4 Dental Grants in Idaho

Dental care is one of the most basic aspects of healthcare in society. Still, there is a distinct lack of proper oral healthcare in many states of the U.S.

The state and federal governments and several private nonprofit organizations run numerous avenues of comprehensive oral care initiatives. If you live in the state and want to find the top dental grants in Idaho, this article will help you.

4 Best Dental Grants in Idaho

Here is the list of the best dental grants in Idaho:

Dental Grants in Idaho

4 Best Dental Grants in Idaho

1. Idaho Dental Foundation Grant

The Idaho State Dental Association (ISDA) aims to improve oral health access to the underserved population of the state. It is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with dentists, community health districts, and commercial businesses to help improve the overall oral health of the state’s more deserving population.

You can find more details about the dental grants and oral healthcare initiatives the Idaho State Dental Association runs by visiting https://www.theisda.org/member-center/idaho-dental-foundation.

2. Delta Dental Free Dental Program

Delta Dental is one of Idaho’s leading nonprofit organizations that offers dental care benefits to individuals. They offer different community outreach programs to improve Idahoans’ oral health care, including dental care initiatives for children and adults.

The GrinWell for You program by Delta Dental is aimed at senior citizens who live in Idaho on a limited income. This dental coverage initiative has no deductibles to meet, no hidden fees, and no co-payments to worry about.

Members receive a one-time benefit of USD 1,850 on enrollment as free dental coverage. This can be used in the first 12 months of enrolling and covers the cost of several dental care procedures, including x-rays, exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, new dentures, and denture repairs.

Here is the GrinWell application form. To learn more about enrollment criteria and benefits, visit https://www.deltadentalid.com/grinwell.

3. Idaho Smiles Program by MCNA Dental

The Idaho Smiles Program, managed by MCNA Dental, provides comprehensive dental care benefits under Medicaid to eligible children, adults, and pregnant women in Idaho, covering a wide range of dental services. MCNA Dental runs it and offers comprehensive dental care benefits to children and adults in the state enrolled in the Basic and Enhanced Plan. Besides this, it also offers benefits to women enrolled in the Pregnant Women Plan.

MCNA Dental’s Idaho Smiles Program coverage benefits for children include preventive and therapeutic dental care, such as dental exams, cleaning, x-rays, fluoride dental sealants, cavity treatment, tooth pain, extractions, root canals, dental emergencies, etc.

The oral care coverage for adults under the Idaho Smiles Program also includes dental exams, x-rays, cleaning, cavity filling, tooth extractions, and treatment of common dental problems.

To learn more about the MCNA Dental Idaho Smiles Program, visit https://www.mcnaid.net/en/about-program.

4. Dental Grants Program

The Dental Grants Program for Idahoans offers inexpensive oral health and dental care aid. It has a vast network of well-trained and highly certified dentists across Idaho committed to providing top-quality dental care at the lowest possible price.

Under this program, beneficiaries can expect a discount on services ranging between 25% and 30%, depending on the specific treatment.

The Dental Grants Program is extremely simplified and does not require beneficiaries to fill out forms or wait to get reimbursed after paying out of pocket. The grant is directly deposited with the dentist and automatically deducted upfront from the total cost of the dental treatment.

The eligibility criteria require applicants to be healthy individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations from dental care treatment. You can check the official link for eligibility and the application process.


These are the best dental grants in Idaho. Apart from these sources, several private and nonprofit local organizations and charities offer help to cover dental care treatments’ partial or complete cost. You can do a quick Google search or make inquiries at the local community health center.

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