4 Grants for Single Fathers 

Grants for Single Fathers Grants for Single Fathers

Grants for Single Fathers – Overview

It’s difficult for a single parent to raise a kid especially if you are a man. Thankfully, grants for single fathers are available for single fathers who have to take care of their kids to provide them with a better life.

Such grants are available for single fathers who want some financial aid for various purposes for their kids.

If we compare the ratio of single fathers with single mothers, the proportion is comparatively low.

They have to face many difficulties raising their kids as they have to take care of a lot of things, unlike single mothers. Grants for single fathers help them with additional financial help for the house, education, and many other purposes.

Grants for Single Fathers

The government is helping out everyone who needs financial support to live a life. Grants or scholarships for single fathers are available by the federal department as well as churches and other private sector organizations that help the man in need.

Grants for Single Fathers - by government

Grants for Single Fathers – by government

Fathers who are abandoned by their wives can apply for grants to receive financial help. Most of the single fathers aren’t even aware of these grants. With the lack of resources and information, most single dads end up feeling helpless.

To provide a better life with a bright future to such kids, the government is helping out such fathers with financial aid. Single fathers can receive grants for owning a house, for the education of their kids, for medical help, etc.

Different organizations provide different types of scholarships or grants that directly aim to provide a better life to such kids abandoned by their mothers.

Federal Programs and Benefits for Single Fathers

A single father has to worry about the food and the basic needs of his kid. Good nutrition and a decent home are fundamental needs for children.

If a single father does not own a house, he can apply for the housing grant by providing the required documents in the application.

If he falls into the low-income category, then he can also receive direct financial help to provide food and medicines.

Raising a kid with a single source of income is not sufficient. For that reason, the government is helping out single parents with special grants.

Federal Programs and Benefits for Single Fathers

Federal Programs and Benefits for Single Fathers

Grants for single fathers have limited funds, and for that reason, an applicant has to apply for the grant type to match the criteria set by them. If the applicant qualifies to receive the grant, he will receive the financial help as per the applicant.

Some programs offer direct financial help to single fathers for raising their kids in the initial stage. The kid will receive a scholarship for education through such grants. Different types of grants available for single fathers are listed below.

Types of Grants for Single Fathers

1. Direct Financial Help

Based on the income of a single father, direct financial help through grant are available. With this grant, a single father receives instant financial assistance to buy anything he wants for his kid.

2. Grants for Housing

Grants for Housing for single fathers come under the Housing and Urban Development department. Housing grants help single fathers to live happy lives in their own houses.

Housing grants are available in the form of vouchers. An applicant can receive a suitable voucher as per his needs.

3. Grants for Food

Food programs are also available for single fathers who fall into the low-income category. Food programs are designed to provide direct financial help every month to single fathers for up to five years. The same grants are available for single mothers.

4. Nutritional Programs

Nutritional programs are available through the Department of Agriculture. With this program, children of single fathers can receive lunch and breakfast full of nutrients. Different food delivery programs are also available for such kids who live with their fathers.

How do apply for these grants?

Single fathers have to search for the resources available for them. Federal departments, NGOs, private organizations, churches, and many resources are available for single fathers to seek financial help for raising their kids.

How to apply for these grants

How to apply for these grants

They need to apply for a suitable grant by filling in the application form with all the required documents and income reports. Once the application gets approved, he will receive the grant type from that organization.


Single fathers have numerous resources for raising their kids. Grants for the house, food, and education are available for single fathers.

These grants are life saviors for single fathers who do not have an additional income source. Direct financial aid can help them raise their kids with no extra burden.

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