants

Medical electives are essential for medical students because they allow students to enrich their learning experience. This precious experience enables medical students to differentiate early during their medical training.

This initiative helps uncover the students’ strong skills, determine their career path, and disclose how they choose their electives.

These reasons make medical elective grants among the most sought-after grants by medical students across the United States.

If you look forward to applying for an elective medical grant, this article is for you.

Read on below to learn the top medical elective grants currently provided for US medical students, the eligibility criteria for medical elective grants, and the application process for each.

Best Sources of Medical Elective Grants in the US

Here are our selected sources for elective medical grants in the US:

Best Sources of Medical Elective Grants in the US

Best Sources of Medical Elective Grants in the US

1 – AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO)

The Visiting Student Learning Opportunity (VSLO) by the Association of American Medical Colleges helps medical and public health students with short-term learning opportunities at locations away from their institutions.

This program covers all students pursuing medical or public health courses from accredited universities/medical schools all over the US and the world.

This grant allows students to become observers, participate in summer research programs, find clinical opportunities, choose rotations to away institutions, perform clinical rotations and find other relevant visiting opportunities.

The eligibility criteria for medical electives under the VSLO program vary between institutions.

Once you complete the application, you must submit it to your home institute for verification. Once the application proposal is verified, it is sent to the host institution for approval.

2 – Mayo Clinic College of Medical and Science Visiting Medical Student Electives

The Mayo Clinic is undoubtedly the country’s most prominent medical and healthcare organization. It offers medical students incredibly vast opportunities to take electives there.

The organization places eligible students with host institutes to help improve the student’s skills and gain relevant experience.

For instance, students selected under the Mayo Clinic’s Visiting Medical Student Elective program can choose clerkships in numerous fields and apply for electives at prestigious medical centers across Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

Mayo Clinic receives over 1,400 elective applications yearly for around 600 elective positions. The eligibility criteria involve evaluating the applicant’s medical school transcript grades, USMLE Step 1 score, competitiveness and space availability.

To apply for the Mayo Clinic’s Visiting Medical Student Clerkship program, you must visit the portal at the AAMC-Visiting Student Learning Opportunities webpage for complete information and guidelines.

3 – UCSF Visiting Elective Scholarship Program

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Department of Emergency Medicine offers the Visiting Elective Student Program (VESP) for medical student rotations.

This program encourages fourth-year medical students, especially those from groups underrepresented in the medical field, to apply for the UCSF Emergency Medicine rotation (EM 140.01). Successful applicants are awarded up to US$ 1,500 under this initiative.

The aims of this medical elective grant include:

  • Helping under-represented fourth-year medical students to an academic-grade medicine training program
  • Promoting student interest in applying to an emergency medicine residency program

The duration of the clinical rotation under the VESP is four weeks and is offered, according to availability, to US visiting medical students.

The eligibility criteria for receiving the VESP medical elective grant require the applicant to:

  • Be a fourth-year US visiting medical student whose ethnic or racial identities are not represented sufficiently in medicine, including students who identify as LGBTQ, students with disabilities, students from disadvantaged family backgrounds and students who are first-generation to attend college
  • Be good in academics at an accredited US medical school
  • Meet the requirements for the UCSF’s School of Medicine’s clinical electives criteria

Once you fill out the VESP form and submit it, the application is evaluated and the deserving candidates can receive elective medical grants.

4 – George Washington University’s International Clinical Electives Program Scholarship

George Washington University offers third- and fourth-year medical students the International Clinical Electives Program Scholarship (ICEPS).

This is an incredible opportunity for medical students to enhance their medical education, diversify their experience and knowledge of public health and strengthen their commitment to providing top-quality medical services to all patients.

Under this program, successful applicants are awarded as much as US$ 2,500 to support international clinical and non-clinical elective opportunities through George Washington University or a credible third-party institute.

The eligibility criteria for the ICEPS require the applicant to be:

  • Third or fourth-year medical students with good academic standing
  • Preferably enrolled in the Scholarly Concentration program

To learn more details about the International Clinical Electives Program Scholarship, you can visit the official website of George Washington University.


Medical elective grants are incredibly helpful in boosting your medical career.

Suppose you are an aspiring fourth-year medical student who wishes to broaden your medical skills and knowledge. In that case, applying for a medical elective grant from any of the sources mentioned above is highly recommended.

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