How to Get a New Medicaid Card

How to Get a New Medicaid Card – Overview

Medicaid is government-sponsored health insurance for people with lower incomes. Today, over 60 million Americans are enrolled in Medicaid. This health insurance program helps people who don’t make much money or are on a limited budget, can’t work because of a disability, are already enrolled in Medicare but cannot afford its payments, or are pregnant and don’t make much money.

The US government requires Medicaid to cover certain people, mainly those with significantly lower incomes. The government also determines the benefits that enrollees will receive under Medicaid.

State governments are also an integral part of the Medicaid program and determine the eligibility criteria for qualifying. Pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities usually get the most generous coverage under Medicaid.

Healthcare Under Medicaid

There are 56 different Medicaid programs, one for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa). Every Medicaid program may help pay for different types of healthcare services. Most Medicaid enrollees do not pay premiums. However, some states have implemented premiums for certain groups of Medicaid enrollees, often those with incomes above the federal poverty level.

You can essentially use Medicaid coverage for many types of health care services. Medicaid benefits include coverage for diagnostic and screening test costs, including X-rays. This program helps to pay for doctor visits and even hospital stays.

Prescription drugs are covered under Medicaid, as federal law requires all states to provide this coverage. Family planning services are also covered, with states having flexibility in the services provided. Medicaid also covers long-term service care for lower-income people in nursing home care.

If you have a child who qualifies, then Medicaid provides even more extensive coverage. For instance, you may receive financial help if your child needs to visit an optometrist or needs eyeglasses.

Medicaid covers a broad range of mental health services, including community-based services and, for children, services provided through the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit.

Besides this, Medicaid offers financial help if your spouse needs to be admitted to a nursing home.

Long-term hospice care can be very costly. If you qualify for Medicaid, you will receive sufficient coverage to stay at home while your spouse is being looked after at the nursing center.

Who is Eligible for Medicaid?

How to Get a New Medicaid Card

How to Get a New Medicaid Card – Who Is Eligible for Medicaid

The individual state determines eligibility and qualifying rules for Medicaid benefits. Federal law requires that states can cover certain population groups. The states can also expand coverage to other groups or make the coverage more generous.

While Medicaid eligibility for people with disabilities often considers income, some programs, like the “Medically Needy” program, allow for higher income limits or the spend-down of income through medical expenses to qualify. In contrast, other states may require you to meet the financial (low-income) criteria, even if you are disabled, to provide Medicaid benefits and coverage for treatment if your income is above the qualifying limit.

Your income is one of the biggest deciding factors for eligibility for Medicaid insurance coverage. Most states have a specific cutoff limit on annual household income. If you fall below the specific limit, you may qualify for Medicaid benefits.

In addition, depending on the state, other beneficiaries like children, the elderly, pregnant women, and the disabled may also need to fulfill the income criteria to avail of Medicaid benefits.

Even if your income exceeds the minimum qualifying limit, you may still be eligible for Medicaid benefits, especially if your medical bills are high. You may be allowed to subtract these expenses from your income through the spend-down process.

Once the costs of hospital care and doctor visits are subtracted, your income decreases, which qualifies you for Medicaid benefits. The Affordable Care Act also encourages states to add more people to Medicaid.

The aim is to open Medicaid to people with low incomes who cannot afford conventional insurance but earn more than the minimum income criteria.

However, states can decide if they expand Medicaid to include more people. Check your state’s official Medicaid website to know more about this rule.

Getting a New Medicaid Card

You should contact your state’s Medicaid agency directly to request a new or replacement Medicaid card. The Health Insurance Marketplace is primarily for applying for insurance coverage, not for Medicaid card replacements.

They can help you get a new Medicaid card and answer any queries regarding the type of healthcare services covered, the provider network to use, and how to renew your eligibility.

You can simply check beneficiary resources to contact your state Medicaid agency.


Medicaid helps millions of low-income individuals and households receive top-class but affordable healthcare services. While every state has its eligibility criteria for Medicaid, obtaining a new or replacement Medicaid card generally involves contacting the state Medicaid agency.

Consult your state Medicaid agency or your doctor to know more about the eligibility criteria, application process, and insurance coverage details.

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