Financial Assistance for Car Repossession

Financial Assistance for Car Repossession – Overview

If you fall behind on your loan payments, your automobile could be repossessed. A repossession will be reported on your credit report for seven years, which can significantly damage your credit score.

What is Car Repossession?

If you take out a loan for a car, that becomes your security. When you cannot return the loan according to their pre-decided terms and conditions, they can take ownership of the car from you. This process is called repossession.

This repossession also applies to your home, jewelry, furniture, art, or anything else used as collateral for your loan.

If you experience difficulty completing your car payments, you must contact the lender to determine how to catch up and avoid repossession.

Financial Assistance for Car Repossession

When you miss a few payments on your car, repossession can happen. Your lender can take possession of your car and organize an auction to sell it. If the selling price does not cover the entire amount, you must pay the rest within a specific timeframe.

If you want to recover your car before the auction, you may need to pay the full balance owed, not just the missed payments, along with any additional fees incurred by the lender. Alternatively, you can participate in the auction to buy your car back, but you’ll likely need to cover the full auction price plus any associated fees.

Once the repossession occurs, it can affect your credit score for seven years, and you may also lose your favorite item.

If you’re facing potential repossession, it’s wise to consult a nonprofit credit counselor as soon as possible. These counselors are committed to acting in your best interest and can provide guidance and support.

Attending some free credit counseling sessions can help you gain a better understanding of the situation.

Credit counselors can thoroughly review your income and expenses to help you develop a more manageable budget. They can also identify potential financial assistance options or debt management strategies to help you navigate and potentially recover from your financial difficulties.

You can determine the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation, debt settlement, debt management, and bankruptcy.  It can help you select the perfect financial assistance option to fulfill your requirements. Several government and nonprofit agencies offer financial assistance for car repossession.

What are the General Ways to Avoid Car Repossession

Financial Assistance for Car Repossession

Here are a few ways that you can explore to avoid repossession

1. Refinance the loan

If you have a good credit score, you can refinance the loan. You can talk to your lender and figure out how to reduce monthly payments and refinance the loan with a lower interest rate.

2. Sell your car

Repossession can affect your credit and reduce your chances of getting a loan in the future. You can sell your car and use the money to repay the loan and avoid repossession.

You must still pay the difference between the loan amount and the sale price. However, this way, you can prevent damage to your credit score.

You can always take another loan to buy a car in the future with a good credit record.

3. Debt consolidation

You can apply for a debt consolidation loan with a lower interest rate than your existing car loan. It will help you make your upcoming payments on time without ruining your credit score.

However, you will have enough time to arrange the money and repay your debt consolidation loan.

4. Visit a nonprofit credit counselor

Contact a credit counselor if you cannot figure out how to repay your car loan. After reviewing your finances, they can discuss all the possible solutions to your problem.

These options include debt settlement, debt management, budget cutting, and more. They do not charge for their services. With their help, you can choose the appropriate option for your situation.

5. Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can provide a reprieve from repossession through an automatic stay, which halts most creditors’ collection efforts, including repossession. Depending on your situation, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might allow you to keep your vehicle and restructure your debts. In contrast, Chapter 7 could potentially discharge other debts to free up funds, though it risks losing non-exempt assets.

Different types of bankruptcy offer various solutions. You can always talk to your nonprofit credit counselor to understand which bankruptcy you must file based on your situation.

What should I do if repossession is inevitable?

Sometimes, repossession is inevitable. You must find a way to deal with the situation instead of panicking. If you cannot prevent the repossession, you can surrender the car to the lender.

It can affect your credit score for seven years. However, it can save you a lot of hassle and legal complications. You may still have to pay the difference between the loan repayment amount and the car selling price.

Try to surrender the car in its original form. This can raise the vehicle’s value and reduce the amount of additional money you may have to pay.


Repossession of a car is a complicated process. It can harm your credit score and cause you to lose your valuable automobile. However, several options are available to avoid repossession and overcome the situation.


Can I get a repossessed car back?

There is a way to get your repossessed car back if it is not sold in an auction. Some lenders can return your car if you pay the remaining loan balance before the auction. You can also repurchase the car during the auction.

How do I bid on a repossessed car?

Usually, the lenders hold auctions to sell the repossessed vehicles. You may always find out if there are any local repossession auctions at your location and participate in the bidding. There is always a chance that you will make the winning offer and get the vehicle.

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