Home Improvement Grants in Ohio

Home improvement grants in Ohio can help you bear the expenses of home repairs. Be it a leaky faucet or repairing the living room, the grants enable getting the work done more efficiently and safely.

Home Improvement Grants Ohio – List of Grants

You will be glad to know that Ohio offers so much support to its residents. This grant is available for low-income people, senior citizens, physically challenged, and pensioners.

However, the scope and parameters of each grant are different. Each home improvement grant aims to enhance the community by helping people with lesser income and aiding them in maintaining their homes.

Here is a list of home improvements you can have a look into.

1. Habitat for Humanity

It is a non-profit organization founded in Americus, Georgia, USA, in 1976. They are committed to providing a helping hand to people with low income.

All across the world, people struggle to find decent housing. The same goes for Ohio State. Thus, ‘Habitat for Humanity has come forward to provide various opportunities.

To learn more, visit habitatohio.org.

2. Single-Family Housing Repair Loan & Grants in Ohio

This is also known as the ‘Section 504 Home Repair Program’. This program provides loans and grants to people with very low incomes.

It helps homeowners repair, ease, or contemporize their homes or subventions. This also helps seniors with veritably low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards.

The eligibility criteria for this grant program are as follows:

  • Unable to obtain affordable credit elsewhere
  • Is a homeowner & occupies the house
  • Household income should not exceed the very low limit by the county
  • Should be of age 62 or older and not be able to repay a repair loan

The maximum grant is $7,500 and must be repaid if the property is transferred or sold within 3 years. The grants must be used only for home improvements and removing health and safety hazards.

To learn more about the grant, visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/.

3. Ohio Weatherization Assistance Program

This program helps low-income families improve the weatherization of their homes. This program reduces the energy use of low-income families, thus creating more affordable housing for the ones in need.

The beneficiaries of this grant can get their wall, attic, and basement insulated, their heating system repaired/replaced, blower door air leakage reduced, and other safety inspections.

The one eligible for the program should:

  • Family with children
  • At least one family member should be disabled

To learn about this program, visit benefits.gov.

4. Ohio’s Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

This is a 50-year-old organization that has empowered the local communities in Ohio and generated economic opportunities to improve their lifestyle.

The non-profit organization provides a wide range of initiatives that have revitalized and stabilized disadvantaged communities throughout the state.

To know more about this program, visit ohiocdc.

5. Critical Home Repair Program

The Critical Home Repair program assists low-income homeowners by offering repairs at a reduced cost, to address critical issues.

Homeowners partner with Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio through this grant program and the volunteers. This program has improved the lifestyle of Ohio.

The Home Repair program addresses health and safety concerns in several areas of the home for the betterment of the community. The Project has a financial cap of $10,000. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Plumbing Issues
  • Hazards inside and outside the home
  • Unsafe Roofing
  • Sidewalk Issues
  • Roof/Deck Repairs
  • Accessibility

The Critical Home Repair program serves homeowners in the Southeast section of Ohio who:

  • Willing to pay back to Habitat with zero interest.
  • Live in their own homes.
  • Have one or more critical home repair needs
  • Are on property tax payments
  • Ready to perform “sweat equity” hours based on project cost
  • Have an active homeowner’s insurance policy


So, if you live in not-so-excellent conditions and want to repair your house, the abovementioned grants may help. You can also speak to the local government for further information on the grant’s procedure.

Home Improvement and Repair Grants US Map (by State)

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