3 IVF Grants in Tennessee

IVF Grants in Tennessee – Overview

IVF grants in Tennessee are offered to families that can’t pay for the cost of infertility treatment. There are many grants available for those who wish to try IVF cycles to get pregnant.

The IVF treatment in itself is quite expensive. The associated medications, doctor appointments and travel add to the costs.  People without insurance coverage for infertility care find it quite difficult to pay for the treatment.

Thus, the higher costs become an obstacle that deters couples or individuals from fulfilling their dreams of having a child. Fortunately, some organizations offer funds in the form of grants to help people get the right treatment.

IVF Grants in Tennessee - Meeting the Multiple IVF Cycles

IVF Grants in Tennessee – An Overview

IVF Grants in Tennessee – An Overview

In vitro fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is an advanced fertility treatment that helps men and women overcome infertility issues and conceive.

The IVF providers in Tennessee deliver state-of-the-art laboratory services based on the best practices and the most current research in infertility care.

IVF is a procedure that includes ovarian stimulation medications for women to generate multiple eggs. The eggs are then removed by the doctor from the woman’s ovaries in an outpatient procedure.

The eggs are fertilized in the lab, either by injecting them with sperm using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or simply placing them with sperm.

The resulting embryos are monitored closely as they mature in three to five days.

The most viable embryos are then selected for transfer to the woman’s uterus. The remaining embryos are cryopreserved for genetic testing or future pregnancy attempts.

The process is long and, therefore, can cause financial strain on the patients as well as emotional. The hopeful parents often search for financing options to pursue their dreams.

The insurance hardly covers the amount of treatment. In such cases, the grants play a vital role, offering financial support for infertility treatment and care.

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IVF Grants in Tennessee – Financial Support

IVF Grants in Tennessee – Financial Support

With the surprisingly high costs of IVF, the treatment of infertility becomes quite difficult for most of the patients in the United States. IVF grants in Tennessee are offered by various organizations to support the couples financially.

1. Starfish Infertility Foundation (SIF)

Starfish Infertility Foundation works with a mission to offer affordable family building for couples struggling with infertility.

The two main grants, namely, the Braxton and Bexleigh grants, are given to couples who have suffered three unsuccessful embryo transfers.

The Bexleigh and Braxton grants are awarded to couples who do not have infertility insurance. The grant amount is awarded up to $5,000.

The grants cover uninsured fertility treatments at any Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology: SART-member clinic.

The treatment costs include the amount of IVF or any other ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatment, medication and lab fees.

To be eligible for the Braxton grant, an applicant or couple must be a permanent resident of the US and should not have infertility insurance.

On the other hand, the Bexleigh grant requires the recipient to live in or around 100 miles of Nashville.

The updates regarding upcoming grants are regularly posted on the website, and the application process is fairly simple.

Apply through an online application procedure that includes personal information, infertility, medical history and financial situation here https://starfishinfertilityfoundation.org/about-us/.

2. Tennessee Reproductive Medicine

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine offers a service worker discount of 35% for IVF treatment and a 100% refund on all treatment costs if treatment is unsuccessful.

To be eligible, the patient or spouse must be active duty police, military, firefighter, or sheriff. To qualify, proof of employment or service is required.

Applicable treatment includes egg retrieval, monitoring, lab processing, embryo transfer, ICSI, and embryo freezing.

However, preliminary testing, anesthesia, medications, early pregnancy monitoring, or additional expenses are not included.

For more information, visit https://trmbaby.com/

3. Tennessee Fertility Institute (TFI)

Tennessee Fertility Institute offers comprehensive fertility care to the residents of Tennessee and is committed to providing cost-effective service.

Tennessee Fertility Institute assists patients with the cost of infertility treatment at the following discounted rates:

  • First Responder Discount – Tennessee Fertility Institute supports a community of first responders by offering a discount on an IVF Cycle. It includes Firefighters, Police, and Emergency medical technicians (EMTs).
  • Military Discount – TFI supports courageous military force and their families by offering a discount on an IVF cycle.

To qualify, the applicants must not have fertility insurance coverage or should have exhausted their benefits here https://tnfertility.com/financing/.

IVF Grants in Tennessee - Pay for Treatment

IVF Grants in Tennessee – The Cost of Infertility Treatment


For most couples in the United States, the cost of infertility treatment and associated appointments, as well as medications, can be extremely high.

Without insurance coverage for infertility care, it becomes difficult to seek treatment, especially when multiple IVF cycles are involved in getting pregnant.

IVF grants in Tennessee offer financial aid where patients can achieve their dream of building a healthy and happy family.

Apply for grants today and get started with your fertility journey to parenthood!

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