PA Medical Society’s Top Physicians Under 40 List Features 4 Geisinger Physicians

Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Top Physicians Under 40’s list has been released today. Four Geinsger Physicians have been honored for the previous year i.e. 2021.

Every year the Pennsylvania Medical Society releases a list where physicians from different clinics and regions are nominated by their colleagues.

And the physicians get selected by the committee of PAMED. The list features top physicians under the age of 40 years.

The four selected physicians come from different sectors of the healthcare industry.

Since the list welcomes physicians from all sectors, physicians can participate in the same. The PAMED committee is a team of skilled physicians who select the best physicians from the list of nominated physicians by their colleagues.

The following Physicians Got selected by the PAMED Committee.

  • Jason Dinko, M.D. – Family Medicine Physician
  • Renee Frank, M.D. – Cytopathologist
  • Lauren Nicholls, M.D. – Palliative Medicine Specialist
  • Raghuveer Puttagunta, M.D. – Clinical Informatics

The PAMED committee selects the physicians who are good at managing their duty well and can perform high-level practice throughout their career till the date of application.

If you are curious to know more about the selected Physicians, then here we have listed down their details along with their skills and qualifications and in which area they currently practice!

The Selected Geisinger Physicians

Selected Geisinger Physicians

Selected Geisinger Physicians

1. Jason Dinko

Dr. Jason Dinko is a family medicine specialist. He is a board-certified physician and a site leader at Geisinger Healthplex Woodbine in Danville for the family medicine department.

Dr. Dinko manages a team of eight family physicians and students who are practicing under the team. Being a leader of a renowned department, Dr. Dinko got selected by the committee of PAMED for his leadership skills.

Besides his leadership, his skills were also put to test. He always works towards improvement and focuses on excellent care.

Dr. Dinko graduated from The Commonwealth Medical College. The Commonwealth Medical College is now Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

Dr. Dinko was graduated in the year 2014. After completing his duty as residence doctor, he returned to Pennsylvania to provide his service to the communities.

Healthcare services are high in demand and Dr. Dinko was providing his services to needy people for several years.

2. Dr. Renee Frank

Dr. Renee Frank is a cytopathologist. Dr. Frank works in the laboratory medicine department at Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton. She was a renowned lecturer. She mentored medical students at the Geisinger Community Medical Center.

With her excellent skills and good score as a mentor and lecturer to medical students, she was recently promoted to assistant chair of education for the same department i.e. laboratory medicine.

She bridges the gap between preclinical and clinical practice in laboratory medicine. She serves plenty of medical schools and committees of hospitals to guide them about laboratory medicine.

She also encourages medical students to pursue and explore new curriculum activities and provide them with new opportunities within the same field.

She is named as the Doctor of Doctor by his colleague just because of her sober nature of helping others always.

3. Dr. Lauren Nicholls

Dr. Lauren Nicholls is a trained family medicine physician. She also trained in palliative care and focuses on how to improve the life of her patients.

Dr. Nicholls was always curious about improving the healthcare industry. The Geisinger Community Medical Center is her work base where she practices her fieldwork on different age groups.

She specializes in perinatal, pediatrics, and adult palliative medicine at the Geisinger Community Medical Center. She works with patients emotionally. She studies and manages the symptoms of the patients and tries to make them healthy again by focusing on improving their health only.

She has also published several blogs focusing on symptom management and communication. End-of-life symptom management is the first step to bringing innovations in the healthcare department.

Dr. Lauren Nicholls was recognized among other physicians because of her emotional attachment with patients and their families. Her focus on improving the lives of her patients made her win this position.

4. Dr. Raghuveer Puttagunta

Dr. Raghuveer Puttagunta is internal medicine and pediatrics physician certified by the board. He works with patients and their families who are suffering from pediatric chronic disease. Starting from his early career to the present date, Dr. Puttagunta provides his service to such families.

Dr. Puttagunta is currently studying at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. He is currently pursuing his fellowship training and leading many board projects that work towards care for chronic diseases. He focuses on improving the overall health of patients with chronic diseases, especially in the pediatric department.

Dr. Puttagunta’s mentorship has made him win this spot. He works with trainees, students, staff, committee, and all the other professionals that are part of his study and department.

About Geisinger

Geisinger is an organization founded over 100 years ago by Abigail Geisinger. The organization works towards improving the overall healthcare system by inventing new treatments.

The organization also provides training and internship services to medical students by highly qualified physicians who come from different departments.

The organization has provided its service to more than 1 million people. The system runs a health plan with half a million members, including nine hospital campuses.

The same system includes Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and a Research Institute to invent new treatments for chronic diseases to kids and adults.

Geisinger has over 1600 employed physicians with 24,000 employees. The system plays a vital role in maintaining the economy in Pennsylvania.

The organization shares billions of dollars every year to strengthen the economy of Pennsylvania.

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