Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US?

Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US

Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US – Overview

Grants are incredibly important for the progress of science and medicine. It is through these grants that almost every new discovery in science and medicine has been possible these years.

As the healthcare industry grows at an enormous rate, there is an increasing need to boost the medical field through in-depth research, clinical trials, and creating a stronger and more robust healthcare network in the country.

To help you discover amazing grant opportunities we have listed the top sources for medical grants in the US below.

Grants for Healthcare Providers in the USA

Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US

Where to Get Grants for Healthcare Providers in the US – List of the top sources

Here is a list of the top sources you can receive grants for healthcare providers in 2021:

1 – Local Level Educational Grants Program to Increase Awareness & Understanding of Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM)

Pfizer Global Medical Grants (GMG) aid the research initiatives of the global healthcare community. It aims to improve patient results in areas of unmet medical needs in line with Pfizer’s scientific and medical strategies.

This global competitive grant initiative requires publicly posted general Requests for Proposal (RFP). This RFP offers details about the general area of interest, sets deadlines for review and approval and uses a unique internal reviewing process to finalize the grant. Non-profit clinical research organizations are invited to submit an application that covers knowledge gaps disclosed in the specified RFP.

To be eligible for this grant, you will have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Medical, nursing, dental, allied, and pharmacy professional schools, small and large healthcare institutions, professional medical societies and associations, medical education companies and others who are committed to the progress of medical science and or healthcare improvement can apply for this grant.
  • Relevant multi-departmental research studies include multiple departments within different organizations and institutes.
  • Projects should offer continuing education credits and the requesting organization needs to have accreditation from the relevant board.

If your application is successful, you may be eligible to receive up to US$ 10,000 for small community and local programs. On the other hand, large community and local programs can receive as much as US$ 20,000 under this grant initiative.

For more details on this grant for healthcare providers by Pfizer, feel free to visit Pfizer’s announcement.

2 – 2021/2022 Global Obesity ASPIRE

This is a global grant initiative from Pfizer. This grant aims to help research studies related to obesity. Under this, the grant will be provided to research projects that are focused on the biology and pathophysiology of obesity and overweight. Studies that aim to detect epigenetics and genetic markers of obesity/overweight are included in the eligibility criteria.

This grant is also provided for research into finding biomarkers and evaluation of circulating biomarkers to predict the onset of obesity. Research into studying adipose tissue regulation and body composition is also given this grant.

You can apply for this grant for healthcare providers if you are engaged in research that determines the relationship between obesity and psychiatric disorders and understands the weight “set point”. You may also receive this grant if you are conducting research studies to determine physiology during weight-reduced and weight-increased states and to subtype obesity according to biological and clinical measures.

To be eligible for this grant, you will need to:

  • An organization
  • A Principal Investigator (PI) with a medical or post-doctoral degree, such as MD, D. or equivalent, as well as an advanced nursing degree such as BSN with an MS/Ph.D. or a degree in social work, physiotherapy or pharmacy
  • Be associated with a host institute.
  • Be an early career and experienced investigator that meets all selection criteria.

If successful, you may receive as much as US$ 250,000 in grant money for individual projects from a total bid fund of US$ 1,000,000.

3 – Geriatric Anorexia – Educational Needs Assessment

The Geriatric Anorexia – Educational Need Assessment is a global grant initiative from Pfizer. This grant is aimed at helping research into under-nutrition and unintentional weight loss in older adults.

Geriatric anorexia is an age-related appetite and weight loss disorder that causes undernutrition in seniors. Despite being quite common, this disorder rarely receives much mention today.

This grant aims to offer an independent grant to organizations that conduct a complete educational needs assessment in geriatric anorexia. For this grant, the projects with detailed and prompt publication plans will get top priority. This is so the needs assessment can be shared with the entire global medical community and help boost future medical education initiatives in geriatric medicine.

To be eligible for this grant for healthcare providers, you should be:

  • A medical, nursing, dental, allied health or pharmacy professional school, or healthcare institution, or be a small or large professional association or medical society or must be related to entities on a mission to healthcare improvement
  • Conducting research that is inter-departmental and runs across different institutes, organizations or associations
  • Offering continuing education credits and being an accredited organization

For further details on this grant, feel free to visit the official RFP link.


Research into healthcare is extremely important to ensure the progress of health sciences and improvements in medicine. These, and other similar grants for healthcare providers, have helped innumerable researchers discover new and improved ways to treat disorders and diseases.





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