Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med Program

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Overview

Harvard’s Post Bacc Pre Med program provides a comprehensive pathway for students, helping them prepare for medical or dental school.

The on-campus post-baccalaureate degree Premedical Program at Harvard Extension School is specifically designed for students who want to change their fields or need to complete all prerequisite coursework.

It aids people who are interested in getting into medical school by strengthening their academic records.

The rigorous experience also offers an opportunity to earn sponsorship in this selective program.

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Reasons to Choose the Program

Harvard’s post-baccalaureate premedical program helps students to explore and discover creative ideas. The teaching tools of the Harvard post-baccalaureate premedical program are guaranteed to be the most intuitive and complete.

  • An interested student can complete some or all of the premedical coursework before applying to medical or dental school with an undergraduate degree.
  • An opportunity to study part-time through evening courses on the Harvard campus.
  • Get affordable, flexible, yet rigorous coursework that helps you prepare for medical or dental school. It also demonstrates competency to admissions committees.
  • The program has a strong medical school placement record.

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Benefits

Opting for the on-campus, post-baccalaureate Premedical Program at Harvard Extension School has various benefits.

  • Get the required advice to prepare the application.
  • Gain access to a Harvard University ID card, which allows using the Harvard library system and other on-campus resources.
  • Get Sponsorship consideration
  • Find an opportunity to access federal financial aid.
  • Earn membership in the Harvard Alumni Association after completing the program.
  • After completing the Premedical Program, you can enjoy discounted access to Harvard Medical School’s online HMX courses.

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Application Process

Applications for admission to the Premedical Program are evaluated. Certain factors are considered, including, but are not limited to, experiences indicating you make an informed career decision and are capable of working to Harvard’s academic standards.

An applicant must:

  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Graduating college seniors are eligible to apply.
  • Demonstrate interest in the healthcare field and achievement in past academic pursuits.
  • Students should be in good financial and academic standing with Harvard University. There should be no pending disciplinary or administrative procedures for current or former students.
  • International students are accepted.
  • Prove English proficiency. When the native language is not English, a satisfactory English proficiency test score is required.

When and How to Apply

An applicant must apply to the Premedical Program a year before applying to medical or dental school. Applications are usually accepted each year between February 1 and May 1 or until the program has reached capacity.

  • One can access the online application through the Premedical Program Application Portal. To apply, a nonrefundable $50 application processing fee is charged.
  • Prospecting students are required to submit an essay of no more than 500 words explaining their reasons for preparing for a career in the medical field.
  • The applicant must upload an updated resume, including work experience, research work, and positions with dates.
  • Official transcripts from each enrolled college or university are required.

Enrollment in Premedical Program

Registration is required during the upcoming summer or fall term after admission. Registration failure rescinds the admission, and an applicant needs to re-apply to the program the following year.

Continuous enrollment (fall and spring) must be maintained throughout the program. Failure to do so will voluntarily withdraw a candidate from the program.

The program must be completed within two years, but extensions can be requested.

Special enrollment considerations are taken when a semester off from the program or extended time to complete the program is required.

The program advisor or director considers various factors. If petitions are granted, firm deadlines are given to complete the program in no more than three years.

Candidates can simultaneously enroll in the Premedical Program and another Harvard Extension School degree program.

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med - Financial Aid

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Secure a Composite Letter of Recommendation for Medical School Application

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Secure a Composite Letter of Recommendation for Medical School Application

As a premedical candidate at Harvard, I can secure a composite letter of recommendation.

Sponsorship is offered for medical or dental school applications, highlighting overall academic and personal strengths.

To qualify for the scholarship, the few requirements must be met after being admitted to the Premedical Programs.

  • A minimum number of credits must be acquired with a grade of B or higher in medical sciences courses.
  • Consult the Premedical Program office at least once every term.
  • Notify the Premedical Program director in writing, describing the intent to apply to medical school and listing the completed courses and the ones to be completed.
  • Finish all prerequisites and pay a $500 sponsorship fee.

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Financial Aid

The admitted candidates in the premedical program have various financial aid options that help meet educational expenses.

The student financial services staff helps determine eligibility for funds. US citizens can apply for federal, state, and institutional aid.

Steps in the Financial Aid Process

Follow the steps to apply for the financial aid application and disbursement process.

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Receive a financial aid eligibility offer indicating the type of aid and amount
  • When borrowing a federal student loan, sign a master promissory note
  • When borrowing a federal student loan for the first time, complete the required entrance counseling.
Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med - Medical School Application

Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med – Pursue a Career in Medicine


Pursuing a career in medicine is demanding. However, going back to undergraduate college can be overwhelming. An established Harvard Post Bacc Pre Med program makes it all less daunting.

Expand your experience and strengthen medical school applications. Good Luck!

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