Grants for Recovering Addicts

What are the Grants for Recovering Addicts

Addiction to anything is harmful to human beings. The number of substance abusers and drug addicts nationwide is increasing rapidly.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol makes the addicts financially weak as they have to spend money on buying drugs and other substances that are very expensive.

If you are ready to recover from this condition, then you have the option of grants for recovering addicts.

According to a recent study on addiction, over 75% of addicts are below the age of 25 years. For that reason, hundreds of schools and universities have developed special programs to offer an addiction-free life to students.

Students who fall for such an addiction can prevent themselves from this life-threatening activity.

Students and substance abusers who are recovering addicts can apply for grants from appropriate resources.

These programs can help students to understand the recovery process and the available resources that can help their family members stay addiction-free.

Resources of Grants for Recovery Addicts

Thankfully, numerous resources are available where recovering addicts can seek financial help. The grants are readily available for students through their programs.

Apart from schools and colleges, the federal department and some NGOs offer such grant types.

Private organizations also help to recover addicts to support their recovery program where no financial crisis happens.

Resources of Grants for Recovering Addicts

Resources of Grants for Recovering Addicts

The Process

Recovering addicts find themselves helpless when they are financially broke. Those of you who want to stop using drugs and live a healthy and happy life should go for the available grants for recovery.

They have to apply for grants from the available clinics or health centers. After conducting some tests, students will be given scholarships and grants under the program.

People who are recovering addicts should approach the federal department where they can receive a grant.

Most addicts find it difficult to live with the addiction as buying the substances and drugs costs a lot of money.

It is advised for addicts who wish to recover from addiction through a recovery program. For that reason, more and more addicts are now looking for programs to end their habit of drugs, and alcohol, and other substances used by the addicts.

Treatment for Recovering Addicts

The treatment for recovering addicts is rehabilitative therapy. Apart from this, recovering addicts receive prescriptive medications to reduce the need for substances.

The cost of treatment is very high as it is done under a particular program and requires supportive medicines.

Treatment for Recovering Addicts

Treatment for Recovering Addicts

Generally, the drug rehab program or the treatment is a 30-day detox program that costs the addict a few hundred dollars.

The recovery program is performed at your home or the hospital per your preferences. It costs somewhere around $5,000 to $80,000, as per the addiction level.

A typical drug addict can’t afford this much money for the treatment. For that reason, grants for recovering addicts are designed by the Health and Human Services department.

Financial Aid for Recovery Addicts

The federal department and private organizations come forward to help recovering addicts who want to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Since schools and colleges have their programs for the students, they don’t need to apply for such grants. Students can receive a grant for the education of this subject.

They can apply for the same grant from the school or university campus.

Types of Grants for Recovering Addicts

The below-listed grants are available for drug addicts who want to join the recovery program.

  • Shelter Plus Care

This program is funded by the H&H Department. These grants are distributed between the state governments and local agencies to assist homeless people financially.

  • Grants to Rehabilitate Centers

The department also provides special grants to Urban health centers from where local people can take medicines and useful instructions from the experts free of cost.

The department offers special funds for the development of Urban Health Centers.

The treatment or therapy involves special equipment that may cost hundreds of extra dollars from the patients.

Patients can apply for a grant to purchase the equipment for the treatment. These grants are available for urban and rural areas across the states and for all types of people.

Block grants are also available for recovering addicts sponsored by the H&H Department.

These grants are offered to institutes and program managers to plan the recovery program and to provide essential support to recovering addicts. Similar programs are designed for pregnant women addicted to alcohol and drugs.

  • Grants for Veterans

Veterans who are recovering addicts can seek financial help through special grants made available by the H&H Department. The veterans can receive a suitable grant from the clinics and medical centers.

A therapy program is designed for the veterans and their family members under these programs. In-patient and outpatient services are available for veterans and their families under these programs.


Drug addicts find it difficult to go for treatment or rehabilitative therapy as it costs a lot of money. Grants for recovering addicts are helpful to such people who want to come back to their everyday lives.

The recovering addicts can apply for a suitable grant from the clinic or the medical center to receive direct financial help for their recovery. Search for a suitable grant on the web and apply for the grant now!

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