Loans for Plastic Surgery with Bad Credit 

Loans for Plastic Surgery with Bad Credit – Overview

Plastic surgery is a way to rejuvenate your looks. However, plastic surgery comes at considerable expense. Not every health insurance provider offers coverage for plastic surgery.

In such cases, you will have to find alternate ways to fund the much-needed surgery. In addition, not everyone can qualify for mainstream personal loans as most lenders tend to check for strong credit before approving loans.

So, does this mean that if you have a bad credit score then you won’t be able to undergo the aesthetic surgery you need?

This is where loans for plastic surgery with bad credit come in handy. Plastic surgery is still not as common as one might expect, despite having been around for decades now.

We usually see the well-to-do and the elite celebrities undergoing superficial surgeries to maintain their attractive appearance despite advancing age.

The main reason that the common person is shy to undergo plastic surgery is the huge expense related to it. This is the main reason why we only see someone undergoing plastic surgery only when it is urgent.

Thankfully, several lenders provide loans for plastic surgery with bad credit scores too.

Should I take a loan for plastic surgery?

The American Medical Society predicts that over US$ 8 billion is spent on plastic surgery every year within the US.

The most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in America include facelifts, tummy tuck and lip augmentation surgery, which usually cost thousands of dollars.

This is also a great indicator of the fact that people are increasingly choosing to undergo plastic surgery even with bad credit scores.

Hence, if you need to undergo plastic surgery, it is advisable to seek a loan, instead of breaking your savings or selling/pawning valuables.

Several private lenders provide convenient loans for plastic surgery with bad credit scores.

Where to seek loans for plastic surgery with bad credit?

If you have a medical insurance policy, then there is a high chance that your policy covers plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes, if you have been in an accident or gone through a debilitating disease.

However, even major insurance companies do not offer cover for expenses of numerous other aesthetic-enhancing surgeries. In such a situation, you can choose to contact the below-listed sources and seek help getting loans for plastic surgery with bad credit.

Make sure first to check the charities that help with plastic surgery before applying for a loan.

1 – is popular for offering loan amounts ranging between US$ 500 to even US$ 10,000, for individuals with bad credit scores.

In case you are prequalified, your loan application can be completed swiftly and the funds deposited into your bank account within a single business day. This is one of the easiest ways to secure loans for plastic surgery with bad credit.

Once you make the loan request, the company performs a soft credit check which does not impact your present credit score in any way.

The next step requires you filling your personal information, such as full name, address, ex-servicemen, loan amount, etc. Loans are disbursed to applicants with poor credit scores (below 579) to excellent credit scores (over 720). This is a personal loan provided by the lender and can be legally used for plastic surgery.

Benefits of Loans with

  • Loan amount ranging between US$ 500 to US$ 10,000
  • Quick loan approval within 1 business day
  • The loan amount gets directly deposited into a bank account
  • A personal loan can be easily used for plastic surgery expenses

2 – is an excellent source to get a personal loan and other types of unsecured loans. For over 22 years, has helped over 750,000 consumers with unsecured loans at extremely affordable interest rates and convenient loan terms.

The company runs a separate lending network for individuals with bad credit scores. This makes it possible for individuals with poor credit to get personal loans that can be used to cover the expenses of plastic surgery.

Once you fill out the initial loan application, forwards your application with its vast network of lending partners. This results in a soft credit check to be done on your credit score. Within minutes, you will receive an email with numerous loan options that suit your credit score.

Once you select the best-suited loan from the company, you need to fill in minimum paperwork and the loan amount is directly credited to your bank account by the next business day.

With, you can expect to receive anywhere between US$ 250 to US$ 5,000 for applicants with poor credit scores.

Still, an amount of US$ 5,000 is considerable for an above-average subprime loan. This is especially noticeable when you compare it with student loans, personal loans and auto loan interest rates.

Benefits of Loans with

  • Unsecured loan amounts ranging between US$ 250 to US$ 5,000
  • The loan amount is directly deposited into the bank account
  • Quick loan application processing ensures the approved amount is transferred within a day
  • Ideal for individuals with poor credit score
  • Over 750,000 customers served to date

3 – is another excellent source to secure loans for plastic surgery with bad credit. This is a huge network of private lenders who specialize in approving personal unsecured loans to individuals with poor credit scores.

Since 1998, has been providing personal loans ranging from US$ 500 to US$ 10,000 to applicants across the US.

The company is renowned for its swift loan application process and attractive interest rates, ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on the exact credit score.

Once you make an application, shares your request with its extensive private lender network.

A soft credit check is done swiftly and an email is sent instantly to notify you of the loan application status.

Once approved, you will receive the loan amount directly into your bank account within just 1 business day. The company makes repayment easier with loan terms ranging from 3 to 60 months.

Benefits of Loans from

  • Get personal unsecured loans between US$ 500 to US$ 10,000
  • Simple form and quick lending
  • Direct contact with a private lender
  • Get the approved loan amount transferred directly into your bank account


These are the top three lenders that provide loans for plastic surgery with bad credit scores. If you have bad credit and need medical attention such as plastic surgery, then you can apply for loans directly with the above-mentioned lenders.

Feel free to drop in a comment below and let us know how helpful this article was to you to find the best-suited source for loans for plastic surgery with bad credit in the US.

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